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Student Technology Integration Project - Fordham University Tech Class

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  • Doug I really enjoyed your TIP on the solar system- I especially liked each of your activities. For me, science lessons are so valuable on the Internet, because there is a vast amount of knowledge. I liked how you were able to successfully take a lesson on a solar system and present it in a way I'd never seen before.

    Students are always fascinated by other planets, but never really learn much about them (at least that was the case). This TIP allows students to research conditions on these other 8 planets and apply that knowledge in interactive ways
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Solar system d. sheeran

  1. 1. The Sun<br /><ul><li>Technology Integration Plan
  2. 2. 5th Grade –Solar System
  3. 3. By Douglas Sheeran</li></li></ul><li>Phase One: Relative Advantage<br /><ul><li>I would like students to perform research on a specific planet in solar system. A challenging yet exciting and challenging mission by the Intergalactic Council will have students increase people’s interest to travel to this planet.
  4. 4. The websites provided give students research materials and allow them to see the planets clearly closely.
  5. 5. The web quest challenges students to think critically and give them clear directions</li></li></ul><li>Phase II:Objectives and Asessments<br /><ul><li>Objective: To provide students with a worthwhile experience on a fifth grade level that will require students to research a planet to find determine its: size, temperature, light oxygen, location near the sun, and exploration history.
  6. 6. The web quest also requires students to “create a travel advertisement mural for people to travel there” and “design a human who could live on this specific planet.”
  7. 7. Assessment: Students will be assessed based on three different rubrics: technology, planet person, and presentation.</li></li></ul><li>Phase III: Integration Strategies<br /><ul><li>Instructional Method: Constructivist
  8. 8. Students will have learned about the nine planets along with the Sun in science chapter.
  9. 9. Students have previously participated in web quest activities and have experience following the step by step directions.
  10. 10. Teacher will provide little to no assistance for students unless absolutely needed.
  11. 11. Students will be grouped into threes by teacher.
  12. 12. Group work on the computer has been done before.</li></li></ul><li>Activity One: Creating a Planet Mural Advertisement<br /><ul><li>Students will use information from humanand</li></ul> to answer specific questions about their planet.<br /><ul><li>Students will use these answers and different pictures to create a advertisement mural that will convince people to visit planet.</li></li></ul><li>Activity II: Planet Person<br /><ul><li>Students will follow directions on web quest humanwhich requires them to explain the qualities of a person that could survive on their planet based on its temperature, light, and oxygen levels.
  13. 13. Not everyone would have to drastically change the attributes of a human.</li></li></ul><li>Phase IV: Instructional Environment<br />Groups of three will each need: one computer with internet access, printer a pen, a notebook, mural, colored markers.<br />This web quest project will take 2 weeks. <br />
  14. 14. Phase V: Evaluate Integration Strategies<br />Because they have prior experience with this type of activity, I am confident students will be comfortable with the directions for this web quest.<br />Detailed pictures on internet sites go beyond the textbook and should fascinate the students. <br />