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Top 10 herbs for heart care
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Top 10 herbs for heart care


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This PPT talks about the Top 10 Ayurveda herbs for heart care with their

This PPT talks about the Top 10 Ayurveda herbs for heart care with their

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology

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  • 1. Top 10 Ayurveda Herbs for Heart Health Dr Gowthaman, Medical Dircetor rVita Ayurveda Centers &
  • 2. 1. Arjuna(Terminalia arjuna)Arjuna inducesimprovement ofcardiac musclefunction andsubsequentlyimproves pumpingactivity of the heart.The Arjuna promoteseffective cardiacfunctioning, andregulates bloodpressure and tonesthe heart
  • 3. 2. AjamodaCarum RoxburghianumThis is credited withstimulant and carminativeproperties and isprescribed as a sedativeand tonic. This isprescribed as a decoctionor as a liquid extract. Thefatty oil from seeds is usedin many medicinalpreparations as anantispasmodic and nervestimulant. This is alsocredited with diureticproperty.
  • 4. 3. Gokshura(Tribulus Terrestris)Tribulus Terrestris isconsidered as a miracleherb in India & used as aphysical rejuvenation tonic.This herb is used in thetreatment of urinarydisorders andimpotence, kidneydiseases andgravel, diseases of thegenito-urinarysystem, calculusaffections, gout etc. It isalso useful for diseases ofthe heart, and many otherconditions
  • 5. 4. Dadima(Punica Granatum)Scientific research grouptested pomegranate juice onboth humans and laboratorymice which were geneticallypredisposed to develop heartdisease. They found thatpomegranate juice decreasedLDL ("bad cholesterol") andincreased HDL ("goodcholesterol") by 20% inhumans. The oxidation ofLDL, which is believed bymany researchers to be amajor cause of heartdisease, was reduced by up to90%.
  • 6. 5. Draksha(Vitis Vinifera)Enhances capillary strengthand vascular function whichhelps the heart and decreasesPMSproblems, bruising, edemafrom injury or trauma varicoseveins, leg swelling andretinopathy, enhancedimmune resistance, increasedperipheralcirculation, improvedvision, reduced adverseallergic and inflammatoryresponse, reduction in skinaging and loss of elasticity
  • 7. 6. Pippali(Piper longum)Inducing alterations inmembrane dynamics andpermeation characteristicsalong with induction insynthesis of proteinsassociated with cytoskeletalfunction resulting in anincrease in the small intestineabsorptive surface, thusassisting efficient permeationthrough the epithelial barrier
  • 8. 7. Vasa(Adhatoda Vasika)The active alkaloid vasicineand ts auto oxidation productvasicinone have shownbronchodilator andntihistaminic effects. Uterinestimulant activity andmoderate hypotensive activityof the alkaloids werereported. Thrombopoeiticactivity of vasicine has beenobserved.
  • 9. 9. Twak(Cinnamomum Cassia)Cinnamon is among the mostgrateful and efficient of thearomatics. It is warm and cordialto thestomach, carminative, distinctlyastringent, and, like most othersubstances of this class, morepowerful as a local than as ageneral stimulant. .It is seldomprescribed alone, though, whengiven in powder or infusion, it willsometimes allay nausea, checkvomiting, and relieve flatulence.It is chiefly used as anadjuvant, and enters into a greatnumber of official preparations. Itis often employed in diarrhea, inconnection with chalk andastringents.
  • 10. 10. Guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia)Used in generaldebility, dyspepsia, fevers andurinary diseases. The bitterprinciple present in the drugshowantiperiodic, antispasmodicanti inflammatory andantipyretic prope plant is usedin ayurvedic rasayanas toimprove the immune systemand the body’s resistance toinfections. It is used asimmunomodulator inimmunosuppression ofobstructivejaundice, fibrosis, peritonitisand sepsis.
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