Old Testament Periods (ANLI)


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Old Testament Periods (ANLI)

  1. 1. Walking Through the Word Old Testament Periods Session 5
  2. 2. “I will establish my covenant as an everlastingcovenant between me and you and yourdescendants after you for the generations tocome, to be your God and the God of yourdescendants after you” (Gen 17:7 KJV)Image: http://ubdavid.org/youthworld/winners1/winners1_04.html
  3. 3. How does the OldTestament show timeperiods throughdescendants andgenerations?
  4. 4. Key Verse Group Responses
  5. 5. Review Group Responses
  6. 6. Periods
  7. 7. 1st Period P R O B AT I O N The Beginning 2nd Period (Adam to Noah) P R E PA R AT I O N Genesis 1-9 1445 B-1440 BC ---------------------- (Abraham to Joseph)In Eden (Mesopotamia) Exodus 10-50 -----------------------. From the creation to the Ur (Mesopotamia) to Canaan flood Canaan to Egypt. Man was tested for . From the flood to exodus obedience from Egypt . God began preparation of a special nation that would His own. Old Testament Periods Part 1, p. 41-42 (Patriarchal Dispensation)
  8. 8. 3rd Period CONQUEST 1405 BC-750 BC 4th Period (Moses to Samuel) POWER Exodus to 1 Samuel 750 BC -------------------- (Saul to Solomon) Egypt to the wilderness 1Samuel to 1 Kings Wilderness to Canaan ------------------- . Broke from Egypt and . This was a period of power conquered Canaan that occurred during Saul’s crowning until the division of . Extends from the exodus to the nation after Solomon’s the end of the judges death . Old Testament PeriodsPart 2, p. 43-44 (Jewish or Mosaic Dispensation)
  9. 9. 5th Period DECLINE 930 BC-587 BC 6th Period (Jeroboam to Jeremiah) SERVITUDE 1 Kings to 2 Chronicles 750 BC-6-4 BC -------------------- (Daniel to Christ) . Twelve tribes revolted Daniel to Malachi against oppression; the -------------------- kingdom split and lost power . Jews served foreign rulers such as Babylonians, . Assyrians took captive the Persians, Greeks, people of northern kingdom Egyptians, Syrians and (721 BC); Babylonians took Romans the southern (587 BC) Old Testament PeriodsPart 3, p. 45-46 (Jewish or Mosaic Dispensation)
  10. 10. Event Maps
  11. 11. http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bible-maps
  12. 12. http://www.foundationsforfreedom.net
  13. 13. Dig Out
  14. 14. Patriarchal Dispensation 1) PROBATION 2) PREPARATION God tested man for obedience God began preparation of a special nation that would be His own.PersonsEvents Old Testament Periods, Part I
  15. 15. Jewish (Mosaic) Dispensation 3) CONQUEST 4) POWER Extends from the exodus to A period of power from crowing the end of the judges of Saul to after death of SolomonPersonsEvents Old Testament Periods, Part 2
  16. 16. Jewish (Mosaic) Dispensation 5) DECLINE 6) SERVITUDE Kingdom split and lost power Served under foreign rulePersonsEvents Old Testament Periods, Part 3
  17. 17. Reflection
  18. 18. How does Old Testament historyshow that obedience to God wasdirectly related to the stabilityand prosperity of Israel?How does this apply to Christianstoday?From Eichenburger, J . (2011). Training for service: A basic Bible overviewfor every Christian.
  19. 19. References:Eichenburger, J . (2011). Training for service: Abasic Bible overview for everyChristian. Cincinnati, OH: Standard Publishing.Root, O. (1998). Training for service: A basicBible overview for everyChristian. Cincinnati, OH: Standard Publishing.Images: Sharefaith Clip Art, Presenter Media,ubdavid,org, foundationforfreedom.net and lds.org.
  20. 20. . Walking Through the WordAll Nations Leadership Institute4501 West 127th StreetAlsip, IL 60803http://allnationsleadershipinstitute.org