The Great Divide


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The Great Divide

  1. 1. The Great Divider a composer's design Benjamin Hart Anthropology 102 Dr. Leanna Wolfe 10.16.08
  2. 2. Dwayne Rice is a film composer living in North Hollywood. He inhabits a studio apartment that serves as his sleeping quarters, food storage and preparation station, living quarters shared with a small pappillon, and home office. Originally the idea was to explore Dwayne's studio as a whole, but upon further investigation, one feature of the unit seemed to hold enough detail of design and function to captivate all anthropological interests for the inventory. A room divider that serves as the central hub of the space.
  3. 3. One side serves as the office space where Dwayne's compositions come to life. here all of the accessories required for his writings are housed in a uniquely intricate manner. Dwayne has set up the office space so that all functions of his work are accessible at arm's length.
  4. 4. the top layers of the adjacent shelving are utilized as storage for sparsely used items such as reference materials, obscure office supplies, technological gadgetry and journals. two boxes in the middle of the unit store a hodgepodge of miscellaneous items that only Dwayne is able to recognize as organized. Journals, pictures, receipts, and legal documents all occupy a shared bucket united solely by their potential usability.
  5. 5. on the bottom shelf it is not surprising to find a three-in-one printer, copy, fax machine next to a stack of blank cd's. Ever the consolidator. These seem to be the most regularly used items and therefore find placement at Dwayne's immediate left.
  6. 6. on the floor the musicians tools are found. The keyboard is Dwayne's primary instrument for generating sounds and entering them into the programs used to write scores for films, marching bands, and symphonies. The introduction of guitar and ukulele are recent skill sets that Dwayne has acquired. The two are leisurely addressed and so find rest on the side of the shelving structure.
  7. 7. the screen for the computer is the primary focus of this side of the divide. With cables coming out of all different locations, a variety of camera cords, iphone adapters, and speaker hookups surround the desk area. A small lamp for evening work provides a light source for the workspace. pictures both artist-created and digital snapshots also give a personal element to the area.
  8. 8. the flip side of the divider serves as a bookshelf, storage centre and display case, but further inspection of the outlay and organizational pattern of the unit gives interesting insight into the categories Dwayne has placed his belongings. I was able to identify a breakdown between the left and right sides of the wall. Oddly enough, Dwayne said that any recognizable schism was wholly unconscious.
  9. 9. on the left side of the bookshelf are the items with more entertainment based literature and personal meaning. This includes dvds, fictional novels, pictures of parents, books on space, and awards received.
  10. 10. on the right side are purely music related materials. Many are studies of other composers that Dwayne has compiled over several years in as aids to his personal compositions. Topics vary from harmony to counterpoint, theories and concertos.
  11. 11. the bottom of the unit consists of two storage spaces that are home to the items Dwayne referred to as “can't seem get rid of but can't imagine actually ever needing”. Of course all of the items are categorized and grouped in a fashion that Dwayne was able to identify, but may seem haphazard to the average viewer. Most things in this area, Dwayne admitted, he'd forgotten he had.
  12. 12. The Great Divider a composer's design fin.