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Dr k kamal's slide on TePP
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Dr k kamal's slide on TePP


Dr K Kamal's introductory slides presented Nationwide on TePP being operated by Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI

Dr K Kamal's introductory slides presented Nationwide on TePP being operated by Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI

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  • 1. An Introductory Presentation by Dr K. Kamal A DRDO Scientist , now Adviser , DSIR Technology Bhavan , New Delhi-110016 Ph. 91-11-26859460 Fax: 91-11- 26960269 e-mail: Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TePP) for Indian Innovators A programme initiated by Ministry of Science & Technology Government of India DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 2. INNOVATION the soul of a Nation Creativity Idea/Concept Ideas must work through Action Dream The Brain and Arms , or they are no better Innovation than dreams. new idea, Reality method, or device +DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 3. Innovation arises from institutional initiative and R & D productivity of the firmDSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 4. INNOVATION CHAIN IDEA / CONCEPT A good idea solves problems, a great idea does it at a profitDSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 5. INNOVATION CHAIN IDEA / CONCEPT  WORKING MODEL, LAB SCALE PROCESS“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.” Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 7. INNOVATION CHAIN IDEA / CONCEPT  WORKING MODEL, LAB SCALE PROCESS  PROTOTYPES: PILOT PROCESS / SEMI COMMERCIALISATION  COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT, PRODUCTION & MARKETING A small change in a product or service through Creativity canDSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003 lead to a huge change in the market
  • 8. Creativity link to National Economic Development DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 9. promote long term economic developmentGovernment intervention is in industrial innovation• Govt. funding of business R&D• Patent protection• Govt. subsidies and tax incentives on private R&D DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 10. Technology financing various sources of financing are available to Indian company orentrepreneur with some elements of funding criteria where and when the supportsbecome available may be as herein DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 11. INNOVATION ROAD MILES NIF Honey Bee Network (SRISTI, GIAN, NIF)Grass root innovators and School Children DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 12. INNOVATION ROAD MILES time TDB NMITLI PRDSF TDDP,HGTP,PRDSF, Venture Capital SBIRI -SIDBI, Bank - ICICI- SPREAD Venture Capital -SIDBI, Entry into service Commercial - ICICI-SPREAD Product/ProcessTePP TIFAC Growth Institutional: Develop DSIR Pilot Plant Stage STEPs-DST Survival /Pre-commercial & facilitate TBIs Trial/Validation Business formulation Birth Project Launch Institutional: NIF-Scouting of Proof of concept Ideas and awards Prototyping/Working Model Acquire & assess NGOs- GIAN,SEVA,SRIST Independent innovator/start-up possess technology RIN firm/entrepreneurs commercialization rights CIIE, Honey Bee Network (SRISTI, GIAN, NIF)Technical Uncertainty /Technology Risk Business and Market Uncertainty
  • 13. Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TePP) A novel programme initiated earlier by Ministry of Science and Technology and operated by DSIR to tap the innovative potential of entrepreneurial citizens of India. Its objective is to promote individual innovators through support mechanism atvarious stages to become technology based entrepreneurs (Technopreneurs). DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 14. GENERAL SCENARIO “Your proposal is Innovative. Unfortunately, we won‟t be able to use it because we‟ve never seen something like this before” DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 15. (TePP Support)The individual must have an innovativeidea/project, which has the potential ofcommercial utility and/or societal absorption. This seed funding helps the incubates to kick start Technopreneurs‟ product development and commercialization activitiesAny Indian, say a Student, Engineer, Scientist,Artisan, Former,Housewife etc. are eligible DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 16. (?)•innovation incubation Phase•enterprise incubation Phase DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 17. 1. TePP Phase I ELIGIBILITY(innovation incubation):1.1 Micro Technopreneurship Any independent innovator testing radically newSupport(TS) ideas, to prove functionality by(Max support Rs 0.75 lakhs) a lab/computer/mathematical model, and applying for patenting etc.1.2 TePP Project Fund (TPF)(Max support Rs 15 lakhs) Any independent innovator/ start-up firm for developing functional prototypes (to convert an original idea/invention/know- how into working prototype/process and proposals to demonstrate novel delivery models to take S&T innovations to rural India ) DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 18. Mechanism•The evaluated proposals are put forth to TePP Screening Committee(TSC) for consideration. Applicant may also be given an opportunity tomake presentation to TSC. If TSC recommends the proposal for TePPsupport, it is processed on file for approval and release of grant.•innovators can firm up agreements with banks/ institutions to raiseinnovator’s part of resources.•After Financial approvals , the applicant sign "Terms & Conditions"prior to the actual release of grants-in-aid.•The first release is based on need assessment by project dealingofficers and subsequent releases are based on assessment by ProjectMonitoring Committee/authorized TUC.•Project completion/ closure get reported to TSC for feedback andrecord. DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 19. 2.0 TePP PhaseI II ELIGIBILITY(enterprise incubation):2.1 Supplementary TePP Fund (STF) Successful TePP innovators of TePP(max support Rs 7.50 lakhs) Phase-I for refine technology for facilitating technology transfer to How to come out entrepreneur. licensing technology to a third party. ( patent filing, testing/validation, building improved prototypes & aesthetic design, preparing technology transfer document.)2.2 Seamless scale-up support (S3T)(max support Rs 45 lakhs) Successful TePP innovators of TePP Phase-I (for innovations having significant market potential) for starting own enterprise. DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 20. Mechanism for PHASE -II•The applicant will be presenting their achievements in prior phase andplans for commercialization to TePP Outreach Centre (TUC) for supportunder TePP Phase-I.•The technical evaluation of phase-II proposal is done by Chairpersonof Phase-I, Project Monitoring Committee.•For innovators not supported under Phase-I, an independentevaluation of their past work is done by nominated experts.•For entrepreneurs taking CSIR rural technologies to market, theevaluation is done by concerned CSIR lab director. DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 21. TePP ApplicationProcessing TSCMechanism TPB TS TUC MentorsInnovator Technology Angels DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 22. Technology Innovator-1 Angels Innovator -2DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 23. TePP TePP TePP TePP TePP TePPTePP TePP TePPTePP TePP TePP DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 24. TePP DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 25. •-•-•-•-Varanasi•-Tirupati -Ooty 12-08-2009 DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 26. enterprise incubation (?) DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 27. TePP PhaseI II (enterprise incubation):Supplementary TePP Fund (STF) - max support Rs 7.50 lakhsSeamless scale-up support (S3T) - max support Rs 45 lakhs DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 28. Seamless Scale-up Support for TePP (S3T)•Is available to innovator who has successfullycompleted TePP Phase-I project and desires to takeinnovation to market by becoming Technopreneur.•Innovators who have worked on `Phase-I conceptproving stage’ with support from other governmentagencies or with their own funds.•Independent innovator taking up collaborativeinnovation in partnership with commercial firm usingTePP Open Innovation Network.•Entrepreneur taking CSIR rural technologies (withhigh social impact) to market. DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 29. GENERAL LIMITATIONS ON TePP (S3T) SUPPORT•There is a need to submit viable Business plan.•TePP support will not exceed 50% of approved project costsubject to ceiling of Rs 45 lakhs and innovator need to raiseresources for balance of the project cost. This arrangementhas to be made before release of first sanction by TePP.•Funds will be released to Innovator.•Manpower costs supported will not exceed 20% of the totalgrant amount.• Innovator’s salary and rental expenses for use of ownfacilities are not eligible for support.•Travel costs supported will not exceed 5% of the total grantamount DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 30. creativety thinking Knowledge power knowledgeThe institution or organization remainsCompetitive if it has the innovative ability .DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 31. It is necessary for a company or an entrepreneur tolook ahead a few years from now but initiate the actions right now. 10-9 10-6 10-3 0 103 106 109 Chips ! Storage DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 32. The convergence of Bio, Nano and IT (BT-IT-NT) is expected to touch every area of concern to the humanityDSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003
  • 33. So power May weConvert Idea into Results „motivate innovators „ DSIR/Dr.K.Kamal/2002-2003