The Artist/Art as a Branding Experience: Arts and Entertainment Experience (Un)marketing


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Our identity and image (our brand) as artists and/or a creative cultural enterprise is how we communicate to others who we are, what we do and most importantly our value. Value can mean many things to different people. In this presentation I talk about creative, social and economic value and reflect on how our brand identity is developed by others through conversations and sharing. I also discuss our role as curators our own identity, that is how, where and what we communicate about our selves, our practice and our work contributes and how we develop our social brand capital and brand personality.

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The Artist/Art as a Branding Experience: Arts and Entertainment Experience (Un)marketing

  1. 1. Ar & ts ^ Entertainment “Experience” UnMarketing Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  2. 2. Branding Considerations … What  does  it   mean  for  the   ar6st  and/or  the   crea6ve?   Why  is  branding   important?     Date: 9/17/13! What  does  it   mean  for  the   crea6ve  and/or   cultural   enterprise?   What  is  a   brand  and   branding   experience?     What  does  it   mean  for  the   crea6ve  and/or   cultural   experience?   /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  3. 3. What is Branding and the Brand Experience? •  •  Branding is everywhere! Branding is not:! –  A logo ! –  Advertising! –  Corporate identity! –  Marketing! •  A brand is a set of unique values, a social contract:! –  Confidence! –  Passion! –  Belonging! –  Action! –  Security! –  Reliability! –  Risk taking! •  A brand is not IN the culture, IT IS the culture! Date: 9/17/13! •  Historically! –  Stamp of ownership! –  A guarantee of quality! –  Managers as brand custodians! •  Today! –  –  –  –  –  –  –  Brands are big business! We use brands differently! Audiences make brands! Audiences unmake brands! Brands are conversations! They mean what YOU say they mean! Brands are shared cultural property where familiarity breeds ownership! –  A new ethos of brand participation! –  Managers as brand curators! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  4. 4. A brand = A promise, contract and reputation •  A  brand  is  more  than  a  name  or   logo,  it  is  a  promise  and  a   contract  with  every  customer  to   whom  you  are  dealing.  And  if   people  feel  the  offering  doesn’t   live  up  to  what  they  expect  from   the  brand  they  will  decide  to  stop   buying  [par>cipa>ng].     Richard  Branson,  Founder  of   Virgin.     •  A  brand  for  a  company  is  like  a   reputa/on  for  a  person,  you  earn   a  reputa/on  by  trying  to  do  hard   things  well.  (Jeff  Bezoz,  Founder   of   Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  5. 5. Why is branding important? •  Branding is vital to the success of artists, creative and cultural enterprises because they represent trust, reliability, style, and indicators of prices that are familiar to audiences! •  Brands convey meaning! •  A strong brand! –  –  –  –  Ignites passion! Echoes reliability! Conveys meaning! Arouses emotion! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  6. 6. Art and Creative Work as Brand Experience •  What is a brand experience? ! –  A brand experience is how people “feel” about a person, a product, a service, an enterprise, and specific A&E experiences. ! •  E.g., Music: ! A brand experience is how people “feel” about: the music artist [person], their music, lyrics, pricing [product], download speed, access, [a service], the label, intermediary, [an enterprise], and attending a concert [a specific experience]. ! ! Effect of interaction with:! Artist and/or creative! Creative work or practices! Venue or space! Sporting teams! Cultural Enterprise! Creative or Cultural Experience! Location and/or geography! ! ! Date: 9/17/13! Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  7. 7. The Rooftop Garden Commission Imran Qureshi (2013) MMoA (NYC) Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  8. 8. Artists & Celebrities as Brands •  Artists and Celebrities recognize that they are not just performances, but they are also “brands” that have monetary value.! –  You recognize names such as Madonna, Julia Roberts, Tiger Woods, Bob Marley, Queen, ! •  Brand extension is the development and introduction of new products that expand the brand and take advantage of the recognition and image of an established “artist” brand. ! –  “crossover artists”! –  “entertainment franchises”.! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  9. 9. Searching for Sugarman (2012) Date: 9/17/13! hGps://     /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  10. 10. Brand Extension A: Crossover Artists •  Crossover is an expansion of the popular appeal of an artist or work by achieving success in another market or style! •  Artists who already have a specific audience sometimes use their talents to appeal to other market segments! –  e.g. Shania Twain began her career as a country singer, but was able to appeal to the pop market and many non-country fans! –  e.g. No Doubt singer, Gwen Stefani transitioned into acting, drawing her music fans into movie theatres! –  e.g. Basketball player Shaquille O’Neal has performed rap music and has acted in film! –  e.g. Cindy Crawford was a model, who went into acting and now designs clothing! –  e.g. Madonna was a dancer, then music, then acting, then writing children’s novels! –  Can you think of other crossover examples?! •  Celebrities continue to expand their markets as much as possible to increase mainstream exposure and stay in the public eye! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  11. 11. Brand Extension B: Entertainment Franchises •  Entertainment franchise is a series of films, programs, or character portrayals planned to expand the character’s activities in a series ! –  ! •  •  e.g. Scream, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy, Triple X, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Hulk, Harry Potter, Twilight! Franchising is similar to making sequels, but it is planned from the beginning of the series! A sequel is a film made to take advantage of the popularity of the first film and might not be planned from the beginning ! –  e.g. The Mummy, Jurassic Park, James Bond! •  Television uses franchises as well! –  e.g. Star Trek paved the way for Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DSN, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek Enterprise! –  e.g. All in the Family led to the Jeffersons! –  e.g. Family Guy lead to Cleveland Show! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  12. 12. Developing a Brand Identity •  Brand identity is a consistent feeling or image that audiences/guests recognize when encountering the brand.! ! •  Brand identity is, however, defined by “people” not by organizations! –  Your brand is not what “you say it is” it is what “they say it is.”! ! •  “When people use your brand as a verb, that is remarkable” (Meg Whitman)! •  •  •  •  ! Google It!! Skype the family! Hoover the carpet! Photoshop the photograph! •  An important part of our identity is our personality! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  13. 13. Audience-Based Brand Equity •  Brands gain their equity from audiences! •  The “customer-based brand equity model” (CBBE)! •  Power of the brand lies in what the audience: felt, learnt, seen and heard about the brand as a result of their experience over time.! •  Brand Awareness! –  Recall (unaided)! –  Recognition (aided)! •  Brand Image! –  Image grows from “brand benefits”: characteristics of value and meaning to an audience and/or community! –  Points of parity and points of difference! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  14. 14. Discovering your brands personality •  A brands personality is the set of human characteristics associated with the name of a person, product or enterprise. ! •  We use adjectives to describe a brand! •  People personify things. We assign human-like attributes to essentially anything with a name --- people, places things and experiences.! •  Individual Activity! –  If your organization/self was a car, what kind of car would you be?! –  If your organization/self was a celebrity, who would you be and why?! –  If your organization/self was an animal what kind of animal would you be and why?! –  If you could choose anyone to be your spokesperson, who would you choose and why?! •  Group Activity! –  Personification exercise --- Fashion brand as a person! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  15. 15. Brand Positioning Strategies Strategy  Base   Example   Specific  feature/s   Site  specific  performance,  theater’s  reclining  seats   Benefit   Excitement  of  visi6ng  a  foreign  des6na6on;  self-­‐esteems   received  from  aGending  an  opening  night  performance   Usage  occasion   Summer  concerts  in  the  park  or  special  ma6nee   performance   Usage  Category   Family  nights  at  the  circus,  senior  and  single  cruises   Compe66ve  advantage   Against  another  brand  performance,  venue  or  des6na6on   As  number  one   An  asser6on  that  it  is  the  best  in  the  country   Exclusivity   A  spa  that  claims  strict  membership   Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  16. 16. “Trademarks” as part of Brand Identity •  Brand mark is a brand name, symbol, design, color.! •  Soundmark is a trademark identified by a sound associated with a brand or company ! –  e.g. MGM Lion’s roar : ! •  Motionmark is a trademark identified by specific movement associated with a brand or company! –  e.g. Winged horse that almost leaps off the movie screen at the beginning of a Tri-Star Film?! –  e.g. Boy fishing on a crescent moon for Dreamworks Animation! –  e.g. The lamp moving in Pixar! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  17. 17. Value of Trademarks: Disney •  Symbols that you see every day help identify cultural enterprises and artists from each other.! •  Disney suggest “wholesome family entertainment and has developed a reputation for G-rated, family style entertainment” and this identity is worth millions of dollars! •  Disney created other companies owned by Disney Corporation but not identified with the Disney name such as Hollywood Pictures and Touchstone Pictures! •  Why did they do this?! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  18. 18. Communicating your Values & Identity A brand’s identity uses words, images, and symbols to express the brand in printed materials, imagery, the website, and in advertising. ! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  19. 19. Building Social Brands •  Building Brands online is about participation and cocreation of meaning! •  A brand is a brand irrespective of context. What changes is the enactment of the brand >> What we do with it and to it. ! •  The brand managers who used to be the custodian of the brand has now become a host whose main role is NOT to control but to facilitate7! •  Social Brand Management: To facilitate sustainable sharing and sociality through social bonds with/through social web [media] 1.! •  “Social Web offers enterprises an opportunity to reconnect with people” Aim: To build a brand and/or individuals social capital! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  20. 20. Rage Against the X-Factor (2009) •  How could an online community use social networks to oppose an international music franchise and make British music history? ! •  In 2009, Jon and Tracey Morter from Essex showed Simon Cowell they have much more than the X-Factor.! Having dominated the Christmas No. 1 Charts for 4-years, they started a campaign through a Facebook Group, promoting for Christmas No. 1 a non-X-factor single.! The single ‘Killing in the Name’ by artists Rage Against the Machine (RATM), 15 years after it’s release.! •  •  •  ‘Killing in the Name’, the single by RATM released over 15 years ago, spent nothing on it’s marketing.! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  21. 21. Rage Against the X-Factor (2009) •  •  The Aim:! To overthrow conventional marketing techniques by publicly bringing down a major player’s mass media campaign through online social networks and electronic word of mouth (eWOM). ! •  •  The Method:! Use Facebook, YouTube and endless Twitter chatter - friends, fans and follows encouraged each other to download the single by Saturday 19th December (23:59pm).! ! ! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  22. 22. Rage Against the X-Factor (2009) ¡  The Result:! ¡  Over 1 million Facebook fans, over 50,000 YouTube search results and endless Twitter chatter! ¡  In December 2009, in one week, sold over 502672 copies, making it the 2009 Christmas No.1. ! ¡  Raising over £101,517.48 for the charity, Shelter. ! ¡  It also set two new landmarks becoming: ! ¡  the UK’s first download-only Christmas number one! ¡  the biggest one-week download sales total in British chart history. ! ¡  HMV’s Gennaro Castaldo said “This is a truly remarkable outcome and possibly the greatest chart upset ever”. ! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  23. 23. Developing a Fashion Brand Identity •  What did we learn about the branding of fashion?! •  "How We Made Our Brand"  ! •  "How is Fashion Using Content to Change the Face of Branding?" !  ! Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  24. 24. Ar & ts ^ Entertainment “Experience” UnMarketing Date: 9/17/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!