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  • 1. Red Magazine:Red magazine uses many media devices to make the target audience what to buy themagazine, it does this by using techniques which not only make the public aware of who thetarget audience is but it also makes the magazine eye catching which entices the public tobuy it.One thing I found interesting about this magazine was the way that the magazine’s layoutwas constructed, I say this because the text, colour and images blend together so well that itimmediately catches your eye, this would useful because if the magazine was being sold in ashop along with other magazines it has the affect of grabbling the public’s eye and this iswhy I feel it will appeal to the target audience.An additional reason why I feel the colour used in this magazine is good is because when thepublic see it is immediately clear who the magazine is aimed at as it has bright and faminecolours which will obviously attract a female target audience. Furthermore, another waythat the magazine makes the magazine appeal to the target audience is the model and howshe is displayed on the magazine. The model is important for two reasons firstly, when thepublic see the well known celebrity on the front cover of the magazine they will immediatelythink that it is a good magazine because of the fact that she is on it and they will thereforebuy it, the second reason is because she is the age at which this magazine is for so it alsoshows who the magazine target audience is aimed so when people she it they will think theycan relate to her because they are the same age and this will prompt them to buy themagazine.Moreover, another way which the magazine appeals to the target audience is the lures thatappear on the front page of the magazine, the positioning, colour and font of the text makeit stand out clearly from everything else on the magazine this is done for a specific purposebecause the lures say things such as ‘Spring clean your finances’ and ’20 surprising ways tolose weight ’ when the public see this they will immediately believe it and want to buy itand although it may not be exactly true the public will believe it because of the fact that thecelebrity is on it which will assure them that the magazine is true and genuine, by doing thisthe magazine is using emotional manipulation to entice the public to buy it but it also givesthe public an insight into who the magazine is aiming at. Another way which the lures areused to appeal to the target audience is because they offer advice such as ‘143 ideas on howto wake up your make-up’ and ‘How to wear the new wedges, jackets and prints.’ The way inwhich the context is displayed is very cleverly because it portrays a friendly approach whichwill convince the consumer to buy it as it is giving off a friendly and welcoming vibe.
  • 2. Furthermore, another way that the magazine urges the target audience to buy it is because it offersthe reader an insight into the life of the celebrity and because she is someone who the targetaudience can relate they will feel that they need to buy it so they can have a more glamorous andexciting lifestyle. The colour of the text is interesting because it is placed on top of a lighter colourwhich will give it more of an eye catching and visual effect. In addition because the magazine isclearly appealing to a more mature woman it offers solutions to problems they may be facing and italso offers advice within their routine and also on things they might enjoy such as ‘Fashion,shopping, beauty, health and homes’ When the target audience see the text it will immediately drawthem to buy the magazine as it appeals to them and their daily life.To conclude, I feel that this magazine uses a variety of media techniques to appeal the targetaudience to buy it which go from the model used to emotional manipulation and advice on their dayto day life and I think that the main reason the target audience buy this magazine is because it offersinformation of their celebrity idols and it gives advice on how to relax and have a good and excitinglifestyle