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Independent Living

  1. 1. Spa Estancia Paraiso at Ailanto Independent Living Executive Summary
  2. 2. Ailanto is located in Fortuna de Bagaces, about 50 kilometers from the Liberia International Airport, (45 Minutes by car) right at the foothills of the inactive Miravalles Volcano. Although on a clear day the ocean can be seen from Ailanto, the nearest beach is located around 1 hour away by car but just minutes by helicopter. Bagaces is known as the “Cradle of Ecology” and we have taken advantage of such a wonderful location to create The Ailanto Recreation Area within the Miravalles Volcano protected area, a National Preserve. The Ailanto Recreation Area includes the Wellness Resort and Spa, a 33 hectare private gated community with planned Private Residences, Condominiums, a 150 suite hotel, the 30 hectare Adventure camp is for the eco-tourists where they enjoy a canopy tour and hike all the way up to the Volcano crater or simply ride horses for a wonderful experience. The 25 hectare Activity Center adds to our package offering a close and personal view of the Miravalles Volcano with its walking tour, where the thumping heart of this wondrous work of nature can be heard, enjoy the mud baths or simply see the earth boiling and rocks melting in front of your eyes. Complement this experience with a hike to the waterfalls, across beautiful natural trails and hanging bridges. Ailanto is a green development, with much care being taken to respect and only disturb what is absolutely necessary to build our wonderful retreat. Ailanto uses less than 16% of its land area for building.
  3. 3. Ailanto is a resort spa designed to help accomplish the total wellness of Body, Mind and Soul. Ailanto Wellness Resort and Spa is more than just a destination. It’s an experience that can impact quality of life, from the arrival moment to long after the return home. Ailanto Wellness Resort and Spa is a place to learn, relax, enjoy and explore the potential for a happier, healthier, less stressful lifestyle. Ailanto Wellness Resort and Spa is a pilgrimage to healing the body and soul and learning to take care of the “Heavenly Body”. Time at Ailanto Wellness Resort and Spa is spent in many ways. Choose from a variety of classes, workshops and consultations, covering a variety of wellness concerns from diabetes to male menopause, from nutrition to cosmetic treatments. Tailor-made fitness workouts, meditation, reflection, relaxation, and pampering in our tranquil rainforest settings. There’s an experience to fit every lifestyle, vacation, health goals, beauty and the nurturing of both body and soul. In Ailanto Wellness Resort and Spa, we are a physical health partner as well as life counselors for a better tomorrow. We have chosen the ideal environment for an active lifestyle, a body and soul repair destination geared towards the enhancement of well-being.
  4. 4. We are in the paradise of a peaceful and quiet rainforest yet close to the beaches and the Eco activities that seem to be the magnet to the world. At Ailanto, it’s easy to stay active and keep in touch with nature. With cool nights, bright stars, and the serenity of the rainforest surrounding the luxury of Ailanto, what more could one ask for? Ailanto features some of the best accommodations ever. We are for those wishing to visit the wonderful Costa Rican Rain Forest or for those who live active lives, but we also have a private and serene area for those that wish to take advantage of our Medical setting and live in great comfort in our own Independent Living Community Our 40 Planned Homes and Duplexes will accommodate in luxury and comfort those who only wish the best for their golden years. For those looking to go beyond our massages, facials, and spa treatments, we can help the return of younger days through the expert hands of our aestheticians. For those have long desired that super smile, let our Cosmetic Dentist work their magic. Our project features a completely natural spa where the only music that one hears is that of Mother Nature. The ancient art of Yoga is practiced while perched 12 feet up on platforms between the magnificent Fichus trees that dot Ailanto. Guests in search of a more indigenous experience are encouraged to try our Temazcales and let our Shaman chant them into the best healthy time of their lives. In keeping with our relaxed atmosphere, cars are parked at the entrance and are not permitted on site. Upon entrance, one must either walk or use our electric car transportation. Cell Phones and Smoking are not allowed in the public areas. We provide a complete tour package to our sister facilities including the Volcanic Activity Center, where one can enjoy a mud bath in the most unusual place in Costa Rica, and our adventure camp with zip lines, hiking paths, animals, horseback rides, and even a tour to the Volcano’s crater. Ailanto is a true Costa Rican experience, both revolutionary in concept and healing in nature.
  5. 5. Ailanto Wellness Resort and Spa is a way of life as well as an idyllic location. The purchase of Ailanto brings a sense of discovery, joy, curiosity and boundless energy. Wellness is the effect of living optimally, and it is an integral aspect of today’s most sought-after healthy lifestyle. Living well is rewarding and exciting, and at Ailanto, we recognize that being fully engaged with life requires an environment in which personal goals are set and met and ambitions are realized, a place where each day is a new experience and every tomorrow holds another adventure. Linking health and fitness with expansive, first-class fitness facilities and medical services, Ailanto is about to introduce to the world a progressive yet practical way to achieve lifelong health and well- being. Our unique approach designed to engage the mind, body and spirit toward vitality and health includes: Wellness training Menu of fitness classes Massage and spa services Personal care services Cooking and nutrition Disease management Anti-aging Yoga and meditation Thermal waters Volcanic mud baths Cosmetic Treatments Cosmetic Dentistry Alternative Medicine We have tailor-made lifestyle programs and personalized solutions not only to improve health but also to enrich quality of life - not just for the moment or for a few years but for a lifetime.
  6. 6. Other amenities include: Amphitheater Gym and Body Training Center Sports Courts Club House with full Conference facilities Theater Thermal waters Canopy Tours Hiking Trails Horseback riding Restaurants and Cafes Language Center, learn Spanish or teach English Juice and Wine Bars Temazcales Saunas Hot, warm and cold Lagoons Lake stocked with Tilapia and Catfish A Rain Forest filled with Toucans, Monkeys, Iguanas and other exotic animals Gift Shops Convenience Store Spa and Recreational Clothing Store featuring Ailanto’s own brands Spa and Cosmetic shop Whether one is looking to enjoy a week, a month at Ailanto or make it their permanent home, they can rest assured that they have made the right decision because there is no place like Ailanto... anywhere.
  7. 7. For those who wish to make Ailanto their permanent home, we offer all the comforts of an upscale gated community. Guests can vacation and then lease their home for others to enjoy, using our Optional Rental Management program. In many instances the cost of ownership is totally covered by this revenue. For the investor who wants to buy and resell, now is the time. With our 1 Bed 1 Bath Casitas beginning at $40,000 or our Duplex for under $100,000 one could not ask for a better deal. We have a Club House for community activities, an amphitheater for concerts and music, soon we will have our Medical Center to take care of your health needs, and a Spa Center that handles everything from massages to nails and hair. Throughout the project are thermal water lagoons, where one can bathe and enjoy a naturally medicinal experience. We have a gift shop, a convenience store, 24/7 security and a shopping area where you could purchase your spa and sports clothing, cosmetics, souvenirs, and local artisans. Our helicopters are available for you to use for your touring or transportation needs as well as our limos and busses. At Ailanto we have thought of everything that would help you Live Well.
  8. 8. Costa Rica is “the” next destination for those who wish to retire in comfort. Independent Living High-quality senior living communities offer the latest amenities, privacy, comfort, and beautif ully decorated home-inspired environments for seniors. The variety of settings, care offerings, and residences can range from convenient high-rise apartments near metropolitan centers to converted Victorian homes, to campus communities with all the charms of a small town. There is no single blueprint for independent living because consumers' preferences and needs vary widely. Most residences have between 25 and 120 living units, varying in size from a single room to a full apartment. Paraiso, our independent living community offers a less-expensive, residential approach to delivering many of the same services available in skilled nursing homes, we employ our own health-care staff and other outside professionals. Typical Assisted Living Services:  Access to health care and medical services customized to specific needs.  24-hour emergency call systems for each resident.  Three meals a day served in dining area, housekeeping, and laundry services.  Assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and walking as needed.  Shuttle buses, exercise and wellness programs. We at Ailanto want to start the NEW generation Independent Living, with in-situ medical facilities, full entertainment centers, and restaurants designed with health in mind, classes to teach how to live better and longer and a general feeling of living wellness every day. We want to be Community Living with Assistance in Mind. Ailanto is a community of Wellness and as such we will extend this communal vision to all of our guests and residents
  9. 9. Our Facilities 2 Bedroom and 2 bath single story homes Our homes are designed with seniors in mind; each home is fully furnished yet with plenty of options for the resident to make his/her house his/her home. Each home has a full kitchen and a second suite for a companion of for visiting families. Bathrooms are designed to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, whether the resident needs such assistance now or may in the future.
  10. 10. Assistance with Daily Activities Whether you or your loved one needs no assistance or a great deal of assistance, we are “the” perfect community available to meet your needs. Those needing no assistance with daily activities such as dressing, eating, and bathing might consider an independent living community, while those needing some assistance, including cognitive, would be best served in assisted living. We offer you:  Staff available to meet scheduled and unscheduled needs  Staff available to provide 24-hour assistance with activities of daily living if needed  Assistance with bathing and dressing as needed (Bathing assistance may be offered in a spa-like setting)  Three meals a day and snacks between meals  Housekeeping services in residents' living units  Scheduled transportation available to residents on fairly short notice  Pharmacy, barber/beautician, and/or physical therapy services offered on-site Entertainment, Activities, and Wellness Many senior living communities also offer memory care for those Ailanto offers offer a variety of activitieswith entertainment to engage residents and enhance their quality of life and Alzheimer's or other dementia. Such care typically includes - from book groups to planned activities to gardening clubs. Residents typically of life. innovative therapies to improve qualityparticipate in activities outside the residence as well. Certainly, quality of life has different meanings for different people, so our community offers a variety of social programs to meet residents' interests. Activities staff will often assess each resident's activity and leisure needs and interests to help them identify programs of interest. You can expect a balanced calendar of activities for everyone from the active senior to the memory-care resident. Wellness and physical fitness also are part of a well-planned activities program. We have fitness rooms and staff on hand to help residents develop fitness plans that suit their needs. Special classes are typically offered as well, such as yoga, chair exercises, and walking.
  11. 11. Our marketing strategy is a three level plan. 1. Sales through Brokers and Agents 2. Trade shows and Seminars 3. Promotions and Bulk Sales Sales through Brokers and Agents To achieve this step, we have established network of Brokers around the world, we also have a large database subscribed to our newsletter program and a plethora of electronic and print media, brochures, flyers, CD’s and all supporting materials. Currently we have signed up quite a few offices of International Brokers, such as Century 21, Coldwell Banker, ReMax and more. We have presence in the USA, Canada, Colombia, England and Venezuela. Our commission structure is outstanding. Trade Shows and Seminars Our intent is to make a presence at all major show is the USA and Canada, our two primary markets but of course we will also work with the local Costa Rican marketers and the Government. Promotions and Bulk Sales We offer promotions to assist our sales group to sell our development. Our Fly and Buy Program encourages potential buyers and their agents to visit our site. We offer the most exciting Development Participation Program in the industry, where Realtors and investors actually share the profits of the development for their involvement in the sales of Estancia homes and duplexes.
  12. 12. The front wall has been completed, the gates and guardhouse are being built now, and the roads are being expanded. We have received full permits and approval of Setena, the environmental agency. We are on our way, the model homes are going up, the restaurant is going through city approval, the lake area is completed, we have built several thermal pools, and the Indian Village for the Meso American healing is also completed Upon funding we will complete at least 5 homes and begin operations. All major and some charter airlines fly into either San Jose or Liberia Airports, flying from the United States, Canada and Europe. Service to Costa Rica is provided by United Airlines, Air Canada, American Airlines, US Airways, Frontier Airlines, Air Martinique, TACA, Delta Airlines, Spirit, Condor, and others. We are open for tours and enjoyment. Limited accommodations are available.
  13. 13. Financial Projections Assisted Living Projections Column1 Assumptions Homes 40 Land Price $60,000 Build Cost $1,000 Sale Price $1,800 Size 80 Conversion 10.76 Fees per Year $24,000 Vacancy 10% Other Income 15% Investment $3,450,000 Nurses 3 Salaries $18,000 Dioctors 2 Salaries $30,000 Manager $24,000 Activities $12,000 Cleaning Crew 5 Salaries $6,000 Grounds $12,000 Marketing 10.00% Supplies 5.00% F&B 20.00% Operating Capital $250,000 JV Equity Split 50.00% Income Yearly Fees $864,000 Other Charges $129,600 Total $993,600 Expenses Medical Staff $114,000 Managers $36,000 Other Staff $42,000 Marketing $99,360 Supplies $49,680 F&B $198,720 Insurance $1,200 Total $540,960 Net Before Taxes $452,640 ROI 13.12% Equity in Homes $8,160,000
  14. 14. We will build 40 Independent Living Homes and staff the clinic with 3 Nurses and 2 Doctors to take care of our guests and residents. We will also provide transportation for those needing to go to a hospital or their Doctors. We intend to build 4 Clinics, 1. Alternative Medicine 2. Western Medicine (including Geriatrics) 3. Dental Center 4. Aesthetic Center Costa Rica has all the facilities to take care of any illness but as precaution we will offer insurance to transport a patient back to their home country in the event of an accident or illness normally covered by such insurance.
  15. 15. Company: Toque Del Cielo SA, a Costa Rican Corporation Shareholders: Edward Ribadeneira 34% Lawyer 480-874-1313 William Ribadeneira 33% Manager 480-585-7421 Michelle Ribadeneira 33% Marketing 480-227-6744 President and CEO Hugo E. Ribadeneira 480-650-8144 Treasurer: Edward Ribadeneira Bank: Banco Nacional Lawyer: Alexander Lobo Costa Rica Neither Toque Del Cielo SA nor any of its shareholders have any legal actions filed against them nor are any expected. Dr
  16. 16. Assisted Living Projections Column1 Column2 Assumptions Homes 40 Land Price $60,000 Per Lot Build Cost $1,000 Per SM Sale Price $1,800 Per SM Size 80 SM Conversion 10.76 Fees per Year $24,000 Vacancy 10% Other Income 15% Investment $3,450,000 Nurses 3 Salaries $18,000 Doctors 2 Salaries $30,000 Manager $24,000 Activities $12,000 Cleaning Crew 5 Salaries $6,000 Grounds $12,000 Marketing 10.00% Supplies 5.00% F&B 20.00% Operating Capital $250,000 JV Equity Split 50.00% Income Yearly Fees $864,000 Other Charges $129,600 Total $993,600 Expenses Medical Staff $114,000 Managers $36,000 Other Staff $42,000 Marketing $99,360 Supplies $49,680 F&B $198,720 Insurance $1,200 Total $540,960 Net Before Taxes $452,640 ROI 13.12% Equity in Homes $8,160,000
  17. 17. Dr. Hugo E. Ribadeneira Dr. Hugo served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam era. His specialization was Precision Electronic Systems. After 5 1/2 years of service, he was honorably discharged. He continued his studies at the University of Tulsa, OK, where he earned his Bachelor in Science degree in Computer Science/Engineering. He earned his Certified Financial Planner designation in 1983. At La Salle University, he earned a Juris Doctor Degree (General Law) and a Doctor of Naturopathy degree. He graduated from Washington School of Law with a LL.M (Masters of Law, Taxation with H onors) and a Doctor of Juridical Sciences (Taxation with Honors); Dr. Ribadeneira was a Professor of Law at this School. Dr. Ribadeneira has published 5 books and has been a guest speaker at many seminars and conventions around the world. Dr. Ribadeneira has ample experience in real estate development having been involved in many multi-million commercial and residential projects over the last 20 years.