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Sliced from LDLC (MIT library liaison meeting) presentation summarizing resources available at MIT for bibliometric analysis.

Sliced from LDLC (MIT library liaison meeting) presentation summarizing resources available at MIT for bibliometric analysis.

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  • 1. Overview of Citation Analysis Meta-Resources
  • 2. Summary (Background) • Researchers and the institute have an increasing interest in measuring outputs... – citations, impact, researcher identifiers, collaboration, bibliometrics, altmetrics, scientometrics • New databases/api’s, measures and tools are being introduced frequently • The Library is engaged in R&D in this area • The Library is engaged with ORCID identifiers Overview of Citation Analysis
  • 3. Meta-Resources • Libguides are available for patrons: – Asking about additional data/API’s – Asking about researcher identifiers • IAP Bibliometrics Course materials available – Include glossaries, bibliographies, examples, tools • IAP Bibliometrics Course registration for July – Includes demonstrations, 1-on-1 consulting • Research program has expertise – Available for consultation with library liaisons Overview of Citation Analysis
  • 4. MIT Library Guides • Author identifiers guide: libguides.mit.edu/content.php?pid=573578&sid=4729602 • Api’s for scholarly resources: libguides.mit.edu/apis • Introduction to impact factors: libraries.mit.edu/scholarly/publishing/impact-factors/ Overview of Citation Analysis
  • 5. IAP Course Materials On informatics site: informatics.mit.edu Contains: - More tools, more data - Worked examples - Recommended readings - Glossary of measures - Directory of tools, databases Overview of Citation Analysis
  • 6. IAP Bibliometrics Course Not Just in January - Iapril - JulyAP (register through the libraries) Features: - Worked examples - Demonstrations - One-on-one consultation followups Overview of Citation Analysis
  • 7. Related MIT Libraries Research • K. Smith-Yoshimura, et al., 2014, Registering Researchers in Authority Files, OCLC Research. • Liz Allen, Jo Scott, Amy Brand, Marjorie M.K. Hlava, Micah Altman, Beyond authorship: recognising the contributions to research; Nature. • Data Synthesis Task Group. 2014. Joint Principles for Data Citation. • CODATA Data Citation Task Group, 2013. Out of Cite, Out of Mind: The Current State of Practice, Policy and Technology for Data Citation. Data Science Journal. 2013;12:1–75. Slides and reprints available from: informatics.mit.edu Overview of Citation Analysis
  • 8. Consultation available to Library Staff • New measures, complex analyses: contact research program escience@mit.edu • Access to/working with MIT internal data: contact Program Manager for Scholarly Repository: sthomas@mit.edu Overview of Citation Analysis