Five Secrets To Transform Your Fitness And Life


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Dr Mark Howard offers 5 secrets to achieving what you want in life

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Five Secrets To Transform Your Fitness And Life

  1. 1. 5 Secrets To Transform Your Fitness And Life by Dr. Mark Howard Personal Trainer Costa Blanca
  2. 2. Secrets 1 And 2 : Not So Secret Secrets • Motivation – The level of willingness to keep putting energy and time into something that YOU believe is worthwhile – We are all motivated by slightly different things – It varies over time as your beliefs and priorities change • Ability – Being skilled and knowledgeable enough to effectively carry out all the actions needed to achieve what you want to – We all have different levels of ability – It varies over time for many reasons (e.g. health, training)
  3. 3. Secret 3 : Understand Who You Are • You have different needs and desires to others – Look within yourself and not others to identify your desires – Understand what really motivates you by digging deeper – Recognise that your thoughts will change as you change • You have different levels of ability to others – Your ability can be improved in almost anything – Time and energy are limited; identify and improve your ability in areas that matter to achieving what you want to
  4. 4. Secret 4 : Use Tips And Tricks • Lots of systems exist to make achieving easier – Many types of people have developed many shortcuts – At least some of these (NOT all) will be useful to your needs • Some example systems – Visualisation techniques for imagining your desired future (e.g. a colour film with all senses and strong emotions) – Organisation techniques for converting your desired future into a planned and monitored set of actions (e.g. a wall chart) – General techniques for rewarding yourself and fast tracking your learning process (e.g. using a Personal Trainer)
  5. 5. Secret 5 : Stay Focused • Focus on what you want – Dream, imagine and get excited about how your future will be • Focus on what you need to do – When you know what you want you will know what to do – Plan ahead with a monthly/yearly plan to define your journey – Use a weekly plan to create a routine and keep on track – Take one day at a time with a daily task checklist • Focus on your achievements along the way – Using the above celebrate achievements and reward yourself
  6. 6. Personal Trainer Costa Blanca Dr. Mark Howard Start transforming your fitness, wellness and life forever at