Final Project - ITC5330


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Final Project - ITC5330

  1. 1. By: Darcy, Julie, Joni, Mandy, and Summer
  2. 2. Poetry Place Project
  3. 3. Poetry Place Project● Explore different types of poems ● Work in collaborative groups to create your own poem ● Share poems across states and oceans using Edmodo ● Comment on others poems and ideas
  4. 4. EdmodoImage from:
  5. 5. Edmodo - Social Networking Tool in Education Social networks allow students, teachers, and parents to:   ● Connect - with peers, experts, etc.   ● Contribute - share expertise & ideas   ● Converse - discuss opinions   ● Request - ask for collective help
  6. 6. Edmodo This video can be found at:
  7. 7. How is Edmodo Different? ● Its a closed environment that is moderated by the teacher   ● No private information is required by students   ● Students join classes by invitation of the teacher only   ● Students cannot direct message or "friend" each other
  8. 8. Edmodo - The Change in the Classroom This video can be found at:
  9. 9. Features We Like ● Calendar - Post agenda, school events, due dates   ● Post Assignments - Keeps all of your guidelines, resources, examples, and student projects all in one place. Students can share and provide feedback on each others work.   ● Creating Groups - Teachers can create class groups, lab groups, project groups, etc. Group members can work together collaboratively
  10. 10. Features We Like● Discussion Forum - Students can ask and answer each others questions in an environment where the teacher moderates. ● Parent Access - Parents can be given ability to see their students work/posts, missing assignments, and grades (click here) ● Quiz Feature - multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank ● Google Docs Integration
  11. 11. Go to Mandys LiveBinder to see this matrix and other Edmodo resources.
  12. 12. Edmodo in Action Across Content Areas● Edmodo in Language Arts (Video) ● Edmodo in Science (Video) ● Edmodo in Math (Video) ● Edmodo in Social Studies (Video) ● Edmodo in a 1:1 Environment (Video)
  13. 13. Results of ProjectThe Poetry Place Project is still continuing, butalready we have seen positive results. Thestudents are very motivated and engaged, andthey are excited about sharing their poems with anaudience. Some children who normally would notbe excited about poetry are interested in talkingabout their favorite poets and collections ofpoems. As different genres of poetry areintroduced, the students have enjoyed knowingthat what they write will be shared with their newfriends.