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  1. 1. 高雄市監理處 3In the tunnel, the car should(1)not turn on light(2)turn on light and speed up(3)turn on light and slow down cs001 1At night, when behind another car, you should(1)use lower beam(2)use upper beam(3)not use light cs002 1The most important thing for a driver is (1) to stress safety. (2) to drive fast if he is in a hurry.(3) to pay attention to the scenery along the road. cs003 1When driving through bright city areas, you should(1)use headlights(2)use high beam(3)use the horn a lot cs004 1When the high beam is going to shine on the oncoming car, you should(1)use lower beam(2)turn off lights(3)keep on the upper beam cs005 3When passengers leave their possessions in the car, you should(1)take it as yours(2)put an ad in the paper as lost property(3)take to the nearest police station as lost property cs006 1Passengers should get on and off the cars (1)on the right side(2)on the left side(3)wherever is convenient cs007 1For cars in the inside lane to overtaking using the outside lane(1)is not permitted(2)is permitted(3)there are no relevant rules cs008 3Which is the most important service that the driver can offer the passenger or cargo owner(1)Comfort(2)Speed(3)Safety cs009 2The driver obey the law because(1)he fears punishment(2)of responsibility, honor, and for personal and other people's safety(3)he is under surveillance cs010 1When the driver sees other vehicles or pedestrians misbehaving, the driver will be angry and feel like fighting or using abusive language or losing your temper. How do you control yourself?(1)Be patient and give way.(2)Argue with them in accordance with the law.(3)Do not speak. cs011 3When the driver goes through an area where the traffic is chaotic or they are road works, he should(1)speed through(2)find gaps to drive through(3)mutually give way cs012 1When filling the gas tank,(1)the engine should be turned off(2)the engine does not need to be turned off(3)it is not important whether the engine is off or on cs013 2For the passengers to stick their hands or heads out of the windows is(1)permitted.(2)not permitted.(3)permitted if the weather is hot but not permitted if it's cold. cs014 1If drivers wish to uphold national honor, promote social state ability and family happiness, they should(1)have driving morals and obey the law(2)have good driving skill(3)not drink or smoke. cs015 2The driver should(1)only pay attention to skill(2)put safety first(3)not sleep 第 1 頁,共 24 頁
  2. 2. 高雄市監理處 or rest to achieve the task. cs016 2The driver's clothes and appearance should(1)have no limits(2)be clean and dignified(3)are not important. cs017 1I am a good driver and always obey the traffic law, for traffic safety, I hope that the traffic police will(1)observe and strongly enforce traffic law(2)neither observe nor enforce(3)observe but not enforce. cs018 3At the intersection, if you see an amber light after crossing the pedestrian crossing, you should(1)stop(2)reverse to beside the pedestrian crossing(3)continue forward. cs019 3If you feel tired and want to sleep while driving. You should(1)wake yourself up and slow down(2)rub on or take some medicine to wake yourself up and continue driving as before (3)stop at the most suitable roadside, get out of the car and take a rest. When you feel refreshed, continue driving. cs030 1On a two-way single lane road if when about to overtake, you see an oncoming vehicle, you should(1)reduce speed and give up overtaking(2)speed up and immediate overtake(3)honk the horn to make the oncoming car slow down or get out of the way. cs031 2On rainy days when going over muddy roads if the tires are sliding, you should(1)put on the brakes immediately and reduce speed(2)change to a low speed gear and put both hands on the steering wheel, pay attention to the sliding direction at the back and move the steering wheel in the same direction(3)immediately stop at the roadside. cs032 1When driving, if you find that the brakes have failed, you should(1)change to a low speed gear, indicate right and prepare to stop at the roadside(2)immediately stop at the roadside(3)turn on the headlights and honk the horn to make cars and people ahead get out of the way. cs033 1In what circumstances can you drive over the central dividing line,(1)if there are cars parked or obstacles on the right side and there are no on coming cars(2)going up or down a slop(3)when you are preparing to park cs034 2When driving in the country late at night and there are no cars or people, you(1)can drive very fast(2)should drive within the speed limit(3)can drive a little faster than the speed limit but not too fast. cs035 3When driving through a muddy section or where water has accumulated, you should(1)speed through to avoid getting stocked in the mud(2)honk the horn to make pedestrians get out of the way(3)reduce speed and drive carefully. cs036 3While driving, if you discover the steering wheel or brakes are not function 第 2 頁,共 24 頁
  3. 3. 高雄市監理處 well, you should(1)slow down(2)carry on driving as usual(3)stop driving. cs037 2When driving behind a fire engine,(1)you can drive fast(2)you cannot drive fast(3)there are no relevant rules. cs038 3The faster you drive, does the safety distance(1)remain unchanged(2)decrease(3)increase? cs039 1After drinking alcohol, can you drive?(1)No(2)Yes(3)You can drive slowly. cs040 2When passing a car at night, if the other car does not change to lower beam. How should you deal with it?(1)Take revenge by using the upper beam(2)use the lower beam and slow down(3)it doesn't matter. cs041 2A minivan refers to a vehicle with(1)10 or less seats(2)9 or less seats(3)8 or less seats. cs042 1If the car owner does the regular check over one month late, he will be(1)fined and lenience plate will be revoked(2)the lenience will be revoked(3)fined. cs043 1The learner driver license is valid for(1)1 year(2)2 years(3)3 years. cs044 2To get an ordinary driver's license, you must be(1)17(2)18(3)19. cs045 3To get a professional driving license, you must be(1)18(2)19(3)20. cs046 1A small loaded truck should not take more than(1)2 workers(2)1 worker(3)3 workers. cs047 1If a driver allows a person without a license to drive his car, the punishment should be(1)revoking of the license for 3 months(2)revoking of the license for 1 month(3)revoking of the license for 5 months. cs048 1Apart from self use minibuses, licensed cars must have regular checks(1)if the car is within 5 years old, it must be checked at least once a year. If over 5 years old, it must be checked at least twice a year(2)when the car is over 3 years old, it must be checked at least once a year(3)cars under 5 years old must be checked at least twice a year. cs050 2For the professional driving license pass marks in each section are(1)traffic rules 70 points, mechanical knowledge 60 points, road test 70 points(2)traffic rules 85 points, mechanical knowledge 60 points, road test 70 points(3)traffic rules 85 points, mechanical knowledge 70 points, road test 70 points. cs051 2There are 3 kinds of car tests(1)stop driving, regular and temporary checks(2)applying for license plate regular and temporary(3)scrap, exhaust and regular. cs052 3After the professional license is issued, it is reexamined every(1)1 year(2)2 years(3)3 years. cs053 第 3 頁,共 24 頁
  4. 4. 高雄市監理處 1Holders of an ordinary car driving license can drive(1)the self use car and light motorcycle(2)the minibus and heavy motorcycle(3)the minibus and truck. cs055 2Company staff wearing the company badge or other company insignia can ride in small truck, the maximum numbers are(1)5 people(2)8 people(3)4 people. cs056 3Roads refer to(1)public roads, streets, lanes and alleys(2)squares, drives, corridors and public access points(3)both the above. cs057 2Roads are for(1)pedestrians(2)vehicles(3)both vehicles and pedestrians. cs058 3Signs control(1)driving(2)paying attention and stopping(3)paying attention, driving, stopping. cs059 1Where can a learner license driver drive?(1)In driving courses or roads assigned by the local police(2)On country roads (3)Both the above. cs060 1Someone who uses regular license to drive a business vehicle (1) he will violate the traffic regulation. (2) it is a legal behavior. (3) It will not violate any rules. cs061 3When a car wishes to turn at the intersection, how far from the traffic light should it indicate?(1)10 meters(2)20 meters(3)30 meters. cs062 1When a driver's license becomes battered, damaged and not easy to read,(1)a new one should be applied for(2)the test should be taken again(3)wait 6 years foot a new one. cs063 2If the driver lends his license to someone, he should have his license revoked for(1)2 months(2)3 months(3)4 months. cs064 2When the driving license is lost, you should(1)retake the driving test(2)apply for a new one from the motor vehicle department(3)just report it as lost. cs067 3Driving car a living is called(1)ordinary driver(2)ordinary driver or professional driver(3)professional cs068 1When the car's color, type or fuel changes, it should be reported to (1)the Motor Vehicle Department(2)the police(3)the Ministry of Transport cs069 2On the car window or glass, you(1)can stick non transparent reflecting paper(2)can not stick non transparent reflecting paper(3)should have curtains. cs070 2You carry the plate license for the private small car, you don't have to do regular check, if the years after your car leave the factory are not up to(1)4 years(2)5 years(3)6 years. cs071 3Those who hold formal foreign driving licenses and have the Alien Residence Certificate can exchange the same level ordinary licenses to local 第 4 頁,共 24 頁
  5. 5. 高雄市監理處 ones under the mutual benefit without a test. And the maximum period of validity for a driving permit is (1) more than 3 months (2) more than 6 months (3) more than 1 year. cs72 3If because of sickness or going abroad, the professional driver is unable to have his license re-exiled on time, he must give proof and have his professional license re-exiled within(1)1 month(2)3 months(3)6 months of recovery or returning to Taiwan. cs073 2To apply for a learner license, the applicant must be(1)16(2)18(3)20. cs074 1If a learner driver drives on the road, he must have a license instructor beside him.(1)Truer(2)False(3)There are no rules. cs075 3The maximum age for applying for a professional driving license is(1)45(2)55(3)65. cs076 1The maximum age for applying for an ordinary driving license is(1)unlimited(2)65(3)60. cs077 2What is the minimum learning time needed for applicants for an ordinary driving license?(1)Over 6 months(2)Over 3 months(3)Over 2 months. cs078 1What is the minimum learning time needed for applicants for a professional car driving license?(1)Over 6 months or having held an ordinary license for over 3 months (2)Over 9 months(3)10 months. cs079 2If a driver has a change of address or age, what should he do?(1)It does not matter(2)Report it to the Motor Vehicle Department to alter(3)Alter it yourself. cs080 2If the driving license is revoked or canceled, what should you do?(1)It does not matter(2)Give the license into the Motor Vehicle Department(3)Give the license into the police. cs081 1If someone asks another to take a driving test for them, the punishment will be(1)canceling their right to take the driving test within five years(2)they cannot apply for the test within 3 months(3)They may not apply within 6 months. cs082 2Alcoholics for drug addicts may(1)take the driving test(2)not take the driving test(3)There are no relevant rules. cs083 1People who are mentally unstable, blind or epileptic(1)may not take the ordinary driving license(2)can take an ordinary driving license(3)it does not matter. cs084 2If a person has had the license revoked and the time is not up.(1)They may take the driving test(2)They may not take the driving test(3)There are no relevant rules. cs085 3When a driving license is lost,(1)you must remember the license number for inquiries(2)apply to retake the test(3)apply for a replacement license. 第 5 頁,共 24 頁
  6. 6. 高雄市監理處 cs086 2The pass mark for the road test is(1)60 points(2)70 points(3)80 points. cs087 3The traffic rules pass mark standard is(1)60 points(2)75 points(3)85 points. cs088 3People drive without licenses will be fined(1)300-600 NT dollars(2)3,600- 7,200 NT dollars(3)6,000-12,000 NT dollars. cs089 1Temporary parking time is(1)within 3 minutes(2)within 5 minutes(3)within 10 minutes. cs090 1When a car breaks down on a 40 kilometer per hour limit stretch of road and cannot be moved, you should(1)place a breakdown sign 5-30 meters from the car(2)turn on the all the car lights and repeatedly honk the horn(3)flash the front and back indicator lights. cs091 1Other than on the car seats,(1)you may not carry people in other parts of the car(2)you may carry people in other cars(3)there are no relevant restrictions. cs092 1The cars passengers(1)must not exceed the fixed limit(2)depend on requirements(3)there are no relevant limits. cs093 2The taxi may refuse to take a customer.(1)True(2)False(3)There are no rules. cs094 3The loading width of a truck(1)may exceed the truck's width by half a meter(2)may exceed by 1 meter(3)may not exceed the truck's width. cs095 2When a car carrying dangerous goods stocks, it should stop,(1)in the basement parking lots(2)in a large cool open space(3)where there are many vehicles and few people. cs096 2If vehicles carry dangerous goods discover that they are leaking, they should(1)drive quickly to their destination(2)stop and deal with the problem(3)there are no relevant regulations. cs097 2If the driver hit the working police officer while driving, his driving license will be invalidated and (1) he cannot take the road test in the next year(2) he cannot take road test in the next 3 years and a fine of 30,000-60,000 NT dollars(3) can never take the road test. cs098 3Drivers who kill people because they broke the traffic safety rules will(1)have their license canceled and may not retake the test for 5 years(2)have their license canceled and may not retake the test for 3 years(3)have their license canceled and must wait a year before retaking. cs099 1In a dual currish way or two lane one way road with a dividing island dividing the fast and slow lanes, cars in the slow lane may(1)not turn 第 6 頁,共 24 頁
  7. 7. 高雄市監理處 left(2)turn left(3)there are no relevant rules. cs101 2When two cars from opposite directions are already turning into the same lane, which car should have priority?(1)The car turning right(2)The car turning left(3)Both cars should go forward together. cs102 2Drivers who do not drive on the right of the unmarked central line will be punished by (1)having their license revoked(2)being fined(3)having their car registration cart revoked. cs103 2When passing another car at night, you should use the(1)upper beam(2)lower beam(3)turn off the light and let him pass. cs104 1When a car is driving through an intersection with no traffic lights or if the lights halved failed and there are no traffic police to present,(1)drivers on the smaller road should give way to the main road(2)drivers on the main road should give way to drivers on the smaller road(3)neither need to give way. cs105 1When turning at an intersection with traffic policeman, the traffic light in use, you should(1)follow the traffic policeman's instructions(2)follow the lights(3)there are no regulations. cs106 2The nearest you may temporarily park to a fire hydrant or fire engine exit road is(1)10 meters(2)5 meters(3)15 meters. cs107 1When a vehicle is carrying dangerous good,(1)it should carry a triangular red flag as a warning at the front and back of the vehicle(2)it is the same as a normal road(3)there are no relevant rules. cs108 3The length of goods loading on a van cannot stretch out of the van by(1)20%(2)25%(3)30% cs109 1The speed limits on the roads without dividing lanes or lanes for direction both in the city and in the country are(1)30 and 40 km/ph(2)35 and 55 km/ph(3)30 and 50 km/ph. cs110 2How far should it be after the front car pass the railroad crossing, then you can go through it?(1)5 meters(2)An appropriate distance and the car has crossed safely(3)15 meters. cs111 2Upon seeing the railroad crossing signs or road markings, the driver should reduce speed to(1)below 10 km/ph(2)below 15 km/ph(3)below 20 km/ph. cs113 2Slower cars should drive in the(1)inside lane(2)outside lane(3)slow lane. cs114 1Cars on an intersection that wish to turn right should(1)use the indicate light or hand signal(2)change lanes(3)turn. cs115 3Driving on a four lane road, the small vehicle should (1) drive on the inner lane. (2) drive on the outside lane. (3) drive on both inner and outside lane 第 7 頁,共 24 頁
  8. 8. 高雄市監理處 but may not change lanes without warning signals. cs116 3When loading the vehicle, heavy items should be placed at the(1)back(2)front(3)divided evenly around the car floor. cs117 2When loading exceeds the maximum length, width, height or weight,(1)they should be carried in the times of good light(2)you must get a special temporary pass and put a dangerous sign at both ends(3)a guard should be placed at both ends. cs118 2Vehicles may(1)freely attach a trailer or wagon(2)not freely attach a trailer(3)only attach one of either a trailer or wagon. cs119 1Before driving, you(1)should check steering wheel and brakes(2)don't have to check steering wheel and brakes(3)it does not matter whether you check or not. cs120 1Car tools should(1)be put in the car(2)not be put in the car(3)be left in the garage. cs121 3Before you start driving, you should(1)not use turn signals(2)sound the horn(3)use turn signals. cs122 2A driver may drive(1)continuously for 10 hours(2)not drive continuously for more than 8 hours(3)it depends on physical strength. cs123 1When turning right, you should(1)turn on the right front and back indicator lights(2)first, use the front and back left indicator lights(3)put your right arm out to show you are turning right. cs124 1When a car is going to turn left, the driver should(1)use the front and back left indicator lights or make a hand signal with his left hand palm pointing down(2)make a hand signal with left hand palm pointing out(3)make tow long honks to warn oncoming drivers. cs125 2Approaching schools and hospital, (1) sound the horn to alert people there. (2) you may not sound the horn unless you meet emergency situation. (3) you may sound a short horn. cs126 1The honking rule is(1)do no honk continuously more than 3 times(2)do not honk continuously more than 4 times(3)do not honk continuously more than 5 times. cs127 3The time length of a honk should not exceed(1)2 seconds(2)1 second(3)half a second. cs128 3When cars are on bends, slopes or narrow roads, they should(1)increase speed to avoid traffic jams(2)honk the horn if the car ahead is driving too slowly to speed it up(3)reduce speed and be ready to stop. cs130 1When a car is near exits and entrances of schools, factories, hospitals or entertainment centers, the driver should(1)reduce speed and be prepared to stop(2)honk the horn to make pedestrians pay attention(3)increase speed to 第 8 頁,共 24 頁
  9. 9. 高雄市監理處 avoid getting stuck in the traffic. cs131 3On duty police cars, ambulances, or fire engines must not exceed the maximum speed of(1)50 km/ph(2)40 km/ph(3)there are no restrictions. cs132 3When driving in an urban area or where traffic is heavy, the distance that should be maintained between cars at the front and back should be above(1)1 meter(2)5 meters(3)a safe braking distance. cs133 1Apart from on one way roads or if directed to drive on the left, on unmarked roads you should(1)drive on the right(2)drive on the left(3)drive in the middle of the road. cs134 2When under special circumstances, you have to drive on the left side, you should(1)speed up(2)reduce speed and pay attention to oncoming cars and road side pedestrians(3)honk the horn a lot. cs135 1On steep narrow slopes, on meeting another car, (1)the car coming down should give way to the car going up the slope(2)the car going up should give way to the car coming down(3)neither need to give way. cs136 2On meeting another car on a road where the central dividing line is not marked, or the railway level crossing where the road conditions are poor, you should(1)increase speed(2)reduce speed(3)continue driving as usual. cs137 3On busy urban road,(1)if you make two long honks, you can overtake(2)if you make two short honks, you can overtake(3)you can't honk or overtake. cs138 1Vehicles with temporary car license plate(1)may not carry fare paying passengers or goods(2)may carry fare paying goods(3)there are no regulations. cs139 1When driving in front of a car that is honking and preparing to overtake, if there are no obstacles ahead, you(1)should reduce speed and signal giving way(2)do not need to give way(3)should increase speed. cs140 1On hearing a police, ambulance, fire engine, or rescue vehicle's siren. Regardless of what direction it is coming from, you should(1)immediately give way(2)do not need to give way(3)need only not go over the line and do not need to give way. cs141 1An inner lane car which wants to turn left on a 4-lane intersection should(1)use the indicator light 30 meters before the intersection and turn left in the middle of the intersection(2)turn left at the reaching of the intersection(3)turn left with right indicator light on. cs142 1When driving near a zebra crossing, you should(1)reduce speed and if there are pedestrians crossing, you should stop and let them pass first(2)drive pass 第 9 頁,共 24 頁
  10. 10. 高雄市監理處 according to the traffic sign or the policeman's indication(3)honk the horn and speed up. cs143 1When the railroad crossing gate is not hung down, or the watchman does not indicate you to stop, you should(1)still look and listen to make sure there is no train coming from both directions then pass(2)speed up and pass(3)pass after the watchman indicate ok. cs144 3On a dual carriage way, the car on duty fire engine or ambulance may drive on the(1)inside lane(2)outside lane(3)either lane. cs145 2Driving on a dual carriage way, single lane with double central dividing line, you may(1)drive on the oncoming car lane(2)not drive on the oncoming car lane(3)if there are no oncoming cars, you may cross the line. cs146 2When going down a slope,(1)to save gas, you can turn off the battery and go into the neutral gear(2)for safety, you cannot turn off the engine and go into neutral(3)you do not need to change gears. cs147 1On a single lane, two-way road with a double central dividing line,(1)you may not cross the central line(2)you may cross the central line(3)if there are no oncoming cars, you may cross the line. cs148 3When cars meet the minimum distance between them should not be last then(1)2 meters(2)1 meter(3)half meter. cs149 3When changing lanes, you should(1)honk the horn(2)change the lights(3)use indicating lights or make a hand signal. cs150 3On a curve road, slope, bridge, tunnel, or railroad crossing, you can(1)make U turn(2)reduce your speed to 5 km/ph, then you can make U turn (3)not make a U turn. cs151 3When driving in the fog, you should use(1)lower beam(2)braking light(3)upper beam or fog light. cs152 1When making a U turn, you should(1)stop, use turn signal and be sure that there are no cars or people around, then turn(2)make two long honks and turn without any signal or gesture(3)honk 3 times then turn. cs153 1On a curve road, narrow road, bridge, roundabout, tunnel, railroad crossing, one way road, fast lane and slope or heavy traffic area, you(1)cannot reverse the car(2)can reverse the car(3)can reverse the car after reducing the speed. cs154 1You should park on(1)the forwarding direction and on the right edge of the road(2)the left edge of the road(3)wherever is convenient. cs155 1On the same lane, if the front car wants to reduce the speed and stop, he should(1)warn the following car by signaling in advance(2)stop without any signal(3)reduce the speed then stop. cs156 1An invalid car(1)cannot apply for registration and be used again(2)can 第 10 頁,共 24 頁
  11. 11. 高雄市監理處 apply for registration after being repaired(3)has no regulation on the issue. cs157 1If a car's engine, chassis or electrical system can no longer be used, the owner should(1)report to the Motor Vehicle Department for cancellation and return the plate(2)desert the car wherever he wishes(3)sell the plate and car to a used car dealer. cs158 3Those who apply for having the license to drive a container lorry, their past experience should first have a driver's license(1)for driving a sedan for more than 1 year(2)for driving a heavy duty truck for more than 1 year(3)for driving a coach for more than 1 year or for driving a heavy truck for more than 2 years. cs162 1If one has a heavy duty truck driver's license, he can drive(1)a sedan and motorcycle(2)a coach(3) a container lorry. cs163 2Which place should a child sit on in a car?(1)The front seat(2)The back seat(3)The front or the back seat. cs164 1When a car applies for stopping driving because of break down, the maximum time limit must not exceed(1)1 year(2)1 and a half years(3)2 years. cs165 2What is the nearest a truck caring dangerous goods may be parked to a bridge, a tunnel or a fire?(1)50 meters(2)100 meters(3)200 meters. cs166 1How close can you make a temporary park to a public bus stop?(1)10 meters(2)20 meters(3)30 meters. cs167 3The punishment for those using forged, altered or falsely acquired license plates is(1)a fine and a driving ban(2)revoking of the license plate(3)a fine revoking of the license plate and a driving ban. cs168 2The minimum speed on highways of the plains is(1)50 km/ph(2)according to the signs(3)40 km/ph. cs170 2On highway junctions(1)you can stop everywhere(2)follow the directions of signs or police(3)park if the road conditions allowed. cs171 2On the highway,(1)you may U turn(2)may not U turn(3)may U turn at a wide place. cs172 1Pay the tolls at the tolls station at the(1)green light lane(2)yellow light lane(3)red light lane. cs173 3On highway ramps, the speed limit is(1)20 km/ph(2)30 km/ph(3)controlled by signs. cs174 3The small and slow vehicle should drive on the outside lane on the road which highest speed limit is over 90 km/h, if its speed is below (1) 60 km/h (2) 70 km/h (3) 80 km/h cs175 3On the highway, if a small sized car driving at 70 km/ph, the distance 第 11 頁,共 24 頁
  12. 12. 高雄市監理處 between the car and the car before or after should be(1)15 meters(2)25 meters(3)35 meters. cs176 3Driving on highway, apart from the assigned areas, you can(1)load/unload goods and passengers anytime you want(2)only unload goods and passengers(3)not stop and load/unload goods and passengers. cs177 2If you drive a truck loaded with dangerous goods, you should drive on(1)inner lane(2)outer lane(3)either inner lane or outer lane. cs178 2Which lane should the huge vehicles drive on the free way?(1) Inside lane (2) Outside lane (3) The driver can drive at any lane he likes. Cs179 3Traffic accidence that occur on the highway should be handled by(1)a special accident handling team(2)the high court(3)the same accident handling unit. cs180 1The meaning of the sign on quot;Right lane ends at another 1,000 metersquot; is(1)there are 1,000 meters before the right lane ends the vehicles on the land should turn to the left lane and drive on its right side(2)right lane ends at another 1,000 meters, all the cars on the lane should make a U turn immediately(3)the cars driving on the lane should stop after another 1,000 meters. cs181 1When you are driving on highway and suddenly find out that your car is malfunctioning and cannot reach the speed of 60 km/ph, you(1)should leave the highway from the nearest exit to avoid the car crash(2)should stop immediately and repair the car(3)go on driving. cs182 1When driving on highway,(1)you cannot drive on the road shoulder to overtake the front car(2)you can drive on the road shoulder to overtake the front car(3)there is no regulation for driving on the shoulders. cs183 3Under good weather condition, the highest speed limited on freeway is (1) 120km/h. (2) 110km/h. (3) followed by the speed limit sign. cs184 2Because of heavy fog, or smoke or rain or strong wind, your visibility is slow when driving on highway, you should(1)drive at the minimum speed of 60 km/ph or more(2)drive at 40 km/ph or stop at road shoulder temporarily(3)continuing driving as usual. cs185 2When driving on highway junctions, ramps, and speed reduction road, you can(1)overtake(2)not overtake(3)stop temporarily. cs186 1When your car break down on freeway, (1) it should be moved to the shoulder and wait for help. (2) you should stop it right away, and ask the passengers to call for help. (3) call friend to help. cs187 1Driving on highway(1)you should not race at high speed and should not drive side by side at low speed(2)you can race at high speed but cannot drive side by side at low speed(3)should not race at high speed but can drive side 第 12 頁,共 24 頁
  13. 13. 高雄市監理處 by side at low speed. cs188 1When driving on highway, the physical reaction of a driver managing emergency is(1)slower than usual and the reaction ability is weaker(2)same as usual(3)quicker than usual. cs189 2When you drive on freeway and notice the car next to you has signaled for changing lanes, you should(1)speed up and stop his overtake(2)reduce your speed and let him overtake(3)race with him. cs190 2When you drive at high speed, your eye sight comparing with driving as normal speed(1)absolutely cannot accommodate to the speed(2)will be weaker owing to the speed(3)will be increased. cs191 2Driving in heavy fog or smoke or rain or strong wind, apart form reducing your speed, you should(1)shorten the distance between your car and the front car(2)keep an even longer safe distance (3)no regulations. cs192 1Approaching the toll station, you should (1) stop and hand in the fee. (2) stop and hand in the fee. You don not have to take receipt. (3) increase the speed and go through the toll station. You do not have to pay the fee. cs193 2When driving on highway,(1)you absolutely cannot overtake(2)you can only overtake at regulated speed and with proper distance(3)you can only overtake at some regulated road sections. cs194 2If you miss the highway exit, you(1)can make a U turn to the exit(2)have to drive to next exit(3)can drive backward to the exit. cs195 3A plum blossom shape road sign means(1)decoration(2)important road(3)national road. cs196 3The type of railroad crossing on highway is(1)the first type(2)the forth type(3)there is no railway crossing at all on highway. cs198 2The two driving directions on highway are divided by(1)the same markings as on normal roads(2)absolutely dividing method in order to have two unilateral direction road(3)the color of lights. cs199 3If you are in a hurry, you(1)can speed(2)do not need to follow the traffic rules(3)still should drive according to the traffic rules. cs200 3If a driver go through the red light, (1) he will be fined $3,600 to 5,400 dollars. (2) his license will be suspended for 1 month. (3) he will be fined $1,800 to 5,400 dollars and will be marked 3 violation points. cs201 2If the car driver overtake, reverse the car or park on the railway crossing, he will be fined and recorded(1)1 point(2)3 points(3)5 points. cs202 1If the car driver beats the railway crossing, he will(1)be fined and get 3 points violation record(2)license canceled(3)be fined. cs203 3If the violation records are above(1)4 points(2)5 points(3)6 points, the car driver will be punished to take the traffic safety training. cs204 第 13 頁,共 24 頁
  14. 14. 高雄市監理處 1If the driver has one of the conditions that is listed below, he will be punished to take the traffic safety training.(1)Beat the railroad crossing(2)Park temporarily within 10 meters on an intersection(3)The driver doesn't keep the safe distance when he switch the lane. cs205 3If you violate traffic regulation rule of item 12-16, you will be punished by(1)the local court(2)county or city police station(3)Motor Vehicle Department. cs206 3If the owner of the car does not hang on the number plate or hang it on the wrong place, he will be punished for(1)a fine and number plate revoked(2)a fine and number plate canceled(3)a fine, number plate canceled and cannot drive right away. cs207 3Those who carry driving license ride heavy motorcycles,(1)will not be punished(2)will be punished with a fine(3)will be punished with a fine and stop riding. cs208 3If the driver or the front seat passenger does not fasten the seat belt, he will get a fine when he drives on(1)provincial road(2)major fast highway(3)any roads. cs209 1Before taxi drivers start business, they should(1)get professional license and apply for business registration(2)get ordinary driving license and apply for business registration(3)get professional license only. cs211 3If the driver violates the traffic regulation and is recorded over 6 points within 6 months, he will(1)have his license plate revoked for 1 month(2)be fined(3)have his driving license revoked for 1 month. cs213 2Driver's violation records are over 3 points within 3 months will(1)be fined(2)have his number plate revoked for 1 month(3)have the confiscation of the car. cs214 1If the owner has got a container lorry driving license, but he is punished with revoking of driving license. During the punishment,(1)he cannot drive any cars(2)he can drive private mini bus(3)he can drive truck. cs215 1If the driver does not follow police officer's persuasion when he commit illegal parking or overspend, the police(1)can inform the driver again(2)cannot inform him again(3)can detain the driver and the car. cs216 1If the driver get drunk and causes the pedestrian's death or injury when he drive through pedestrian crossing and does not let the pedestrian pass first. The criminal law punishment will(1)be increased by 50%(2)not be affected(3)not be increased by 50%. cs217 1If the defendant who violates the traffic regulation does not agree with the punishment,(1)the defendant can appeal to the local court(2)he can protest to the Ministry of Communications(3)he can state in Executive Yuan. cs218 第 14 頁,共 24 頁
  15. 15. 高雄市監理處 3Which vehicle should be equipped with fire extinguishers. (1) van , taxi.(2) motorbike. (3) truck, child-only bus and bus. cs219 3Which vehicle should be equipped with the set that can avoid people from drawing? (1) van. (2) bus. (3) truck. cs220 3Which vehicles should be painted plate number behind? (1)coach(2)self- use mini bus(3)heavy truck and light truck. cs221 2When you have a serious accident with your car, you should(1)have regular check after repairing the car(2)have temporary check after repairing the car(3)to apply for the number plate check after repairing the car. cs222 1Every private car sent for inspection. (1) Private car less than 5 years old do not require inspection. Those between 5 and 10 years old must be inspected annually. Cars more than 10 years old must be inspected twice yearly. (2) Cars more than 10 years old must be inspected for 3 times of a year. (3) Cars less than 5 years old must be inspected twice yearly. cs223 2If the driver or the front seat passenger does not fasten seat belt, the driver will be fined(1)1,000 Nodular(2)1,500 Nodular(3)1,800 Nodular. cs224 1Over 8 tones huge vehicles(1)should be equipped with macrographs(2)should not be equipped with macrographs(3)there is no relevant rule. cs225 1If the driver use handy cell phone while driving, he will be fined(1)3,000 dollars(2)2,000 dollars(3)1,000 dollars. cs227 3If the cars compete the speed against each other, the driver will be punished with(1)a fine of $30,000-60,000 and license revoked for 6 months(2)a fine of $20,000-40,000 and license revoked for 8 months(3)a fine of $30,000- 90,000, license canceled and is prohibited from driving right away. cs230 1If the driver refuse to accept the test of breathing alcohol rate, he will be punished for(1)a fine of $60,000 and license canceled(2)a fine of $30,000 and license revoked for 6 months(3)a fine of %50,000 and license canceled. cs231 1If a vehicle is not equipped with macrograph, the owner will be fined (1) $12,000 to 24,000 dollars.(2) $15,000 to 60,000 dollars. (3)$ 9,000 to 12,000 dollars. cs233 1If you drive near child only buses or school buses, you should reduce speed or let them pass first. If you didn't follow the regulation, you will be fined with(1)$600-1800(2)$200-600(3)there is no relevant rule. cs237 1If you park your car on where is assigned for people with difficult actions, you will be fined(1)$1,200(2)$300-900(3)you will not be punished. cs238 1The driver who is driving car carried with dangerous goods should (1) have the proper license of the car type he drives and the certification of the related 第 15 頁,共 24 頁
  16. 16. 高雄市監理處 knowledge and the qualified training program. (2) Have the occupational license only. (3) Have the license of the SEMI-Trucks. cs242 3How much traffic fine should it be charged when a sedan/car disobey the rule to drive into the vehicle roadway or pay cash to the roadway of using freeway ticket in passing by the highway charged stop? (1) 1,200 to 2,400NT Dollars. (2) 1,800 to 3,600NT Dollars. (3) 3,000 to 6,000NT Dollars. cs243 3How to get back the car when the car was kept temporarily due to the drunk-driving test is over the standard? (1) By the keeping receipt. (2) By the keeping receipt and car license. (3) By the keeping receipt, car license, and the receipt of the clarified penalty. cs244 1How to deal with the unused car that take up the road space even the police informed the owner to remove it but the owner still has removed the car? (1) The environment center can temporarily transfer the car to keep it and charge the fee to the car owner. (2) Leave it taking up the road space. (3) Give the car owner the penalty receipt. cs245 1If an unused car occupies the road space and has been temporarily kept by the relative organization, how long it will be taken as junk without claiming the owner after the public announcement? (1) 1 month. (2) 2 months. (3) 3 months. cs246 3A driver was fined for exceeding speed limit on high way but exceeding speed limit continuously. Which condition can the second police give the same driver another ticket? (1) There are at least 14 kilometer from the violation place to the second place. (2) There are at least 8 kilometer from the violation place to the second place. (3) 1 There are at least 6 kilometers from the violation place to the second place. cs247 2When is the deadline to close the forfeit when the car owner or the car driver receives the notification of violating traffic regulations? (1) Within 10 days. (2) Within 15 days. (3) Within 20 days. cs248 3If a driver disobey the rule in passing the railway, the driving license can be invalidated in the case of accident happened. And the driver will also be fined: (1) 30,000 to 60,000NT Dollars. (2) 40,000 to 80,000NT Dollars. (3) 6,000 to 12,000NT Dollars. cs249 3How much traffic fine should it be charged if the members of passengers in the car or the truck are over the regulation? (1) 1,000 to 2,000NT Dollars. (2) 2,000 to 3,000NT Dollars. (3) 3,000 to 9,000NT Dollars. cs250 2In the car accident, the driver should move the car soon if none gets hurt or dead. If the driver doesn't move the car he will be fined (1) $300 to 600 dollars. (2) $600 to 1,800 dollars. (3) $1,800 to 3,600 dollars. cs251 第 16 頁,共 24 頁
  17. 17. 高雄市監理處 2If the car driver causes people to die or get hurt in the condition of driving without license or of the drunk-driving, his criminal responsibility will be sentenced over: (1) 30% (2) 50% (3) double. cs253 2The car accident happened in the inner lane because the passer-by or the other slow driving car does not follow the rule and causes the hurt or death, the driver who drives in the inner lane and follow the regulation will get the punishment as: (1) the original sentence. (2) Mitigating the punishment. (3) Cumulating the punishment. cs254 2How many days should a person who is not unwilling to submit the penalty from the relative organization offers his/her objection to the local court within? (1) 10 Days 2) 20 Days (3) 30 Days. cs255 3How many breaking point of the traffic regulation should a driver be recorded if he/she is charged by running through the red light? (1) 1 point (2) 2 points (3) 3 points. cs256 2If the driver breaks the traffic regulation again with the record of detaining driving license for twice a year, his driving license will: (1) be detained again. (2) be invalidated (3) be canceled. cs257 3Which following illicit behaviors can it are directly reported to the police? (1) Unlicensed driving. (2) Drunk driving. (3) Illegal parking without driver attendance. cs258 1If the fabricated car does not apply for the license plate/ number plate/ registration license or the scrap car is still driving on the way, these cars will be confiscated and be: ? (1) destroyed (2) public bidding. (3) returned to the owner after paying off the fine. cs259 3The driver should take the roadway safety lecture if the following illegal behavior is happened. (1) Run across the railway. (2) Cause accidents illegally with the license detained. (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs261 3What penalty should the driver takes if his breaking points of traffic regulation are more than 6 within 6 months? (1) Detain the driving license for one month. (2) Take the roadway safety lecture. (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs262 2If the owner of the car equips the tweeter or other instruments and they make huge noise, he will be fined and: (1) Confiscate the car. (2) Confiscate the tweeter or instruments. (3) Detain the driving license. cs263 2If the car owner attach the light trailer or recreation vehicle without legal permission, he will be punished: (1) Detain the car registration. (2) a fine 3,000 to 9,000NT Dollars. (3) Invalidate the driving license. cs264 2If the car is illegally parking and still in the same place, the police can give it a ticket for: (1) Every 60 minutes. (2) Every 120 minutes. (3) Every 30 第 17 頁,共 24 頁
  18. 18. 高雄市監理處 minutes. cs265 2If a car is equipped the gym instruments without safety examination, the car owner will be fined: (1) 300 to 600NT Dollars. (2) 900 to 1,800NT Dollars. (3) 1,800 to 3,600NT Dollars. cs266 3People should take the roadway safety lecture if the following illegal behavior is happened. (1) The driver left the child who is under 6 years old or is needed the special care in the car alone. (2) The legal agent or guardian allows the teenager who is under 18 years old in unlicensed driving, racing or dangerous driving. (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs267 2If the car owner does not follow the regulation and attach the driving recording set, he will be fine: (1) 1,000 to 10,000NT Dollars. (2) 12,000 to 24,000NT Dollars. (3) 1,4000 to 28,000NT Dollars. cs268 3The driver should be sent to the court if the outcome of the alcoholic test is over: (1) 0.20 milligram/ liter (2) 0.25 milligram/ liter (3) 0.55 milligram/ liter. cs270 2The car will be seized if the outcome of the alcohol test is over the standard. In this case, the fine (1) can be transferred to license suspension. (2) cannot be transferred to license suspension. (3) No regulation. cs271 1What should the car driver or the car owner do before he wants to applies for the registration or alteration? (1) He should pay off the fine. (2) He doesn't need to pay off the fine. (3) No regulation about it. cs272 3If the teenager who is under 18 years old is found as unlicensed driving by the police, he will get a fine and has to take the roadway safety lecture. In addition, who should take the roadway safety lecture with him? (1) The car driver (2) The legal agent or guardian (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs273 3Which following people should fasten the seatbelt when a car is driving on the way? (1) The car driver (2) The front seat passenger (3) The car driver and front seat passenger. cs274 3If the car driver or the front seat passenger does not fasten the seatbelt in driving on the freeway, they will be fine: (1) 1,000 to 2,000 NT Dollars (2) 1,500 to 3,000 NT Dollars (3) 3,000 to 6,000 NT Dollars. cs276 3If the car driver is found that snake driving on the road, he will be punished: (1) a fine. (2) The roadway safety lecture (3) a fine, the roadway safety lecture, and his number plate will be detained for 3 months. cs277 1If the driver is double parking on the road, he will be fine: (1) 600 to 1,200NT dollars. (2) 900 to 1,800NT dollars. (3) 1,200 to 2,400NT dollars. cs278 2If you use another person's number plate or borrow your number plate to 第 18 頁,共 24 頁
  19. 19. 高雄市監理處 somebody else, you will be fined and your number plate will be: (1) detained for 3 months. (2) validated (3) detained for 6 months. cs279 2If the car owner has the number plate but does not hang it on the car or on the proper place, he will be fined and his number plate will be: (1) detained (2) invalidated (3) No regulation about it. cs280 1How to avoid exceeding the speed limit (1) Make the time schedule well so that the driver will not exceed the speed limit because of hurrying on. (2) Change the gas pedal of the car. (3) Improve the brakes. cs282 3Which following behavior is wrong if a driver takes a left turn in the intersection? (1) Should turn left while the traffic light turns into the left turn signal. (2) Should turn left after other cars that go straight passing. (3) Turn left as soon as the traffic light turns into the green signal. cs283 1What is the main reason caused the traffic jam or even traffic accident? (1) The drivers or the road user do not obey the traffic regulation. (2) Too many cars on the road. (3) The path road is not wild enough. cs284 1In order to reduce the car accidents caused by disobeying the traffic regulation, the primary work for the driver should be: (1) educating the traffic regulation and training up the morality of the driver. (2) improving the driving skill. (3) teaching the car maintenance methods. cs285 3What is the most common driving mistake that is caused by incorrect and improper habits? (1) The distance between two cars is too short, overtake, change driving lane often, and take turns to snatch the lane. (2) Exceed the speed limit because of hurrying on. (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs286 1Which following statement is true? (1) Driver is not allowed to change the lane in the area of white line. (2) Driver is allowed to change the lane in the area foible solid white line so as to take turn. (3) Driver is allowed to stop the car and passengers can get in or get out in the area of the double solid white line. cs287 1What should the driver do to prevent from accident when light distance of the car gets far in driving on the downhill path? (1) Slow down the driving speed (2) Speed up (3) Turn off the car headlight. cs288 1If the driver finds the streetlight fades away that might be the pathway breaking off, the bridge break down, or the road surface collapsing, the driver should: (1) stop driving and check the situation. (2) Ignore this situation and keep driving. (3) Turn off the headlight to avoid the light reflection. cs289 1If you drive in the strong wind and the car is sharking at the same time, you should (1) hold steering wheel tightly, slow down the speed and avoid changing lane. (2) increase the speed. (3) ignore it. cs290 第 19 頁,共 24 頁
  20. 20. 高雄市監理處 3What is the main reason that causes the accident while turning left? The driver ignores (1) the dead space. (2) The inner wheel turning distance. (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs291 3What is the main reason caused the accident while the car is taking the turn? (1) The driver does not make the turning signal in advance. (2) The driver does not notice the coming cars from the backward. (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs292 3The identification of the !§Visional Tunnel Effect!‥ is that a driver has the visional mistake of the bright front sight but dark sight in the surrounding in drunk-driving. Therefore, what will the drivers vision become if the driver is drunk-driving? (1) No visional change. (2) Vision becomes wide. (3) Vision becomes narrow. cs293 1When the small car is passing by the bigger car, the suction as the pump will suck out the air, the small car driver should: (1) hold the steering wheel tight (2) release the steering wheel (3) do nothing. cs294 3How does the driver clear away the blind area on the driving mirror when the car is driving into the lane or before changing the lane? (1) Turn on the turning signal and check backward. (2) Look at the driving mirror. (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs295 3Which part is easy to ignore when the driver is in high-speed driving? (1) The view of both sides (2) The view of near front (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs296 3When you are driving on the two lane road, there is a motorcycle driving ahead in the same lane. You should: (1) Honk to push the rider back to the slow driving lane. (2) Overtake directly. (3) Drive behind the motorcycle or overtake from the inside lane. cs297 1When entering freeway, the driver should (1)increase the speed on acceleration lane, use the left signal, check the left side behind the vehicle. (2) just use the signal and drive straight to the outside lane. (3) drive straight to the outside lane inside lane. cs298 1The driver should be sent to the court if the outcome of the alcoholic test is over: (1) 0.25 milligram/ liter (2) 0.4 milligram/ liter (3) 0.55 milligram/ liter. cs299 3Before you drive to the freeway, you should check: (1) Gasoline (2) Water (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs300 3What is the basic information that a driver should understand before driving to freeway? (1) Every traffic jam releasing measure. (2) The traffic condition (3) Above mentioned is correct. cs301 3Which telephone line can help the driver get the information of the freeway 第 20 頁,共 24 頁
  21. 21. 高雄市監理處 traffic condition? (1) 104 (2) 117 (3) 1968. cs302 3Which kind of car cannot drive in the inside lane of freeway? (1) Heavy car. (2) Slow driving car. (3) Above mentioned are correct. cs303 3If you want to change the lane in freeway, you should: (1) change the lane immediately if there is any space. (2) note the distance with the car ahead. (3) note the distance with the car ahead and backward. cs304 3The inner lane on the freeway is for overtaking. Can a small vehicle driver drive on it?(1) Yes, he can. (2) No, he cant. (3) Yes, he can. But the driving speed must be within the highest speed limit of the road. cs305 1Which lane can be used by huge vehicles and the slow vehicles which are driving under the speed of 80 km/h, except for overtaking, on the freeway?(1) Outside lane (2) Inner lane (3) No regulation. Cs306 1Approaching the railroad crossing, you should (1) reduce the speed and keep the longer distance between the front vehicle. (2) drive as usual. (3) increase the speed cs307 2A driver should emphasize (1) the outlook of the vehicle (2) the idea of that safety is more important than time catching. (3) the traffic signs. cs308 1 A driver should (1) control himself and help others. (2) prevent somebody from hurting other people. (3) find someway to hurt people. cs309 2Car accidents are usually caused by fast driving, so the driver should (1) not drive on dangerous roads. (2)not exceed the speed limit. (3) rest more often. cs310 3If you notice that somebody take animals go through the road in the country, you should (1) horn them and make them move faster. (2) increase the speed and go through the road before they do. (3) reduce the speed and wait them for going through the road. cs311 1When you drive across the road where is muddy and water has accumulated, you observe that some passengers are walking on it, you should (1) reduce the speed. (2) increase the speed. (3) horn them. cs312 2When you are driving, (1) you may use handy cell phone to dial or answer. (2) you may not use handy cell phone to dial or answer. (3) you may use handy cell phone to dial or answer if the traffic condition is fine. cs313 2Meeting cars on the narrow road, you should (1) increase the speed and force another car to yield. (2) leave enough space and another vehicle pass first.(3) horn it. cs314 2When you have old, handicapped passengers, you should (1) say no to them. (2)drive after they sit well. (3) double the fee. cs315 2When you witness a car accident, you should (1) drive away as faster as you can. (2) stay there and help the police. (3) say you did not see anything. 第 21 頁,共 24 頁
  22. 22. 高雄市監理處 cs316 1The learner driver license is available for (1) small vehicles. (2) trucks. (3) bus. cs317 1If there is no lane line , central dividing line on a road or driving on a slow lane, the speed should not exceed (1) 40km/h. (2) 50km/h. (3) 60km/h. cs318 2A vehicle had a serious accident, what kind of inspection does it need after being repaired? (1) Have a regular inspection. (2) Have a temporary inspection. (3) The owner should apply for a new license plate.cs319 1When a motorbike rider uses handhold cell phone to dial or to speak, the rider will be fined for (1) $1000 dollars. (2) $1500 dollars. (3) $2000 dollars. cs320 1The defensive driving means that (1) the driver is able to take actions before the car accident happened. (2) the driver should have excellent driving skills. (3) the driver should have good living habits. cs321 3Before driving into the main lane on freeway, you should (1)reduce speed on the speed-increasing lane. (2) use the left signal. (3) increase speed on the speed-increasing lane. cs322 2Before driving away from main lane on freeway, you should (1)change the lane without warning signals. (2) close to the right side of the main lane, reduce the speed and change the lane. (3) use the right signal, then change the lane. cs323 3Driving in the country or meet cars in the evening, you should (1) wear colorful glasses. (2) use high beam. (3) use low beam. cs324 1Driving on a road where water has accumulated, you should (1)reduce the speed. (2) increase the speed. (3) brake more often. cs325 3If the coming car did not use low beam while meeting in the evening, you should (1) use the high beam as well. (2) drive along the middle line. (3) drive along the right side of the lane and look at the right side of the road. cs326 3When the car is sliding and out of control, you should (1) hold the wheel and turn to the opposite direction (2) brake right away (3) not turn the wheel to the opposite direction; instead, follow the direction of sliding. cs327 1When you have car accident, you should (1)stay there and wait for the police (2) run away (3) lie to the police. cs328 2When you have a doubt toward local judgment of accident responsibility, (1) you have to obey it anyway. (2) you can apply for another judgment (3) sue the local judgment. cs329 2With the driving speed is increasing, the drivers view will (1) not be 第 22 頁,共 24 頁
  23. 23. 高雄市監理處 different (2) become narrow (3) become wider. cs330 1If the injurer lost his breath for temporary in a car accident, his face will (1) turn into pale (2) turn into gray (3) turn into red. cs331 3When the blood sprays out continuously, that will be the bleeding of (1) vein. (2) capillary. (3) artery. cs332 2If a car is burning in car accident, the injurer is easily to get (1) shock. (2) choke. (3) emesis. cs333 2When the broken bone is out of skin, you should (1) push it back to the original place. (2) stop bleeding first. (3) sent the injurer to a hospital. cs334 2If a driver violates the traffic rules on freeway, (1) the license will be suspended. (2) he will be fined, and be marked 1 violation point. (3) he will be fined. cs336 3If a the driver exceed the speed limit, (1) he will be fined. (2) he will be fined and the license will be suspended. (3) he will be fined and will be marked 1 violation point. cs337 3The truck does not exceed the weight limit itself, but it exceeds the weight limit of the bridge where it id passing. Who will be fined and be marked 2 violation points. (1) the owner of the truck. (2) the buyer. (3) the driver. cs338 1When loading dangerous goods, you must follow the regulations. Or you will be fined and (1)be marked 2 violation points. (2) be marked 1violation point. (3) will not be marked any violation point. cs340 2If the was fined and was marked violation point, he should (1) ignore it. (2) be more careful and not to violate traffic rules again. (3) never drive again. cs341 1Driving in high speed, drivers reaction will (1) turn into slow. (2) be the same as usual. (3) turn into fast. cs342 1If a driver was marked 6 violation points within 6 months, his license will be suspended for (1) 1 month. (2) 6 months. (3) 1 year. cs344 2 If vehicles are transporting dangerous goods, are they allowed to enter the tunnel in Pak Koi Mountain or Snow Mountain? (1)They may. (2)They may not. (3)No special regulation exists. CS345 1 If you are driving through a long tunnel, is it all right to throw things out of the vehicle, such as burning cigarettes or other flammable objects? (1)It’s an extremely dangerous and immoral act. (2)I can do whatever I want, as long as I am happy. (3)To avoid a mess inside the car, it’s acceptable to throw things out. CS346 2 May vehicles entering the tunnel stop voluntarily, stop temporarily, pass other vehicles, or drive backward? (1)They may. (2)They may not. (3)No 第 23 頁,共 24 頁
  24. 24. 高雄市監理處 such regulation exists. CS347 2 Inside the long tunnel, lay-by areas are provided for drivers to: (1)stop the car and take a rest. (2)park a disabled vehicle. (3)overtake the front vehicle. CS349 2 Vehicles traveling inside the tunnel: (1)may voluntarily change lanes. (2)may not voluntarily change lanes. (3)may change to a lane with fewer vehicles if traffic is congested. CS350 3 In case of a vehicle fire, the driver should stop the car and turn off the engine, then: (1)all passengers should stay inside the vehicle, close the windows, and wait for assistance. (2)everyone should get out of the car, lock the doors, and escape. (3)everyone should get out of the car and escape, leaving the key inside the car and the car doors unlocked. CS351 2 If there’s a fire ahead in the long tunnel, you should: (1)stay in the car and wait for assistance. (2)escape by following a car traveling in the opposite direction. (3)escape by following another car traveling in the same direction. CS352 2 The long tunnel’s emergency access route is provided for:(1) malfunctioning vehicles. (2)emergencies only, to facilitate movement of vehicles. (3)vehicles to travel in the opposite direction. CS353 1 If there is a fire ahead in the long tunnel, in order to minimize health hazards due to black smoke and high temperature, you should: (1)stay close to the ground and escape in the direction opposite the one that the car was traveling. (2)stay close to the ground and escape in the same direction the car was traveling. (3)quickly escape in the car, traveling in the same direction as before. CS354 第 24 頁,共 24 頁