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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Questionnaire results: Gender: From this graph above it shows the amount of people I asked to complete my questionnaire and what gender they are. It is evident from this graph that out of twenty questionnaires each gender completed ten, I thought it was important for both genders to fill out the same amount of questionnaires as it would give me a greater insight into the opinion of both genders and it would give me more results to analyse.
  2. 2. Age: From this graph above it is clear that I have mainly targeted the age group of 11 to 20 because I believe they will have more opinions to contribute to as opposite to the over 50’s plus, it will give me more results which will strengthen my research and help me develop a magazine that will appeal to them. However, I did target older people which I done because I wanted to find out their opinions on music magazines and by doing so I would have a wider range of thoughts which would aid my research and would also benefit me would begin to construct me own magazine.
  3. 3. Do You Regularly Buy Music Magazines: This was a question which was crucial to be in my questionnaire as it would give me an understanding as to whether people did actually buy music magazines, plus from the following to questions on age and gender it would show what gender or age did or did not buy magazines which would help me to understand and identify my target audience and would contribute towards my research. From the graph above it clearly shows that half of males and females do not buy magazines but it also shows that more females but more music magazines than males, however it also shows that males occasionally buy music magazines more than females so from this I have a clear idea of who my target audience is and I now have a better understanding into what gender tends to buy greater and few amount of music magazines.
  4. 4. Names Of Artists: This questions asks the audience which artists out of the following are they most familiar with, this is important as I can then research the following artist to know they have made themselves stand out from
  5. 5. Which Of The Following Music Bands Are You Most Familiar Of: The graph above shows the names of the music bands which I asked 10 males and 10 females to complete in order to see who they are most familiar with, the reason why I asked this question was because I wanted to find out if they knew any hip hop bands as this would widen my research and increase my depth of knowledge.
  6. 6. For this question in my questionnaire I asked the audience what things appeal them to buy music magazines, by doing this I hoped to achieve their numerous results that could help me to understand the reason why the public buy music magazines and I think that I have achieved this. From the graph above it shows the many different people opinions from both male and females, gender is important to keep in mind when analysing my results as it shows that specific persons opinions and can give me ideas on how to appeal that certain target audience when I am constructing my own magazine. Things That Appeal You To Buy A Music Magazine :
  7. 7. Things That Put You Off Buying A Music Magazine: This is another important question from my questionnaire as it shows things that put the audience off from purchasing a music magazine, the reason why it is useful is because these are things that I can avoid when I am making my own magazine which will therefore attract more people towards it. From the graph above it is evident that both genders agree that the price of music magazines is something that prevents them from purchasing a music magazine which is something that aids me research greatly as I get a better view into both gender thoughts. Another thing that prevents them from buying music magazine is the colour scheme, this is useful to me as I now know that I should use inviting and welcoming colours to lure the audience towards my music magazine.
  8. 8. The reason why I asked which music magazine the audience is most familiar is to find out what publication it is so that I can then research that music magazines and then apply those conventions they have used to my own magazine in order to lure the target audience towards my magazine. From the graph above it is evident from these results that the males have more knowledge on music magazines over females which could then lead to me having a clear view on who my target audience is which will lead to me knowing the conventions on how to appeal them towards the magazine. Out Of The Following Music Magazines Which One Are You Most Familiar With:
  9. 9. Which Magazine Do You Like The Most: The graph above shows the opinions of both male and female genders on what music magazine they like the most, the reason why I put this question on my questionnaire is because after I found out their opinion I could then research the music magazine they liked the most and find the conventions they use and apply them to my magazine in order to persuade the audience towards my magazine.
  10. 10. This graph above shows how much both male and females are willing to pay for music magazines, this is important information as it represents different people ‘s and I will therefore now how to accurately price my magazine so that it appeals the target audience to buy it. How much are you willing to pay for a music magazine:
  11. 11. It was very important that I had this question in my questionnaire as I was asking the participates to outline the main feature that causes them to buy a magazine, the reason as to why I wanted to find out the results was so that I could then use the features that the magazines have been using in order to lure the target audience to my magazine.