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Dr jd cv

Dr jd cv






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  • dear sir,
    I was extremely happy to see your excellent CV and work experience as geologist / hydrogeologist. It will be so kind if i could get your phone number as well as email Id. Thanking you,
    Dr. Edward Peters, Geologist/ Hydrogeologist,
    Advanced Material and Processess Research Institute, ( CSIR), Bhopal, Phone No 09893683636, email ID : edwardpeters.india@gmail.com
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    Dr jd cv Dr jd cv Document Transcript

    • dr.j OHN DEVADAS. DAKEY Block 423 # 04-224, Bedok North Ave-1, Singapore, 460423  +65 82840031  drjohndevadas@yahoo.co.in Target positions in... GEOLOGIST | HYDEROGEOLOGIST| PROJECT MANAGER Dynamic, results-driven manager seeking to capitalize on more than 10 years experience in Hydrogeological and geological Investigation works in both offshore and onshore with National and Inter National Experience. PROFILE Team-spirited professional, patient and resourceful Positive, creative thinker/problem solver effective in streamlining operations, improving productivity, and reducing costs. Able to handle multiple responsibilities, set priorities, clearly communicate ideas to others, and respond positively to demanding situations. Recognized for speed, accuracy, quality of work, and outstanding customer service EDUCATION&TRAININGS B.Sc (Geology, Physics, Chemistry) (1991) Andhra University, India M.Sc (Geology) (1993) Andhra University, India Post M.Sc (Tech) (Hydrogeology) (1995) Andhra University, India Ph.D (Hydrogeology) (1999) Andhra University, India TRAININGS& RESEARCH EXPERIENCE  Registered as a Private Geologist / Hydro geologist / Geophysist in Ground Water Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad for conducting Ground Water surveys. (Identity card No: 10408. Valid from 01-01-04)  5 Research Papers published in reputed Journals in International Journals and 11 papers published in National Journals, on Hydrogeology, Well Hydraulic, Hydrogeochemiistry, Hydrogeomorphology and Groundwater Qualities. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  Exploration: Design and supervision of investigations to determine aquifer and well properties, including remote sensing, geophysics, exploration drilling and aquifer testing  Assessment: Catchment and basin recharge, water outflows, water reserves and water quality. Resource assessment with the aid of mathematical models  Management: Assessment of water use, demand, development scenarios and water sustainability. Design and implementation of wellfield protection plans  Development: Design and supervision of production wells for rural and urban water supplies and irrigated agriculture in industrial and developing nations  Evaluations: Determine the effectiveness of groundwater development and recharge schemes.  Conflict Solution: Technical advice to help resolve water conflicts
    • CAREER HIGHLIGHTS  Team Leadership responsible for personnel, logistics, procurement and disbursement of equipment, project accounting and billing, project implementation and operations  Development of scopes, plans, schedules and budgets. Integration of ideas into project proposals.  With parties concerned with project objectives and performance, from the perspective of either the Client or Consultant.  Improving the skills of junior and counterpart staff.  Writing and editing technical, preliminary, feasibility and final reports. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Tritech Engineering & Testing (Singapire) pte ltd Singapore. As a Senior Engineering Geologist from Dec 2009 to till date  Project D 2008-00667-010:Site Charectwrisation of a site at Mandai, Hydrogeology Assessment. For Defence Science and Technology Agency. Soil Investigation Pte Ltd, Singapore, as a Geologist/Hydrologist from November 2008 to November2009  Geotechnical Engineering in MBFC Project : Bored Piling, Jet Grouting  MBS IR Project: Supervising in soil investigation, field insitu tests, instrument installation, monitoring work, compilation of instrumentation reports.  Project manager C487 Marina Coastal Expressway Project Phase I: Jet Grout Coring, Laboratory Tests on Jet Grout Samples and Report Preparation  Project S O REP’S for Offshore Soil Investigation off Marina East: 80 Cone Penetration Tests, 15 BoreHoles, 5 large diameter BoreHoles to determine subsurface Stratigraphy, to estimate Geotechnical parameters, and to provide results for direct Geo technical design. International Ground Water Technologies pte ltd, Singapore. As a Geologist/Hydrologist from June 2008 to October 2008  LTA CCL3 Project: Contract 855 Cornwall Garden (WSA JV), management in soil drilling, soil testing,instrument installation and monitoring, installation of dewatering wells, monitoring and pumping test. Department of Geology, Andhra University, India Principal Investigator (Young Scientist) from June 2002 to June 2008  Ground Water Resources Development & Management in a Backward District of Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh, sponsored by D.S.T. (Department of Science and Technology), New Delhi. (Ref. No: S.R./FTP/ES-64/2006)  Assessment & Management of Potential Recharge zones in Aquifers in the context of conjunctive use of Water in Sharada River Basin of Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh, Sponsored by D.S.T. (Department of Science and Technology),New Delhi. (Ref. No: S.R./FTP/ES-06/2002)
    • Department of Geology, Andhra University, India Post Doctoral Research Fellow from January 1999 to January 2002  Assessment & Management of Ground Water Resources in parts of crystalline terrain of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh sponsored by D.S.T. (Department of Science and Technology), New Delhi. (Ref. No: ESS/72/023/98) PERSONAL PROFILE Nationality / Religion : Indian / Christian Sex : Male Marital Status : Married Passport : 10 years valid Indian Passport Permanent Address : Dr. D. JOHN DEVADAS H .no 26-3-16 Opp anand regency, Jampeta Rajahmundry, East Godavary District, Andhra Pradesh, India.533103. RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS& EXPOSURES Exposure  I have Research Experience in the field of hydrogeology since 1996. Awarded Ph.D. on "Occurrence and Geochemistry of Fluoride in Ground waters of a Typical Drought Prone Area of Andhra Pradesh, India" in1999 from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.  I have taken Practical training on various aspects of groundwater surveys, well inventory, Geophysical Surveys, Electrical Logging, Aerial photo Interpretation and Drilling activities from the Andhra Pradesh State Groundwater Department, Rajahmundry, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. (29th May 1994 to 2nd July 1994)  Training Experience Geotechnical Instrumentation for Engineers Batch: 0804555 from (School of Building &Development) BCA Academy Singapore, AQUIFER TEST PRO 4.2 pump test analysis (schlumberger water services) and G.I.S applications like Arc - Info- Arc View & Auto CAD during the period 10.11.2000 to 10.02.2001  Field investigation, parameters like Topography, Geology, and Hydrogeology etc.  Collection of resistivity and Seismic reflection Surves data by Geophysical methods.  Interpretation of resistivity and seismic data methods considering geotechnical parameters to provide Geotechnical Desins.  Geological mapping techniques, drilling activities, dewataring works and Bore piling, Board pile length calculations base on Consultant Criteria.  Interpretation of remote sensing data.  Soil and Water Quality Analysis techniques.  Interpretations of Water Quality for various prepossess.
    • Research Publications (5+11) International Journals I. Hydrogeochemistry of the Sarada river basin, Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh, India D. John Devadas, N. Subba Rao, B. Thirupathi Rao, K.V. S. Rao and A. Subrhamanayam Environmental Geology, 52, 1331-1342, 2006. II. Interpretation of Groundwater Quality Using Principal Component Analysis from Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India N. Subba Rao, D. John Devadas and K.V. Srinivasa Rao Environmental Geosciences, 13(4), 1-21, 2006. III. Fluoride Incidence in Groundwater in an Area of Peninsular India N. Subba Rao and D. John Devadas Environmental Geology, 45, 243-251, 2003. IV. Multivariate Analysis for Identifying the Governing Factors of Groundwater Quality N. Subba Rao, J. Prakasa Rao, D. John Devadas, K.V. Srinivasa Rao and C. Krishna Journal of Environmental Hydrology, 9 (16), 1-9, 2001. V. Variation of Fluoride in Groundwaters of Crystalline Terrain N. Subba Rao, G. Krishna Rao and D. John Devadas Journal of Environmental Hydrology, 6(3), 1-5, 1998. National Journals I. Quality of Groundwater in the Costal Area of Visakhapatnam-Bhimunipatnam, Andhra pradesh N. Subba Rao, K.V. Srinivasa Rao, D. John Devadas, D.Deva Varma, B. Thirupathi Rao, A .Subrahmanyam, K. Arjunudu, M. J.Ratnakanth Babu, and T.Venkatakrishna. Indian Journal of Geochemistry, 22(2), 193-208, 2007. II. Temporal changes in groundwater quality in an industrial area of Andhra Pradesh, India. K.V. Srinivasa Rao, N. Subba Rao, B.Murali Krishna, P.Srinivasa Rao, A. Subrahmanyam, D. John Devadas, and B. Thirupathi Rao. Current Science, 93(11), 1616-1619, 2007. III. Hydrogeomorphological Studies for the Location of Groundwater Potential Zones in the Sarada River Basin, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh. D. John Devadas, N. Subba Rao, B. Thirupathi Rao, K.V. Srinivasa Rao and A. Subrahmanyam Gondwana Geological Magz, 21(1), 59-64, 2006. IV. Drainage Characteristics of the Sarada River Basin, Andhra Pradesh for Watershed Management. D. John Devadas, N. Subba Rao, B. Thirupathi Rao, K.V. S. Rao and A.Subrahmanyam Journal of Indian Academy of Geosciences, 49 (1),1-6, 2006. V. Identification of Factors Controlling the Surface Water Quality Using Principal Component Analysis. N. Subba Rao, D. John Devadas and I. Bangaru Raju Journal of Applied Geochemistry, 8(2), 154-161, 2006. VI. Quality Criteria for Groundwater Use for Development of an Area. N. Subba Rao and D. John Devadas Journal of Applied Geochemistry, 7(1), 9-23, 2005. VII. Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in a Rural Area-A case study from Andhra Pradesh, India. N. Subba Rao and D. John Devadas, B. Thirupathi Rao, K.V. S. Rao and A. Subrahmanyam Environmental Geochemistry, 7(1),27-32,2004. VIII. Effects of Chemical Properties of Groundwater on Water Supply Systems and Domestic Uses: A Case Study from Sagarnagar, Visakhapatnam, India. N. Subba Rao, P. Niranjan Babu, D. John Devadas and C. Krishna Environmental Geochemistry, 5 (1 & 2), 9-12, 2002.
    • IX. Hydrogeochemistry and Groundwater Quality in a Developing Urban Environment of a Semi- arid Region, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh N. Subba Rao, J. P. Rao, D. John Devadas, K. V. S. Rao, C. Krishna and B. N. Rao Journal of Geological Society of India, 59(2), 159-166, 2002. X. Environmental Control of Groundwater Quality in a Tribal Region of Andhra Pradesh. N. Subba Rao, G. S. Rao, S. V. Rao, P. M. Reddy and D. John Devadas Indian Journal of Geology, 71(4), 299-304, 1999. XI. A Preliminary Report on Fluoride Content in Groundwaters of Guntur Area, Andhra Pradesh, India. N. Subba Rao, J. P. Rao, B. N. Rao, P. Niranjan Babu, P. M. Reddy and D. John Devadas Current Science, 75(9), 887-888, 1998. Names and Addresses of Three Referees: Prof. N.SUBBA RAO Dept of Geology Andhra University VISAKHAPATNAM Email: srnandipati@rediffmail.com Andhra Pradesh Phone: 0981-2844716(O) 0891-2704511(R) INDIA – 530003. Cell: 00919848486967 Prof. M.JAGANNADHA RAO Dept of Geology Andhra University VISAKHAPATNAM Email: mjrao_isa@yahoo.co.in Andhra Pradesh Phone: 0981-2844718(O) 0891-2729268(R) INDIA – 530003. Cell: 00919849798978 Prof. M. CHANDRA RAO Head of the Department Dept of Geology Andhra University VISAKHAPATNAM Email: meripechrao@yahoo.co.in Andhra Pradesh Phone: 0981-2844707(O) 0891-2567086(R) INDIA – 530003. Cell: 00919949176238