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What to Do After an Accident or Injury | Atlanta Chiropractor
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What to Do After an Accident or Injury | Atlanta Chiropractor


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Dr. Guevara

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  • 1. What to Do After an Accident or InjuryAll too often, people are injured because of someone else’s negligence. Even if this hasnever happened to you, there is a good chance it could in the future. You may evenknow someone who has to deal with the pain and anguish that someone else’snegligence causes. If this is ever the case, you can benefit from knowing the rightmoves to make. The more information you can gather right at the scene, the better yourcase will be. Too many times, people don’t think about the evidence they could havegathered until it is too late.First of all, if you’re conscious after the accident, take photos immediately. You shouldbe able to provide evidence of the conditions at the exact time of the accident or injury,such as weather conditions, faulty car conditions, or wet floors. Whatever you see thatcould have caused the accident, snap a photo. It will definitely come in handy.The next thing you must do is visit a medical professional. In many cases, you will betransported to the hospital immediately, but if you aren’t, you should take yourself there.Even if you don’t feel any pain, it is important to get checked out. Your adrenaline couldbe masking problems, and you won’t feel them until later. After you have seen a doctor,make sure that you have accurate records of the findings. Your attorney will want tohave notes on all of your injuries and how the accident may have caused them.Many people stop here, take the pain medication and get on with their lives, but the truthis that you might never get rid of the pain completely if you don’t find the root of theproblem. Back and neck pain as a result of an accident could be treated by achiropractor. Instead of taking pain medication for the rest of your life, considerchiropractic treatment and therapy. It could solve the very root of the problem, which willthen rid you of your pain for good. Of course, the records from your chiropractor canalso be used in your case, so be sure he or she knows that you’re visiting because of anaccident. Your lawyer will thank you for your diligence when you’re in the courtroomseeking justice.If you or someone you know in the Metro-Atlanta area has been injured in an accidentand needs medical attention, please call us at (678) 223 – 3900 or visit our website atPremierHealthRehab.comHave a health question or concern? Join others asking for medical advice by becominga fan at