Conversations Between Customers & Vendors


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Presentation made by Diogo Rebelo on November 29th of 2011 on the Tourism and Technology event on Centro de Congressos de Alfandega in Oporto

The title was "Conversations Between Customers & Vendors" where Diogo presented is vision about the impact that the new trend VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) can have in Tourism.

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Conversations Between Customers & Vendors

  1. 1. Conversations betweencustomers & vendorsa new approach to relationship management in TourismTurismo e Tecnologia: novos desafios, novas soluções Diogo RebeloCentro de Congressos da Alfandega CEO@DRI29 de Novembro de 2011
  2. 2. firsta bit about us
  3. 3. DRI, portuguese company, est. 1999Offices in Portugal and SpainDenmark and Norway in 2012Projects in Portugal, Angola, Spain, Italy, USA, UKand South KoreaESA founder and SugarCRM Partner
  4. 4. We have done lots of projectsAll sorts of CRM and SocialCRM applicationsOnline Communities and Social NetworksCollaborative Intranets and Knowledge Portals
  5. 5. So we know athing or two aboutCustomerEngagement
  6. 6. All great,but...
  7. 7. we like to thinkbeyond tomorrow
  8. 8. First
  9. 9. CRM isnot Dead
  10. 10. And Social CRMis getting started
  11. 11. there is still much tolearn & improve
  12. 12. but some issuesemerge
  13. 13. informationin silos
  14. 14. Privacyconcerns
  15. 15. Decisionsare complicated
  16. 16. Who and Whatto trust
  17. 17. we areshiftingfrom this
  18. 18. In to…
  19. 19. I need
  20. 20. But we needto go one stepFurther
  21. 21. Markets are conersations. Cluetrain Manifesto
  22. 22. People in networked markets havefigured out that they get far betterinformation and support om oneanother than om vendors. Cluetrain Manifesto
  23. 23. more thanAPI’s andinteroperability
  24. 24. A new approach toconversations betweenCustomersand Vendors
  25. 25. VendorRelationshipManagementEnabling buyers and sellers to buildmutually beneficial relationships
  26. 26. VRM PrinciplesVRM tools provide customers with bothindependence from vendors and betterways of engaging with vendors
  27. 27. VRM PrinciplesVRM is the customer side of CRMFree customers are more valuable thancaptive ones
  28. 28. But to be free,customers must
  29. 29. enter relationships with vendors as the points of integration for their own data.have control of data they generate and able to assert their own terms of free to express their demands and intentionsoutside of any one companys control.
  30. 30. No moreinformation silos
  31. 31. VRM toolsAre personal.Help customers express intent.Help customers engage.Help customers manage.Are substitutable.
  32. 32. They are your real value.Give them control
  33. 33. We are not seats or eyeballs or end users orconsumers. We are human beings—and ourreach exceeds your grasp.Deal with it. Cluetrain Manifesto
  34. 34. VRM and Tourism
  35. 35. VRM and Tourismvrm, tacitly, has always been aroundcustomers talkmore tools - facebook, google+, tripitvrm is fast and unstructured
  36. 36. VRM and Tourismnew patterns will emerge standards for information logging by vendors standards for information search by customers
  37. 37. a platform betweencustomers& vendors
  38. 38. the challengeslots of data will become availablereal time info about demand and supply +feedback
  39. 39. the challengeswho will be able to cope?available as a service?available as a platform (not owned by avendor)?
  40. 40. the opportunitiesmore data => more nichessmall players will be able to step in andservice many customerslong tail models
  41. 41. We like this new marketplace muchbetter. In fact, we are creating it. Cluetrain Manifesto
  42. 42. Thank you
  43. 43. talk to us
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