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  • 1. ¿Qué sucede cuando una chica es de 15? Jesse Bozo Anthropology 121 Dr. Leanna Wolfe 3/18/09
  • 2. Most Quinceaneras take in church and happens when a girl turns 15 and is celebrated by Mexican traditions. As shown in the picture, this is one of the many places where Quinceaneras take place and is usually a gathering of friends and families and sometimes random people.
  • 3. Here is the after event of the Quinceanera where the participants just talk and take pictures.
  • 4. Here you can see people talking to each whether it is the event they are discussing or if they are just socializing about something other topic.
  • 5. Here you can see the participants posing to take a picture as a rememberable event and to reflect and look back in later years.
  • 6. Here is the rest of the participants from slide 5.
  • 7. In here you can see the after party of the Quinceanera and most people tend to socialize, eat, celebrate, and just have a fun time. Participants of the Quinceanera usually dance in the after party as a celebration. The Chambelan typically has the first dance with the Quinceañera, a traditional ballroom waltz called a "Vals.“ It is then followed with a dance with the father or any other male relatives and then her Godfather.
  • 8. You can see the participants in the front row and the church is decorated for this kind of event.
  • 9. In Quinceaneras, it is looked as a time of when a girl becomes a woman and this can be considered a rites of passage in which she must take responsibilities as an adult.
  • 10. You can see the people that come in order to celebrate this event whether it is a large or small group. Pictures and videos are also taken during this time to remember the events
  • 11. In Quinceaneras, the priest is the one that addresses to the girl and mentions of how she is becoming a women and the responsibilities she must take.