Orgasm in America
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Orgasm in America Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ORGASM IN AMERICANew Findings on a Perpetually Explosive Topic Leanna Wolfe, Ph.D. Sex and Culture Salon May 30, 2012 Sponsored by Loveology University
  • 2. What is an Orgasm? From the Greek, orgasmos, from organ to mature-swell Re: sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension during the sexual response cycle
  • 3. Why is Orgasm Interesting? Pleasurable Male ejaculation can lead to pregnancy In (at least) the Western world female orgasm has been elusive  Female anatomy has been misunderstood by both males and females  And by both amateurs and professionals  Missionary position sexual intercourse is not often women’s most reliable means of reaching orgasm
  • 4. Language and Orgasm Sapir Whorf Hypothesis (re: how language conditions thought)  The names we give sensations impact our noticing and valuing them
  • 5. Types of Orgasms Male  Ejaculatory  Non-ejaculatory  Single  Wet Dreams Female  Clitoral  G-spot / Vaginal  Blended  Ejaculatory  Butterfly  Multiple New Terminologies  Unigasm  Bigasm  Trigasm
  • 6. Orgasm in America Slam bang thank you ma’am (not so much)  Quickie inconsiderate sex with a near stranger Men are expected to bring their partners to orgasm Women are expected to be responsive and skilled More interest in pleasing a partner than pleasing oneself  Power over a partner…gain compliance, commitment  Creates pressure to fake orgasm
  • 7. Changing Perspectives on the Sexual Response CycleEllis (1906) Two-stage Process: Tumescence and DetumescenceMasters (1966) Four Stage Model: Excitement,and Plateau, Orgasm, andJohnson ResolutionKaplan (1977) Triphasic Model: Desire, Excitement and Orgasm
  • 8. Sigmund Freud Clitoral Orgasms are an adolescent sensation while Vaginal Orgasms are a mature woman’s experience (1905)
  • 9. Masters and Johnson • Four Phase Sexual Response Cycle •No Physiological Difference between a ―Vaginal‖ and a ―Clitoral‖ Orgasm
  • 10. Four Phase SexualResponse Cycle
  • 11. 1970s Feminist Analysis
  • 12. The Hite Report 70% of women unable to reach orgasm through intercourse alone (1976)
  • 13. Beverly Whipple and the G-spot
  • 14. Circular Models of FemaleSexual Response
  • 15. Circular Models of FemaleSexual Response
  • 16. Survey Overview 27- question Internet Survey 1,053 completed surveys (84% response rate) January 10, 2010 – November 12, 2011 Sponsored by Loveology University 28.5% of respondents from Dr. Ava Cadell 17% of respondents from Loveology University 54.5% of respondents from Dr. Leanna Wolfe Designed and Analyzed with Survey Monkey Software
  • 17. Featured in June 2012Women’s Health Magazine
  • 18. Overview of RespondentsGender Distribution Sexual Orientation667 males (53.6%); 566 females 81.3% Males heterosexual,(45.4%; 12 transgenders (1%) Females 57.6% straight; 23.4% bi
  • 19. Relationship Status Incidence of Current Relationship Open Relationship54.3% of males and 33% of females Respondents in open relationships werewere married; Females more evenly more likely to be bisexual and to engagedistributed in other relationship forms in a wider variety of sexual activities
  • 20. Sexual ExperienceLifetime Sexual Partners Frequency of Partner SexMode of 2-4 lifetime partners Mode of 3-4 times a week 60% at least weekly sexual activity
  • 21. Experience with OrgasmFull Survey Younger Respondents (17-29)97.6% of males and 90.8% of Younger women less likely to havefemales are sure they have experienced orgasm (83.6%) andexperienced orgasm more likely to not be sure (9.4%)
  • 22. Orgasm Duration The mode was 6-8 seconds. More males report shorter (2-5 seconds) orgasms and three times as many females report 30 second to 1 minute orgasms.
  • 23. Incidence of Multiple Orgasms A much more common experience for females (64.6%) than for males (24.1%)
  • 24. Incidence of Faking Orgasm More commonly done by females (66.3%) than by males (30.6%)
  • 25. Why do People Fake Orgasm? Please a partner  Make the partner feel as if they are able to satisfy you Cause a no longer satisfying sex act to end To maintain an otherwise pleasing relationship To get into a desired relationship Issues of surrender, trust not (yet) resolved Unskilled partner (not yet trained)
  • 26. Faked Orgasm ComparisonsYounger Respondents (17-29) Older Respondents (36-69)Younger males have fewer Younger females may be more honestperformance challenges than older with their partners or simply have hadmales fewer years to participate faking…
  • 27. Middle Years – The Biggest Fakers Women (74.2%) in their middle years (30-35) may feel the most pressure to fake orgasm (4% higher than older females and 15% higher than younger females)
  • 28. Incidence of Simultaneous Orgasm Male respondents report higher rates of orgasmic synergy than female respondents….
  • 29. Reaching Orgasm TogetherComparisonsYounger Respondents (17-29) Older Respondents (36-69)While younger females have the highest rate of ―never happens‖(21.3%), younger males have the highest rate of it always happens (3.4%).
  • 30. Coming Together - Middle Years Respondents between 30-35 have the lowest levels of gender alignment. Just 9.2% of males report ―it never happens,‖ while 17.6% females make this report. This parallels this group’s high level of female orgasm faking (74.2%). Pressure to build/maintain families may be trumping honest partner communication.
  • 31. Methods for Achieving Orgasm Masturbation is the most reliable for both genders, sexual intercourse is much more reliable for males (12% difference); a wider variety of methods are reported as effective by females.
  • 32. Methods for Intensifying Orgasm Many gender-based differences except for ―tantric practices.‖
  • 33. The Orgasmically Challenged 40 females presented as anorgasmic Top explanations:  Unskilled partners (37.5%)  Feeling guilty about sex (35%)  Being too inhibited (30%)  Previous sexual trauma (25%)  Lack of information about human sexuality (20%) (Just 3 males reported being anorgasmic)
  • 34. EjaculationNon-ejaculatory Males Ejaculating Females 44.8% report non-  46.4% report ejaculatory orgasm ejaculating 19th Oneida  Spontaneous? community practiced  A sought and valued to prevent pregnancy experience… Tantric/Taoist practices pursued by some respondents…
  • 35. Difference Between Vaginal andClitoral Orgasms? More males are confused (33%) than females (21.7%). Does this reflect Freud’s 1905 observations?! Discount the 1970sfeminist contention that the vaginal orgasm is a myth?
  • 36. Can Females Climax withoutDirector Clitoral StimulationYounger Respondents (17-19) Older Respondents (36-69) Older respondents are much more definitive that this is impossible (77%)—younger respondents, especially males (22.7%) believe this is can happen.
  • 37. Females who climax without directclitoral stimulation Tantric Training Use of Pelvic Toners Positions where female can ―grind‖ into partner
  • 38. Do Females Take Longer to Climaxthan Males? Largely seen as true – even more true for impatient males (84.5%) than the females (78.9%)
  • 39. Is Sex without Orgasm Satisfying? Nearly half (46%) agree; and another 43.7% concur that ‖it depends‖ perhaps on things like emotional connection, love and rewarding touch.
  • 40. Discussion Several Schools of Thought re: Women  Women Need Direct Clitoral Stimulation to Reach Orgasm  PV intercourse alone is often not sufficient  Men need to realize this  Women Need to Strengthen their Pubococcygeus Muscles through Kegel Exercises and/or using a Pelvic Toner  Tantric Training (re: eye gazing, breathe work, self and partner awareness) can align couples Sex without Orgasm can be both emotionally satisfying an loving Males (and females) have very little information about how to enhance the Male Sexual Experience…