Introduction of psychotherapy
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Introduction of psychotherapy






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Introduction of psychotherapy Introduction of psychotherapy Presentation Transcript

  • “A method of treatment based on the development of intimate (therapeutic) relationship between client & therapist for the purpose of exploring & modifying the client behavior in a satisfying direction.” …By Lego S. 4/24/2013 2Jayesh Patidar
  • Count… • “A process in which a person who wishes to relieve symptoms or resolve problems in living or seeking personal growth enters in implicit or explicit contract to interact in a prescribed way with a psychotherapist.” …By – Psychiatric Glossary (1980) 4/24/2013 Jayesh Patidar 3
  • • Changing maladaptive behavior pattern. • Reducing of elimination environmental conditions that may be causing such a behavior. • Improving interpersonal & other competencies i.e communication skill • Helping the patient to resolve inner conflict & overcome feelings of handicap • Modifying an individual’s accurate assessment of himself & the world around him • Helping him to develop a sense of self-identity. 4/24/2013 4Jayesh Patidar
  • • Psychotic patient with severe behavior disturbance like excitement. • Organic psychosis (in acute phase) • Patient’s who are unmotivated & unwilling to accept it. • Group psychotherapy in hysteria, hypochondriasis etc. • Patient’s who are unlikely to respond, eg; personality disorder , specially antisocial personality. 4/24/2013 5Jayesh Patidar
  • • Patient may become excessively dependent on therapy or therapist. • Intensive psychotherapy may be distressing to the patient & result in exacerbation of symptoms & deterioration in relationship. • Disorder s for which physical treatment would be more appropriate may be missed • Ineffective psychotherapy waste time & money & changes in patient’s morale. 4/24/2013 6Jayesh Patidar
  • 4/24/2013 7Jayesh Patidar
  • 4/24/2013 Jayesh Patidar 8 TYPES OF PSYCHOTHERAPY Individual Psychotherapy •Psychoanalysis •Hypnosis •Abreaction •Reality therapy •Uncovering Behavioral Psychotherapy •Behavior Modification •Systematic Desensitization •Aversion therapy •Assertiveness training •Cognitive behavior therapy •Implosive (flooding) therapy •Positive reinforcement -Response shaping -Modelling -Token economy Interpersonal Psychotherapy •Marital therapy •Family therapy •Transactional therapy Group Psychotherapy Other Psycho-social therapy •Therapeutic community •Millieu therapy •Occupational therapy •Play therapy •Recreational therapy •Music therapy •Dance therapy
  • 1. Milieu Therapy 2. Therapeutic Community 3. Attitude Therapy 4. Occupational Therapy 5. Play Therapy 6. Music Therapy 4/24/2013 Jayesh Patidar 9
  • 4/24/2013 Jayesh Patidar 10