Teri did you tell prestin all the times i called to speak with her

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  • 1. Teri did you tell Prestin all the times I called to speak with her?<br />Did you tell Prestin the bond she has and the closeness she feels with her real mother was a burden you and your future plans? <br />Does Prestin know that you dis-liked her real Mother? And you could not lie to her if I was around to tell her the truth? Yes. <br />Does Prestin know the strong bond that was shared between Prestin and her “Real Mother” was so strong?<br />Your feelings of jealousy and envy were the motive of splitting us apart. Knowing it would make it easier to manipulate her. So you could mentally break her down making her feel she had a false sense of the relationship and feelings she once shared with her “Real Mother” Only so you could build her back up with and fill her head with lies making her feel you are the one she has those feeling for that since you Adopted her you’re her Mother (Pretend Mother) and are and were the only person she had, that no one else would or could take her, enabling her to except you as her Mother (care taker).<br />Developing her to co-dependent on your approval, telling her what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. <br />Teri if she is crying as you claimed to the Judge when she sees pictures of her with her “Real Mother” it’s because it is reaffirming what she already knows in her heart and that you have been filling her up with lies or shall we put it as “your truth” which is false and disgusting. You can trick her or manipulate her for only so long. In the end her heart will over power her mind. And when that happens I am sure the end detail is freighting for you to even think of. She will never be like you she might resemble you but inside you and her are the complete opposite. You think only with your mind, this is why you never really smile you grin or laugh so hard that it makes your belly ache. It’s just a couple chuckles and even that looks uncomfortable to due. This is why your decisions are so callous and cold and why it made it easy for you to lie to Prestin and tell her your home telephones did not work that’s why she could not call her Mom when she was missing me.<br />Pristin’s heart knows and feels the truth. Shell start remembering all the things you took away from her like the phone that was green I had given to her so we could talk and the books and the letters and then she will be old enough to read and really understand all the false statements you made about her mother on her legal documents<br /> I can only imagine what you have and have not said MY DAUGHTER PRESTIN you’re “Niece” But I do know one thing<br />The heart never lies and she is able to fulfill her needs of finding me the time will come when she is able to think for herself warmth love around her when she looks at the moon <br />