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Handlebar Helmet presentation


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This is a presentation over the social media strategies Handlebar Helmet can utilize to become a stronger brand and business.

This is a presentation over the social media strategies Handlebar Helmet can utilize to become a stronger brand and business.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Findings Presentation Client: Judith Meyer By: Dylan Jackson
  • 2.   Judith’s son was seriously injured by a bike handlebar, so she created the Handlebar Helmet. This small piece of plastic might be the difference and keep another child and family from having to experience the physical, emotional, and financial impact of an abdominal accident resulting in hospitalization.
  • 3.    Nothing is in place social media wise. The company does not have a Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. The company is in the process of designing and launching a website.
  • 4.     Both of these are very interactive with customers and social media users. I really like how their use of hashtags integrates both the customer and product. Creates a cool factor while being safe. I like how these company try to have something new posted each day.
  • 5.   25% Pinterest  16% Instagram  Internet users who use social media 72% Facebook 15% Twitter *Main target will be female audience*
  • 6.  Facebook ◦ Users that are 30-49 years old use Facebook 73% of the time. This is the exact audience that you’re looking for. ◦ To be successful with Facebook, your information has to be relevant and interactive.  Twitter  Pinterest ◦ Do not be completely all about your product when you are creating boards. Just become a place to learn about unique bicycle products and safety additions. ◦ This allows you to create more of a community type place. ◦ Keep your tweets to a brief message. ◦ This makes it easier for the consumer to read and soak up what you are saying in a meaningful way. ◦ Always use pictures when you can. ◦ Try to use 1 – 2 hashtags when possible.
  • 7.      Launched December 2nd, 2013. Went from 2 likes to 533 on Facebook. Went from 0 follows on Twitter to 16. Interview video with Judith is up to 82 views. Pinterest is still in progress of being implemented.
  • 8.  Handlebar Helmet ◦ ◦ ◦  Media Bistro Infographic ◦  Raskullz ◦  Nutcase ◦