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Enjoy the Newsletter for our Dyer, IN office. Office of Dr. Irfan Atcha & Associates as well as The Center for Implants, Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry. We hope you find the content of our newsletter helpful and please share the link with your friends on Facebook.

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Our December Newsletter

  1. 1. Dyer FamilyDentistryPhone number:(219)322-1326Dyerfamilydentistry.comThe Center forImplants,Sedation, andCosmeticDentistry Behind the Scenes V o l u m e 1 , I s s u e 1 J a n u a r y 1 0 , 2 0 1 3Phone Number: (888)416-4109NewTeethIndiana.com All-on-4 Dental Implant Smiles of 2012 Start the New Year with a new smile! Special points of interest:  Successful patients stories.  How your mouth, effects your overall health.  Dental Insurance  Welcoming all patients! Inside this issue: Kenneth 2 Gum Disease 2 Regular Check-ups ARE Necessary! Dental 3 Insurance Mary Ann 3 Regular check-ups, which include cleaning and  Chew sugarless gum, with or without Strohmeyer an examination, are essential to your dental xylitol, after meals or snacks when unable Welcome to 4 health. This is considered a preventive method to brush Our Family to decay and cavities. A few simple tips to Inside Story make sure you are staying on track with your  Drink water throughout the day to help 5 dental hygiene: cleanse teeth of excess bacteria. Inside Story 6  Keep a tooth brush handy; children can  Brush your teeth at least twice a day! keep travel-size products in their lockers or Floss your teeth at least once a day! back packs, adults should keep a spare at  Schedule your twice yearly cleaning and work. examination!
  2. 2. Page 2 Kenneth Matthews “I have been meditating thing. I knew I was going actually bite into over this for years, six, to get sedated, I really something, without my eight years ago, my didn’t know I was dentures slipping or regular dentist told that I sedated until after it was coming down on my didn’t want to do this; over and done with, it gums. Eating is because of the time was remarkable. An absolutely terrific with involved, the procedure experience I have never my dental implants. involved, and the pain had before. I just like These dental implants involved. I can assure boom and you’re awake! I are the second best thing you that I have NONE of had NO pain prior, god ever gave a person.”Mr. Matthews, the above, it has been during, or after all of thisSmiling from ear perfect. Dr. Atcha’s office was done with theto ear with his as far as pain related implants. Eating, it’s anew teeth! absolutely nothing, not a TREAT again! I can Gum Disease Often taken for granted, the monotonous Types of Gum Disease Include: task of brushing and flossing our teeth Gingivitis - The beginning stage of gum daily has never been more important in disease and is often undetected. This stage order to avoid gum disease and the risks of the disease is reversible. gum disease places on our overall health. It has been estimated that 75% of Americans Periodontitis - Untreated gingivitis may have some form of gum disease, which has lead to this next stage of gum disease. been linked to serious health complications With many levels of periodontitis, the and causes various dental problems that common outcome is chronic inflammatory are often avoidable. response, a condition when the body breaks down the bone and tissue in the What is Gum Disease? infected area of the mouth, ultimately re- Periodontal disease, also called gum dis- sulting in tooth and bone loss. ease, is mainly caused by bacteria from plaque and tartar build up. Other factors Health Issues Linked to Gum that have the potential to cause gum dis- Disease: ease may include:  Diabetes If you look closely,  Tobacco use you can see all of  Clenching or grinding your teeth  Heart Disease the main veins and  Certain medications  Stroke arteries ARE located in your  Genetics  Chronic Kidney Disease mouth!  Preterm Birth B e hi nd the Sce ne s
  3. 3. Vo l ume 1, I ssue 1 Page 3Dental InsuranceDental insurance can create although these areconfusion for many, making it important dental services that canalmost impossible for some greatly enhance the quality life ofpatients to properly ourunderstand their benefits. patients.Dental Insurance is a contract Each dental insurance plan has abetween your employer and a dollar amount limitation eachdental insurance company. The year. Once this limit is reached,benefits that you will receive are no other services will be coveredbased on the terms of that regardless of how essential thecontract. The goal of most dental service may be to your dentalinsurance policies is to Confusing paperwork, can often interfere in optimal health.provide only basic care forservices. dental health choices. Our office as a courtesy will com- plete and submitThe benefits that you Dental insurance dental insurance form for you inreceive from the dental insurance companies rarely cover 100% of order to achieve the maximumcompany for your current any dental fee and, in many cases, reimbursement to which you areinsurance plan have nothing at all cover less than 50% or nothing at entitled.to with your dental office, you or all. Many cosmetic services areachievement of a high quality typically not covered,complete result. Fascinating Fact: 4.8 billion people now own mobile phone. Just 4.2 billion own a tooth brush! Mary Ann Strohmeyer “When I came to Dr. Atcha, I treatment options with me was missing several teeth on and made sure to take “I was unable the top and had a lower everything into to chew the me for the rest of my life. partial. I was unable to chew consideration, so that I could foods I wanted to I love to smile; now I the foods I wanted to eat. I make the right decision eat. I was eating have the mouth to smile! was eating what I could and based on my wants and the foods I could Dr. Atcha and the staff not what I wanted too. desires. I feel that I was in and not what I here make you feel good Dr. Atcha was able to give me the right place, at the right wanted too.” from the time you call the back my ability to eat. Dr. time, getting the right thing office to the time you Atcha went over all my done and this is going to last come in.”
  4. 4. We Would Like to Welcome You into Our Family! We take pride in our family Our practice is working  Ensure a creative, chal- and our team. We would love together to realized a shared lenging, and compassion- for you , your friends, and vision of uncompromising ate professional environ- your family to come meet us excellence in dentistry. To ment. to prove the commitment fulfill this mission, we are and quality care that we have committed to :  Exceed your expectations to offer.  Listening to those we are  Provide you and your privileged to serve. family a lifetime of excel- lence and good overall  Earn the trust and health. respect of patients, profession, and Here in Dyer our team has community. set a high code of excellence in patient care. From your  Strive for continuous first phone call, to your ap- improvement at all levels. pointment, we want you to feel like a family member of ours! Our Team’s Christmas Party Photo! Care To Share CENTER FOR IMPLANTS, SEDATION AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY Call us at (219) 322-1326 Call us at (219) 322-3171 OR e-mail us at dfdpatlive@gmail.com OR e-mail us at: TeethForYou@gmail.com $100 off New Patient Exam Complimentary Consultation Comprehensive Exam Value $257.00 (Value of $659.00) Dr. Irfan Atcha DDS and Associates 890 Richard Road Dyer, IN, 46311