How Collective Intelligence killed the Intranet - Only to re-create it


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Presentation made by Cláudio Calvão on December 6th of 2011 on the Enterprise Content Management Event organized by IDC Portugal

The title was "How Collective Intelligence killed the Intranet - Only to re-create it" where Cláudio presented is vision how Collective Intelligence can change the enterprises.

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How Collective Intelligence killed the Intranet - Only to re-create it

  1. how collective intelligencekilled the intranet Only to re-create itEnterprise Content Management Cláudio CalvãoCentro Cultural de Belém Partner@DRI6 de Dezembro de 2011
  2. firsta bit about us
  3. DRI, portuguese company, est. 1999Offices in Portugal and SpainDenmark and Norway in 2012Projects in Portugal, Angola, Spain,Italy, USA, UK, South Korea and CongoESA founder and SugarCRM PartnerAcquia Partner (Drupal)
  4. We have done lots of projectsAll sorts of CRM and SocialCRMapplicationsOnline Communities and SocialNetworksCollaborative Intranets andKnowledge Portals
  5. So we know athing or two aboutstakeholdersEngagement
  6. but we like tothink beyond today
  7. and dwell onemergingpatterns
  8. First
  9. The intranet,as we know it,is dead
  10. why?
  11. informationin silos
  12. Informationcontrol
  13. No participatorydecison process
  14. Top-downInformation flow
  15. Companies typically install intranetstop-down to distribute HR policiesand other corporate information thatworkers are doing their best to ignore. Cluetrain Manifesto
  16. intranets are aboutprocess & information
  17. and never aboutcommunication
  18. guesswhat?
  19. we arehuman beings
  20. we need tocommunicate, socialize,belong, share, create,talk, like, agree, disagree,invent, comment, ask, help,…
  21. that’s howwe get
  22. creative
  23. and creativity solvesproblems
  24. and creativity bringsinnovation
  25. intranets aresterile places
  26. it was never a question ofworkflows ortechnologies
  27. but always a question ofculture andcollaboration
  28. Paranoia kills conersation.Thats its point. But lack of openconersation kills companies. Cluetrain Manifesto
  29. we need toshiftfrom this
  30. information
  31. Into…
  32. communication
  33. But we needto go one stepFurther
  34. collaboration
  35. that’s when we take advantage of ourcollectiveintelligence
  36. and we are nottalking of ants
  37. or bees…
  38. we know that CI iscomplexbut’s lets skip theacademics
  39. this is a good starting point:collective intelligence is thecapacity of human communitiesto evolve towards higherorder complexity and harmony,through such innovationmechanisms as differentiation,integration, competition andcollaboration. George Pór
  40. in business terms:collective intelligence is thecapacity to collaborate,compete, share knowledge andintegrate different skills inorder to achieve a commongoal.
  41. every manager’sHolly Grail
  42. ok, but how dowe harness thiscapacity?
  43. remember
  44. it’s not a question ofworkflows ortechnologies
  45. it’s a question oforganizationalculture
  46. in order to thrive, ci needs anenvironment with: openness peering sharing Acting Globally
  47. you may still control somecritical data: patents financial information personal data strategic plans etc.
  48. but you have toloose control
  49. to have collaboration
  50. so The intranetis dead
  51. how can CIre-create it?
  52. by modeling itto is users
  53. people already usesocial networks, wikis,groups, forums, socialbookmarks, blogs,knowledge communities,expertise networks, …in their personal life
  54. let them use itfor work!
  55. technology is not an issueopen sourceclosed and licensedSAAsit’s up to you
  56. stimulate themindset
  57. change theenvironment
  58. give them the tools
  59. loosecontrol
  60. they’ll take careof the rest
  61. Intranets naturally tend to route aroundboredom. The best are built bottom-up byengaged individuals cooperating to constructsomething far more valuable:an intranetworked corporate conersation. Cluetrain Manifesto
  62. They are your real value.Give them control
  63. Thank you
  64. talk to us
  65. Image Credits