Dyer Family Dentistry Voted #1 In the Northwest IN region!!


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Dyer Family Dentistry in Dyer, IN got voted #1 in the region by the people of Northwest IN and Chicago for its level of service, customer/patient care, quality of dental care, compassion and passion to improve the oral and over all health of the patients and community and the most friendly team of Doctors and the staff that make the patient first! Thanks for the vote and thanks for featuring us in the "Innovation in Health care" section of NWI Newspaper. Call us today at 219-227-4509 to schedule a check up for you and your family.

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Dyer Family Dentistry Voted #1 In the Northwest IN region!!

  1. 1. VOTED #1 21st century dental care with a hometown touchF or over 30 years, Dyer Fam-ily Dentistry has been a full servicedental practice for residents in North-west Indiana and Chicago. Includedin services they offer are wisdomtooth extraction, cosmetic veneercreation, zoom whitening, root canals,periodontal treatments. crowns,bridges, fillings, devices for sleepdisorders, composites and completeexaminations and x-rays.Dr. Atcha knows there are roughly145 million Americans who avoiddentists. About half of those in-dividuals are fearful because of apainful visit as an adult or frompast childhood trauma. That couldbe you. Fears like these have beenaddressed with the concept of painmanagement and sedation. Dr. Atcha’s The doctors and staff at Dyer Family Dentistry put care and comfort first.Sedation Dentistry Method™ isdesigned for you no matter how big or small your apprehension. Typically patients say they have no memory of treatment and afour or five hour appointment seemed like only a few minutes.The team at Dyer Family Dentistry has set a high standard and our goal is to bring you tomorrow’s dentistry today in a comfortable andrelaxing environment. Dedicated to providing you with general dental care, restorative treatments, implants, sedation or cosmetic help, westrive to make each visit pleasant and enjoyable. At Dyer Dentistry our team is constantly expanding our knowledge so we can assure patientsthe highest quality treatment that dentistry has to offer at each and every visit.It is our belief that quality dentistry is never an accident. It is a result of sincere intention, diligent effort and purposeful direction by a well-educated team combined with the finest technology, equipment and materials. Dr. Atcha’s team takes great pride in being able to provideexcellence in dental care and believe that the truest measure of our commitment is the continued education and training that goes far beyondthe basics of general dentistry.At Dyer Family Dentistry, we work to earn your respect by listening to you and all the clients we are privileged to serve and compassionatelydelivering care that exceeds expectations. We delight in facilitating good health and enjoy a great reputation as a result. Dyer Family Dentistrywas voted #1 in the Times Best of the Region contest, proving our dedication is appreciated.For our patient’s convenience, we belong to the following dental insurance networks: Delta Dental, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare,Carrington, Humana, Assurant, United Concordia and Guardian. We can do a complimentary benefit check so please call us for details.We offer interest free payment plans as well! We have patient-friendly morning and evening hours, as well. Call us today at 219-227-4509 toschedule a check up for you and your family.