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Overview sample of international work and resume

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Dr. J Vos Media Kit

  1. 1. Dr Jeannette Vos Ed.D., CNHP Media Kit
  2. 2. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Table of Contents Author Biography Section Page Dr. Jeannette Vos is a Netherlands-born, Canadian -raised, American doctor of education. As a highly-skilled teacher and corporate trainer she Author Biography 3 has worked with people of diverse cultures, from all walks of life and all age groups -- from early New Book Summary 4 childhood through to high school, university Curriculum Vitae 5-8 and beyond to senior citizens. She earned her doctorate with a seven-year research program into Examples of International Work 9-19 the world’s best learning methods. Topics for Interviews, Keynotes, Seminars 20 Sample of Media 21 As a learning consultant, researcher and co-author of the international best seller, The Learning Revolution, Dr. Vos has trained thousands of people Author Publications 22 internationally on accelerated, integrative and conceptual learning methods. Contact Information 23 As a world leader in this area, she has spent more than ten years on an almost non-stop series of presentations around the globe: to corporations, educational organizations and schools. One authority says she has done more to change Swedish education than any other person in the past 20 years. Most recently she has added numerous health certifications to her repertoire of skills as she feels strongly that most people ignore the health of the brain/ mind/body/spiritual connection for optimal living, learning/unlearning and thinking/unthinking. Her book, Unlimited: Your new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it, coauthored with Gordon Dryden breaks new ground into the broader picture of integrative, conceptual and accelerated learning within our high tech world. However, Jeannette is currently working on her other books relating to brain research, music and brain/mind/body/spiritual health and learning, with an emphasis on achieving excellence in ones life, through learning to eat healthy, learning to learn, unlearn and think, communication skills, creative problem solving, innovating, and literally -- designing ones own future - mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.www.learning-revolution.com 2 3 www.learning-revolution.com
  3. 3. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP New Book Summary Curriculum Vitae The Learning Revolution is already the world’s biggest-selling non-fiction book, with SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS 10.2 million copies sold in China alone. It has been translated into twenty different • Co-author of international best selling book: The Learning Revolution; languages. first edition 1993; with four subsequent revisions Now comes a bold new follow-up: a stunning blueprint • Co-author of new book: Unlimited: Your new learning revolution and for the twenty-first century. the seven keys to unlock it Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos have called it simply • Doctor of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis, dissertation UNLIMITED: Your new learning revolution and the on accelerated integrative learning seven keys to unlock it. • CEO and Managing Director of The Learning Revolution International: The crisp, easy-to-grasp text tells the stunning story For corporate, health and teacher training, research and writing on neurosciences, education of the unlimited revolution that is already changing (including learning to learn/unlearn, think/unthink, learning with music, personal development, the way the world learns - at every age. Amazingly most people life skills, creating the optimal environment for learning, applications of accelerated learning to are not consciously aware of how that will completely reinvent education, any content and health --especially nutrition and fitness as it relates to learning and the brain.) schooling, teaching and lifelong learning. • International Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach: But this new book unlocks the revolution with full-colour photos and graphics on Mindful Learning, Accelerated Integrative Conceptual Learning, Thinking Tools, Foreign every page that visually telegraph and reinforce the scope of unlimited opportunities, Language Learning, How to Use Music For Learning, Applications to Brain Research, Early unlimited potential, unlimited achievement, unlimited challenge, unlimited support, all Childhood Education, Integration of the Language Arts, The World As Your Classroom creating unlimited futures. (including technology), Dynamic Teaching Strategies, Optimal Learning & Thinking Fitness and Performance, Science of Communication Skills (both verbal and non-verbal), Stress Once again, this new book brings together two unique talents: Management, Classroom Management, Music and Leaning, Nutrition and Learning, Science of Nutrition, Creative Thinking, Life Skills, Personal Development Skills, Team Building, • One, the Dutch-born American educated highly creative and strategic teacher, Trust Building, Community Building, Breaking Blocks to Learning, Working with At-Risk trainer, researcher, natural health advocate, who earned her doctorate in education Students, Teaching Young Children to Read and Write Using Accelerated Learning from a seven-year research study with optimal learning methods. • Extensive expertise in accelerated learning for any subject area, including • The other, the New Zealand-born international multimedia journalist and creative language learning and using brain stimulation through music, movement, thinker who has produced and presented twenty two television programs on new nutrition and other learning strategies. methods of learning. Above all, the combined talents, skills and insights model the vital changes this book • Certified in Natural Health and the Science of Raw Nutrition brings about. • Teacher and Certified Chef for raw food cuisine and nutritionwww.learning-revolution.com 4 5 www.learning-revolution.com
  4. 4. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Curriculum Vitae (Continued) Curriculum Vitae (Continued) HONORS EDUCATION • Co-author of international best selling book, The Learning Revolution Doctorate: Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction, 1991 (over 10 million copies sold internationally) National Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona • International Keynote presenter and workshop leader, 1993 - present Dissertation: Evaluation of a Model Program (AL) • Co-founder of NITE program with Dr. John Grassi, (National Institute Post Graduate: MA in Curriculum and Instruction, Reading Emphasis, for Teaching Excellence, originally called Urban Education 1975, San Diego State University, San Diego, California Program), Cambridge College, Boston, MA, 1989 • Recognition for Dedicated Service, San Diego Council of Social Graduate: BA in Science Studies, English Studies and Music & Art Studies, 1992 and 1993 Studies, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1966 • Japan Study Tour Fellowship, summer, 1991 • San Diego Writing Project Fellowship, summer, 1985 Additional Post Graduate Work • Educational Leadership Award, National University, 1983 • Raw Food Gourmet Chef Certification, Fort Bragg, CA, 2006 - 2010 • Outstanding Elementary Teacher of America Nomination, 1973 • Certified Natural Health Professional, Indiana & Viriginia 2007 - current • Halton County, Ontario, Canada, Silver Medal winner: singing, 1956 • Spiral Dynamics I and II, Melbourne, Australia, August, 2008 • Pilates Advanced Training, California and New Zealand 2004 - current • Science of Nutrition Certification I & II, Fort Bragg, Calif., Dec. 2007 TOP TEN CUSTOMERS • Hippocrates Life Change Program Certification, Florida, Nov. 2007 • Listening Program, Advanced Brain Technologies, Seattle, Aug. 2007 • Oskar-Kaemmer-Schule, Germany • Optimal Health Institute Certification, San Diego, CA, July, 2005 • Pysslingen Schools, Sweden • Systems Thinking, San Diego, CA, 2003 • Minneapolis St. Paul Insurance Companies, Minnesota and Illinois, USA • Holistic Approach to Neuro-Development. Wash. and Calif., 2000 and 2003 • Cambridge College, Ontario, California and Boston, Mass. USA • NLP Master Track, Utah; and Grinder trainings, Oregon, 1993-99 • Mizell Library, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Janet Hansen), USA • Educational Kinesiology, San Diego, 1992 • University of California, La Jolla, California, USA • Erikissonian Training, Erikissonian Institute, San Diego, 1991 • Intelligence Center, China • Creative Problem Solving, New York, 1990 • SAAB Aerospace, Sweden • Don Campbell Music Training, New York, 1990 • Lernia, Sweden (former Amu Gruppen), Sweden • Training on The Lozanov Method for teaching languages, New York, 1990 • Master’s Academy amd College, Calgary, Alberta, Canada • Japan Project, Stanford University, California, 1989 • International Studies Education Project, San Diego, 1988 • Turning Point for Teachers, University of California, Irvine, 1985 • San Diego Writing Project, University of California, San Diego, 1985www.learning-revolution.com 6 7 www.learning-revolution.com
  5. 5. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Curriculum Vitae (Continued) Example of International Work CREDENTIALS & CERTIFICATIONS • Certified Raw Food Chef, Living Light, California, 2010 In picture: 1: Visit to protégé Lin Jiayu’s Top Intelligence • Natural Health Professional, Indiana, 2007 - current Education Center. 2: Dr. Vos with best selling co-authored book, The Learning Revolution, speaking to a newspaper reporter. • Advanced Brain Technologies Listening Program Certification, WA, 2007 (Over 10 million copies were sold). • Science of Nutrition Certification I and II, California, 2007 • Life Change Program Certification, Florida, 2007 • Associate Raw Chef Certification, California, 2006 and 2007 Shenzeng China, Nov. 2011 • Nutrition Certificate of Award, California, 2005 • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Master Track, Utah, 1995 -99 • Administrative Services Credential, renewed California, 1988 • San Diego Writing Project Certification, San Diego, CA, 1985 • Story Telling Project Certification, California State Dept. of Education, 1984 • Right to Read Tutor Training Certification, California, 1975 • Standard Elementary Teaching Credential, California, 1971 • Specialist Teacher in Reading, California, 1968 PROFESSIONAL HISTORY • International Author, Presenter, Teacher & Corporate Trainer 1993 - present • Senior Professor, Student Teacher Supervisor, (part time) 1988 - 2007 • Co-founder of Urban Education Program, Boston, 1988 • High School and Jr. High School Instructor (writing, creativity, memory) (summers) 1985 - 1995 • Humanities, Language Arts, Music & Art, and English as Second Language Resource Teacher, 1978-89 • Acting Principal (K-8), 1985-86 (part time) • CA State Dept., textbook adoptions, story telling & writing project, 1980-86 • Adult School Instructor 1973-75 • Reading Specialist, and Parent Volunteer Co-ordinator, 1969-77 • Elementary Classroom teaching, all grade levels, 1962-72 • Preschool Teaching, 1965-75 (weekends)www.learning-revolution.com 8 9 www.learning-revolution.com
  6. 6. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Example of International Work (Continued) Example of International Learning & Thinking Conference International Work (Continued) Accelerated Learning Presentation: In picture: Brain Stimulation Exercise and autograph signing Keynote Speaker October 2010 Malaysia ATC Vision College March 2009, Hamilton, New Zealand Dr. Jeannette Vos has often been invited to be a keynote speaker for special events. Here she is the graduation keynote speaker for students receiving Bachelors and diploma awards in schools of learning, including: business, music, IT, leadership, early childhood education, and Christian ministry.www.learning-revolution.com 10 11 www.learning-revolution.com
  7. 7. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Example of Example of International Work (Continued) International Work (Continued) Nutrition Workshops A Model Learning Revolution School Hamilton, New Zealand Masters Academy and College Albert, Canada Having a background in nutrition, Dr. Vos has presented numerous Tom Rudmik, Superintendent and CEO, came to Dr. demonstrations on how to prepare Vos’ Summer Institute in San Diego in 1996. The raw food in a gourmet way. Jeannette following year, February 1997, Masters Academy teaches people about the benefits of was introduced to Calgary at its first annual eating living foods (instead of dead Profound Learning Seminar with Jeannette foods) and how to substitute cooked as keynote speaker. Masters Academy and and processed “foods”with delicious, College is one of the top model schools from nutritious ones that are good for both around the world. They have created their the brain and body! own educational design, “from scratch,” following the principles of The Learning Here Jeannette is demonstrating Revolution. how to make almond milk which is healthier than the milk from animals. Jeannette explaining to Tom how “As an educator and pastor, I highly recommend Dr teachers can make nutritious snacks so Dr. Vos has also coached people who have had Vos’ seminar on accelerated learning, involving how students have more brain power (with a to break resistance to learning. Dr Vos’ seminar health challenges such as cancer, diabetes, thicker myelin sheath!) and book opens the door of discovery for a way of heart disease and learning problems. teaching and learning that is exciting and far more effective than traditional methods.” Tom Rudmik, CEO, and Superintendent of Master’s Academy and College, and Associate Pastor, First Assembly Church, Calgary Alberta, Canadawww.learning-revolution.com 12 13 www.learning-revolution.com
  8. 8. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Example of Example of International Work (Continued) International Work (Continued) Protégé from USA Workshop and Protégé SAAB Aerospace Shannon Rawmaka, protege of Dr. Jeannette Vos, first came to the Learning Sweden Revolution Institute, in July of 1996, for Jeannette’s 10-day training workshop. Protege Ulla Eriksson first came to one Subsequently, Shannon coordinated several workshops in Oregon for of Dr. Vos’ institutes in Stockholm: teachers, took additional training herself (Level 2) and even set up her own Leadership in the Learning school at Eagle Point, called the Renaissance School. Organization. Although her funding source was cancelled, Shannon Subsequently, she then has now taken her expertise to Africa and Europe came to Jeannette’s 8-day where she has been working with International training in the USA which Bacculaureate Schools. Her specialty is drama was followed by an invitation and the arts. On one occasion, her students to Jeannette to work with her in dressed up and presented speeches from her classes on English as a Second famous people. Lanauge at the Vocational Training School of SAAB Aerospace Industry, I have known Dr Jeannette Vos for many years as an instructor, cooperator, mentor and as a friend. I have attended several programs for Dr Vos and I have also had the pleasure of cooperating with her in many different projects in Sweden. Dr Vos has played an important part in participating in projects which I run for different Swedish companies. Through her workshops my students have gained a deeper understanding and knowledge in learning-to-learn. ‘On stage’ Dr Vos is absolutely outstanding in inspiring groups and individuals, in breaking resistance and in making people understand Shannon’s students after they presented the learning process. their famous speeches. Back Row: Hillary Clinton, Nelson Dr Jeannette Vos is one of the most generous and inspiring persons I Mandela, Martin Luther King and Shannon. know and therefore it is very easy for me to recommend her and her Front Row: Mother Teresa. different programs. Ulla Eriksson former Managing Director and Pedagogical Leader Linköpings Utbildnings-Serice ABwww.learning-revolution.com 14 15 www.learning-revolution.com
  9. 9. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Example of Example of International Work (Continued) International Work (Continued) Workshop Workshop Invercargil, NZ The Netherlands In July, 2003, Dr. Jeannette Vos was in Invercargil, the most southern tip of In June, 2002, Kase Blase invited Jeannette to do several New Zealand for a two-week innovator conference organized by co-author trainings for the Department of Education in Holland. The Gordon Dryden and Venture Southland. Jeannette was both a participant and following year she was a keynote presenter at the Heart keynote presenter. She noted how the workshops at this conference were and Soul of Learning conference. models for the future of education because they involved innovative teaching methods while including the use of technology for all grade levels. Jeannette demonstrated the brain research (through a simulation exercise) to her Dutch participants, most of Known for her extensive use of props and metaphors in teaching, Jeannette whom were trainers for schools and companies. “Every did a workshop on how to connect such strategies together with music for child has the potential to be uniquely talented or gifted,” optimal learning. She demonstrated how to create a learning environment says Jeannette. “But the real question is, what kind of that empowers the brain through various activations involving a continuous environment are we giving children, in the home, in The jail suit represents flow of music from stimulation to relaxation, then back to further challenge, schools and even in utero (for the unborn child)? These the limitations we factors will influence their degree of “giftedness”. put on ourselves and while all along, providing security for participants. Says Vos, “Music is a our students. The hat represents the potential very very powerful subliminal force.” of multiple talents The Netherlands is Jeannette’s birth country, so she still and intelligenes. Vos’ reads and speaks the Dutch language. Having to learn dissertation proves that this is true. English as a second language has given her a sense of compassion for those who need to learn a new language. With the accelerated learning methods, learning a There is no such thing language can now be done much more easily and quickly. as a dumb child. - Jeannette Vos The most wonderful thing about Dr. Vos’ workshop was, that we laughed and had fun all the time, not realizing we were actually learning a lot! At the end I was astonished how much I’ve learned - without any effort. I know childeren learn most by playing and having fun. During the Learning Revolution workshop it became clear to me that adults do too!! Linda Luchtman Trainer in The Netherlands website: www.ace-it.nlwww.learning-revolution.com 16 17 www.learning-revolution.com
  10. 10. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Example of Example of International Work (Continued) International Work (Continued) Conference Keynote Presentation Conference Keynote Presentation The 20 Best Strategies for Teaching and Learning Warsaw, Poland, March, 2005 Jeannette is throwing a few bananas into the audience for them to catch. Bananas are a rich source of potassium, which is important for optimal brain functioning. Another way to accelerate learning is to use all the senses and to make the presentation emotional, meaningful and relevant to the learner. “The door to learning is emotion,” Brisbane, Australia, says Jeannette August 3-5, 2001 “Without the emotional connection that gives meaning, there is very little memory of Brain Research and Learning the event.” The conference organizer requested a research paper and slide presentation to be presented at the Joint Conference sponsored by The Alliance of Girls’ Schools and International Boys’ Schools Coalition. Most conferences Strategy #12 typically expect lecture format. But Vos presented the research paper and You slide presentation in accelerated learning format. The audience was amazed are at the high energy format and realized the potential for application to the what classroom -- at any grade level. you eat The presentation demonstrated ten important lessons from the brain research, s need insulation and because your brain cell nourishment to spe ed messages around you r body and highlighted how boys and girls brains are different.www.learning-revolution.com 18 19 www.learning-revolution.com
  11. 11. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Topics for Interviews, Keynote Sample of Media Presentations or Seminars • Shenzeng China, television, many newspapers, and reading conference, Nov. 2011 • Hamilton, New Zealand, Waikato Times, 2009 - 2011 newspaper • Auckland, New Zealand radio interview, 2008s A New Theory and Framework for Education • Auckland, New Zealand, SKY television interview, 2000 How to Accelerate Learning (for all ages) • Malaysia, write up in Training Matters magazine, April-June, 1999 Brain Research and Applications for Optimal Learning Performance • Calgary, Canada, radio and television show interview, February, 1997 How to Learn a Second Language More Easily and Quickly • Sweden, Stockholm, television show interview, March 1997 • Finland, Helsinki radio interview and newspaper, Jan. 1997 Learning English as a Second Language via Accelerated Learning Approach • South Africa, Hilton College Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Renewal Conference, Early Childhood: The Most Important Years keynote and newspaper interview, June 25, 1997 How to Boost Learning Via Nutrition • Brazil, interview for Qualimetria magazine, April 1997 Leadership and the Learning Organization • TPN television, live video presentation, 3000 people, Texas, Dec. 1996 • Tegnerlunder, Stockholm, Radio & TV show interview, Oct. 1996 Optimal Health via the Five Dimensions of the Whole Person • Helsinki, Finland, Radio interview, March 1996 Peek Mental Performance: Learning to Learn, Learning to Think, Do It! • Toronto, Ontario; Canada AM Television show interview, Feb. 1996, Discovering Your Multiple Talents, Intelligences & Learning Styles • Livonia Observer, Livonia, Michigan, radio interview, Feb. 1996 The Latest in Brain Research As it Pertains To Learning Difficulties • Oslo Norway, two-hour television show interview, 1996 • Oslo, Norway, Aftenposten, newspaper interview, January 8, 1996 Group Dynamics & The Subliminal Levels of Communication • Vetlanda Posten, Sweden, newspaper article interview, 1996 Co-Creating Your Future and Getting Your Goals • Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway, newspaper interview, Oct. 14, 1995 The 20 Best Strategies for Teaching and Learning From Around the World • Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Irish News, Keynote, Feb. 17, 1995 Multiple Intelligences, Talents & Learning With The Whole-Brain • Boston, Mass. USA, Cambridge Chronicle, interview, August 4, 1994 • Christchurch, New Zealand, television interview, 1993 Communication Skills: Verbal and Non-Verbal for Life Management Creativity, Life Skills, Personal Development, Learning-to-Learn Skills Learning to Think (Creatively, Reflectively, Critically) How to Accelerate Learning for At-Risk Students and Burnt Out Teachers The Natural Approach to Classroom Management Dynamic Teaching Strategies for All Age levels and All Curriculum Areas Using Music for Optimal Learning and Teaching High Performance Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies Learning to Read and Write Creatively, Using Accelerated Learning Powerful Memory Skills -- For When You Need Them Most The Creative Writing Process Using Accelerated Learning Techniques The Science of Nutrition How to “Break Resistance” in Learningwww.learning-revolution.com 20 21 www.learning-revolution.com
  12. 12. Dr Jeannette Vos Dr Jeannette VosEd.D., CNHP Ed.D., CNHP Author’s Publications Contact • Unlimited: Your New Learning Revolution, and the seven keys to unlock it. 2008 • The New Learning Revolution, 2006, Network Press, UK • The Learning Revolution, 1999, third edition, The Learning Web, NZ • The Learning Revolution, 1997, second edition, The Learning Web, NZ • The Learning Revolution, 1994, Jalmar Press, California, USA • “Can Preschool Children Be Taught a Second Language?” Published by Dr. Jeannette Vos Early Childhood News, www.earlychildhood.com and Early Childhood The Learning Revolution International magazine, September/October, 1998 www.learning-revolution.com • “Discovering Your Personal Learning Style,” SAIL Journal 4, 118-125, www.healthylearningrevolution.com 1998 • An Accelerated/Integrative Learning Model Program, Doctoral Dissertation, Northern Arizona University, 1991 Emails: vos@learning-revolution.com drjvos@mac.com www.learning-revolution.com 22 23 www.learning-revolution.com