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Twitter in US Higher Education Teaching
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Twitter in US Higher Education Teaching


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AUDIO: access audio to accompany slides at …

AUDIO: access audio to accompany slides at

Mini-presentation as part of a dialogue on social media between University of Central Florida (UCF) and University of Zagreb's Faculty of Organization and Informatics

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Twitter in US Higher Education Kelvin Thompson, Ed.D. University of Central Florida
  • 2. Twitter Defined
    • Twitter is a free, public microposting service (140 characters) accessible via web and mobile devices.
    • Estimated that 1/3 of US higher education faculty use Twitter (Faculty Focus, 2010)
  • 3. Educator Uses of Twitter
    • Announcements from Teacher
    • Friendly reminder that Modules are closing tomorrow, September 9th at 11:59pm. Good luck!
    • Status Updates from Teacher On my way to class. Running few mins. late. Pass the word.
  • 4. Educator Uses of Twitter
    • Teacher modeling of professional interactions in discourse community (Personal Learning Network) @djadjas  I was honored by your translation--and I love that photo. I look forward to learning from and with you.
    • @George_Haines  Interesting question--thanks. Better foundation for what? It all depends on what we think we're building, and why.
  • 5. Educator Uses of Twitter
    • Teacher-supplied links to supplemental content resources (may be scheduled in advance to coincide with course topics)
    • “ 5 Examples of How Schools Are Using Social Media to Enhance Learning” via @pparris9 #eme5050
    • Creative Commons: An Educational Primer  #eme5050
  • 6. Educator Uses of Twitter
    • Student questions or feedback
    • Will there be a Week 12 update this week or did I miss it? (Totally possible.)
    • That’s fine. We can still do the replies and scoring for today. Plus time to read the text.
  • 7. Educator Uses of Twitter
    • Mini-learning network: all contribute ideas or content
  • 8. Implementation Methods
    • Include in syllabus teacher’s Twitter profile URL
      • Invite students to “follow” (subscribe) to teacher posts if desired
    • Establish a separate, course-specific Twitter profile
    • Tag course-specific postings with unique keyword (“hashtag”)
    • Display Twitter feed within VLE (“Blackboard”) using widget
  • 9. HootCourse Defined
    • HootCourse is an education-specific, free public/private microposting service (140 characters) accessible via web and mobile devices.
    • Authenticate with Twitter ID or Facebook name
    • Users decide: Postings stay in HootCourse or send to Twitter or Facebook (authentication)
  • 10. Try It Out Yourself!
    • Public HootCourse environment for FOI/UCF collaboration and communications:
  • 11. Resources
    • “ Social Networking Communication:” entry in UCF’s Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository
    • “ Twitter Experiment:” video case study of Twitter use by University of Texas professor
  • 12. Resources
    • Public HootCourse Example: Educational Technology Course
    • Public HootCourse Example: Professional Development Course on Blended Learning
  • 13. References
    • Faculty Focus. (2010). Twitter in higher education 2010: Usage habits and trends of today's college faculty. Retrieved October 12, 2010 from