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Lesson on how to conduct research

Lesson on how to conduct research



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How to research   k. jaffe How to research k. jaffe Presentation Transcript

  • How to Research4th Grade Technology Integration Project
    Kate Jaffe
  • Phase I Relative Advantage
    Students will be asked to determine what research is and then use those skills to research pioneer life
    Using the internet, students will have access to more current and updated material which will help them to research in a more effective and rewarding way
    Students will also be able to present their research in a more effective and interesting way
    Students will be researching in a different way than they are used to which will help them to learn new skills that can be used in other areas of school
  • Phase IIObjectives and Assessments
    Having the students use the internet to define research and then use specific sites will allow them more access to a vaster range of materials
    Students will be assessed on how well they used the websites provided and also how they presented their information using technology (Glogster and the class wiki)
  • Phase IIIIntegration Strategies
    The teacher should model the research process for the students on the Smart Board
    The teacher will show the students the definition of research on using an imbedded link
    Students will use essential questions:
    What was daily life like for students in the early 1800s?
    How were students disciplined at school?
    What did a schoolhouse look like?
    The teacher will then model using Glogster and the wiki
  • Activity 1: Defining Research
    Answering essential questions in note format
    The students will enter their notes into the class wiki
    All students will have access to a class wiki where they will be able to edit and add in their notes
    Students will be taught how to use the wiki prior to starting the project
    This way, the students can look at each other’s information throughout the process prior to the final project
    The teacher can monitor students’ progress using the wiki
  • Activity II: Practicing Research Skills
    Students will put their research together to create a Glogster of what they’ve learned
    Using Glogster, the students will be able to incorporate pictures and text to share their research
    Students will use the notes on the wiki to create a Glogster
    Students will also have access to the internet to use pictures in their Glogster
  • Phase IVInstructional Environment
    In the classroom, the teacher and students will need access to a Smart Board
    Students will each need a computer to work on throughout the project and may work in pairs to maximize efficiency
    Glogster and Wiki will be made available to the students
    All students need to be clear on the directions and also the technology they are working with to enjoy the project and come away with success
  • Phase VEvaluate Integration Strategies
    Modifying this lesson to include more technology will allow students to do more with their research
    Glogster allowed students to present in an easy way to the entire class
    Students learned new technology as well as new information