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  • LOA puzzle
  • Spiritual entrepreneurs

    1. 1. SE Summit 2012From quantum physics to black holes Music: Helen Trevillion www.faefly-records.co.uk
    2. 2. QuickTimeª and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    3. 3. What is the deeper sciencebeyond quantum physics? A deeper understanding of theLOA The Science of Genius How the new Black Hole physicscan help you in your life. The Science of Emotions Moving from positive thinking tointegrated consciousness
    4. 4. The Quantum Field of information
    5. 5. Your brain is a conduit
    6. 6. resonating with the universe
    7. 7. The New Genius QuickTimeª and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    8. 8. The Missing Universe
    9. 9. Beyond the Speed of Light
    10. 10. Faster than light physics - a reality
    11. 11. QuickTimeª and a H.264 decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    12. 12. What comes out of a black hole? electrons - matter at nearly light speed positrons - antimatter gamma rays
    13. 13. The Black Hole Principle
    14. 14. Slowing of light from Infinity at At eventcentre of black holes horizon ∞ photon positron electron photon Figure 2 The movement from infinite, undifferentiated light from the singularity inside a black hole. This region exists outside space-time and slows as it moves in a spiral motion to the zone of c2 and c within space-time. The movement creates the gravitational forces.
    15. 15. Bipolar jets - galaxy
    16. 16. Chakras and DNA
    17. 17. Atoms as black holes
    18. 18. Law of Attraction - going deeper
    19. 19. Timelines The timeless, eternal selfNegative timeline, zone c squared, antimatter Positive timeline, zone c, matter
    20. 20. Higher Self -Beyond ST and c, sees big picture over lifetimes c2 Future Self in mirror universe Ego self in cregion. Unable to see big picture so suffers pain
    21. 21. PhotonPositivelycharged Negativelyparticle of chargedanti-matter particle ofpositron matter electron Photon
    22. 22. Our pent up emotions -result of ‘positive thinking’
    23. 23. The antimatter – auraregion and the matter –body region of a person,displaying the chakras.The main methods ofhealing are depicted. Healing via emotional resolution resolution e.g. NLP Healing via hands off/on technique using pure intent
    24. 24. Looking within ©RitaLloydwww.nurturingart.com/
    25. 25. Embracing and integrating the shadow
    26. 26. We begin to follow the path of the heart
    27. 27. And surrender to our greater wisdom
    28. 28. www.thegeniusgroove.com
    29. 29. James Graham - The Business Mystic
    30. 30. Olivia Stefanino -Be Your Own Guru