Introduction & the Artists Role: Arts and Entertainment Experience (Un)marketing


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In these slides I discuss the important role of the artist in creative and cultural experiences, enterprises and society and explore the notion of creative genius. Before we can communicate about anything we need to understand its role, purpose, value and genius. I also introduce the important role technology plays in how we consider, experience and communicate with others about creative and cultural life and work.

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Introduction & the Artists Role: Arts and Entertainment Experience (Un)marketing

  1. 1. & ts Ar ^ Date: 9/3/13! Entertainment “Experience” UnMarketing /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  2. 2. The Role of the Artist •  Cultural and entertainment experiences have an important place in society.! •  They are a reflection of cultural identity through:! –  –  –  –  –  content of works offered! the form used! intensity of presence! type of consumption! role and place they take! •  The artist plays a key role in any creative or cultural undertaking.! •  Without artists there would be no cultural enterprise, no entertainment experience.! Date: 9/3/13! Source: Independent Fashion Bloggers! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  3. 3. My Creative Genius •  Discussion! –  What do you think she was talking about in the video? ! –  What of failure? What about fear? ! –  Should anyone be expected to be afraid of their work, afraid of failure? ! –  What did she mean by creative genius? “Having” versus “Being” a genius.! –  What does she mean by creative process?! –  Why is nurturing our creative genius important? ! –  Where does your creativity come from? ! Source:! •  Why do YOU create?! Date: 9/3/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  4. 4. And leisure begot entertainment •  At the heart of entertainment is the concept of leisure.! –  [Leisure] is better than occupation and is its end; and therefore the question must be asked, What ought we to do when at leisure? (Aristotle)! •  Availability of time + absence of occupation = happiness.! •  Key “entertainment experience” concepts:! –  Leisure time: activity outside of work! –  Performance: engaging activity! –  Game playing: amusement with an element of chance! –  Cultural : ! Date: 9/3/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  5. 5. Ways to Consider A&E “Experiences” Interactive! Entertainment! Media! Content Triad! Leisure Triad! Amusement! Recreation! Live performance! How we “experience” arts & entertainment:! Passive ! Educational ! Escapist ! Esthetic! What is missing?! Date: 9/3/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  6. 6. How are A&E “experiences” unique? Two theories … •  Change …! –  Perishability! •  Change in trends is constant! •  Constant attention contest! •  Experiences are “time-sensitive”! –  Intangibility! •  It’s in our memory! •  Of the moment! •  Sharing a piece of time! –  Temporality ! •  •  •  •  Time is attention! Cost/time trade-off! Instrumental & terminal value! Attract and hold attention! –  Sociability! •  Relief and escapism! •  With others! •  Selective! Date: 9/3/13! •  Play …! –  Voluntary activity! •  No one forces us! –  Apart from reality! •  Interlude / situational/ temporary satisfaction! –  Limited by time and place! •  It has a beginning and an end! –  Rules based! •  Governed and shared control! –  Social community! •  Fandom / tribal! –  Symbolic secrecy! •  Different from everyday! –  Has rituals, ceremony and venues! •  Is sacred and profound! –  Four types of play as pleasure! “The spirit of play is essential to the development of culture.” ! (William Stephenson) ! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  7. 7. A&E Experiences Mediated   entertainment   A7rac4ons  &  themed   venues   Live  performance   Des4na4ons  and   places   Visual  arts   Celebri4es  and  stars   Date: 9/3/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  8. 8. Key Industry Considerations Adver4sing   Agencies   [$$Clients]   [5]     Industry   Economics     Date: 9/3/13! Moguls  &   Mergers     Entertainment   Ethics   Technological   Innova4on   /drkellypage! @drkellypage!
  9. 9. Ar & ts ^ Entertainment “Experience” UnMarketing Date: 9/3/13! /drkellypage! @drkellypage!