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A Princess and a Race Car
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A Princess and a Race Car


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I wrote this story for my twins' birthday party in order to combine two very different personalities into one fun party. The story formed the basis of the party and its activities.

I wrote this story for my twins' birthday party in order to combine two very different personalities into one fun party. The story formed the basis of the party and its activities.

Published in: Sports, Automotive

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  • 1. A Princess and a Race Car
  • 2. Written for Megan and Ryan by Kristen Hawley Turner August 2011 Illustrated by Aliesha Fink
  • 3. Once upon a time there was a young princess who lived in a castle near a forest. The princess loved to play in the woods with her forest friends, and every day she set out on an adventure to find new places to sit, read, and dance.
  • 4. The princess loved to dance. She also loved her quiet time in the woods with her forest friends.
  • 5. One day when she was dancing by the brook near the road, a roar filled the air. The princess stopped dancing and stared down the road to where it curved in the trees. Suddenly, she saw a race car speeding around the corner.
  • 6. The princess started to back away when she noticed a baby squirrel in the race car’s path. Bravely, she ran to the road and used her scarf to flag the car. With a squeal of his brakes, the car stopped just in time.
  • 7. “ Thank you,” said the race car. “I did not see that creature in the road.” “ You are welcome,” the princess replied. “But why are you going so fast through this forest?” “ I am lost,” the race care said sadly. “I took a wrong turn on my way to a race, and I am trying desperately to find my way back before I miss the start.”
  • 8. “ I can help you,” said the princess. “ Let’s go,” shouted the race car. “We have no time to lose!”
  • 9. The two friends began their adventure along the forest road. A short time later the race car stopped suddenly. “ Why are you stopping?” asked the princess. “ A tree has fallen across the road,” said the race car. “I cannot pass.” The princess tried with all her strength to move the tree, but it was too heavy.
  • 10. The race car had an idea. “I have a rope in my trunk,” he said. He told the princess to tie the rope around the tree so that he could pull it out of the way. The princess thought it was a good idea. “ One. Two. Three!” The race car backed down the road, pulling the tree out of the path. “ What a great team we make.” The princess smiled as the friends continued on.
  • 11. Eventually, they came to a fork in the road. “Left or right?” asked the race car. He did not want to take another wrong turn. The princess read the signs that were nailed to the trees. “ Wow! You can read?” exclaimed the race car. “ I love to read!” said the princess. “To the Beach or the Pocono Mountains?” asked the princess as she pointed to the signs. “ To the Poconos!” shouted the race car.
  • 12. “ can you teach me how to read?” the race car asked the princess. “ I’d love to,” she replied. “As soon as you win your race.” When the friends reached the track, the princess gave the race car a hug and wished him luck.
  • 13. Knowing that he had a friend to watch him compete, the race car gave his best effort on the track. It was a close race, but he won!
  • 14. Afterward, the princess and the race car went back to the castle, where they danced in celebration. The princess became the race car’s biggest fan, and the race car often came to the woods to enjoy the quiet and to read with his new best friend.