IVMS Authoritative Medical Education Links and Animations II


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IVMS Authoritative Medical Education Links and Animations II

  1. 1. Authoritative Medical Education Links and Animations II Compiled by Marc Imhotep Cray, M.D.Animal Dissections:  Surface Anatomy University of Michigan  Images in Anatomy from Tyler Junior College  Dissections from the University of Wisconsin  Cat Anatomy from Penn State  Rat Dissection University of Tennessee  Virtual Pig Dissection Whitman College  Cat Anatomy Tutorial Kenyon College  Your Surgery.com  Virtual Autopsy University of Leicester  Cat Muscular Dissection McGraw-Hill and Penn State University  Screening Physical Exam LUMEN  Medical Gross Anatomy University of Michigan Health System  Surgeries Best HealthHuman Cadaver Links:  Cadaver Lab Instructions Loyola University Chicago  Human Dissections University of Michigan Medical School  Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics  Guided Tour of the Visible HumanBlood Links:  Introduction to Hematology Puget Sound Blood Center  Click on Blood Cells for a Description University of Leicester  Genes and blood type Genetic Science Learning Center  Blood Types Tutorial University of Arizona  Blood and Blood Banking American Association of Blood Banks  Clincal Correlations of pH levels University of Arizona  Blood doping erythropoetin (EPO) The Why Files  Hematology Oklahoma City Community College Authoritative Medical Education Links and Animations II Page 1
  2. 2. Heart Links:  LEARN CPR  Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts by Richard E. Klabunde  Heart Sounds - Normal to Abnormal Synapse Publishing  Auscultation Assistant Christopher Cable MD  Basic EKG Dysrhythmia Identification Rnceus.com  Connections of the Heart (beating cardiac cells) Cells Alive  12-lead ECG Library Homepage Dean Jenkins and Stephen Gerred  Heart Anatomy Tutorial Gateway Community College  Cardiothoracic Imaging Yale University School of Medicine  Cardiac Muscle Images University of Kansas Medical Center  Electric Heart - NOVA PBS  EKG Tutorial Hippocrates Project NYU School of Medicine  Digital Atlas of Reconstructions of the Heart and Pericardium  Ask NOAH About: Heart Disease and StrokeBlood vessels  Click on the Cardiovascular System Inner Body  Learn your Arteries Loyola University Medical Education Center  Hepatic Portal System University of Manchester  Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 1998 "nitric oxide as a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system".Respiratory System Links:  Stritch School of Medicine Pulmonary Curriculum  Gas, Fluid and Electrolyte Homeostasis McGill Medical Informatics  Interactive Respiratory Physiology John Hopkins School of Medicine  Hear Clinical Breathing Patterns using Real Audio R.A.L.E.  Lung Toxicology Problem set University of Arizona  Breath of Life National Library of Medicine  Teach your Patient about Asthma Loyola University Medical Education Center  Asthma, Triggers, Treatments The Why Files  Infomation about Pulmonary Conditions & Their TreatmentsUniversity of Michigan Health System  Image Atlas on the Lungs and Bronchial Tree  Demystifying acid-base regulation New South Wales College of Nursing  Lung Anatomy Virtual Hospital  Cardiothoracic Imagiing Yale University School of Medicine Authoritative Medical Education Links and Animations II Page 2
  3. 3. Immune System Links:  Understanding the Immune System National Cancer Institute  Cells and Organs of the Immune System Kuby Immunology 4e  Immune System Tutorial University of Arizona  Lymphocytes Produce Antibody - Animation Cells Alive  Information on B and T Cells Kimballs Biology Pages  Allergies Kimballs Biology Pages  Examples of Autoimmune Diseases Kuby Immunology 4e  HLA Matching, Antibodies and You University of Michigan Health System  Specific Immunity Dr. R. E. Hurlbert  Transplants and Immunity The Why Files  Antibiotics Attack Howard Hughes Medical Institute  Inflammation: The Leukocyte Adhesion Cascade University of Virginia Health System  Immunology McGill UniversityAIDS Links:  HIV Infection -Check out the sites on the HIV diagram Cells Alive  Aids Information Site TheBody.Com  AIDS: The War Within Museum of Science and Industry  HIV InSite University of California San Francisco  Aids on the Ropes - new drugs new cures The Why FilesDigestive System Links:  Pathophysiology of the Digestive System Colorado State University  Gastrointestinal Hormones Colorado State University  Digestion Lab Dr. Bruce Reid at Kean Universtiy  Dental Education on all types of Teeth Problems HIV_DENT  Click on the Digestive System Anatomy Inner Body  Digestive Disorders and Structure University of Texas-Houston Medical School  Digestive Disorders National Institutes of Health  Normal Flora and their Location Queen Mary, University of London  Bacteria That Cause Ulcers Cells Alive  Liver Pathology University of Michigan Health System  Animated Teeth Authoritative Medical Education Links and Animations II Page 3
  4. 4. Nutrition Links:  Table of Vitamins with sources and information Colorado State University  Introduction to Vitamins Terre Haute Center For Medical Education  Nutritional Analysis Tool University of Illinois Extension  Nutrition and Obesity National Institutes of HealthUrinary System Links:  How the Kidney Works The Nephron Information Center  Urinary Lab Procedures McGill Medical Informatics  Click on the Urinary System Anatomy Inner Body  The Nephron information Center  Kidneys and Toxic Metals University of Arizona  Urinalysis - Excellent with pictures University of Utah  Kidney Diseases National Institutes of Health  Urologic Diseases National Institutes of Health  Kidney Diseases University of UtahReproduction System Links:  Male Reproductive Histology Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine  Meiosis Tutorial University of Arizona  Birth Control University of Arizona  Your Cancer Risk  Human Reproduction Problem Set -Questions with a Tutorial University of Arizona  Pregnancy and Interactive Pregnancy Calendar Parents Place  Female Genital Tract Infections Microbiology & Public Health Alberta, Canada  Cloning PathfinderEmbryology Links:  Obstetric Ultrasound  Placental Pathology Index University of Utah  Human Reproduction Knowledge Weavers University of Utah  OBGYN.net Image Library  Developmental Mechanisms University of Arizona  The Visible Embryo University of California Medical Center.  Multidimensional Embryo University of Michigan  Welcome to the Virtual World of Development University of Calgary  Neonatology Teaching Files, Outlines, and Guidelines Authoritative Medical Education Links and Animations II Page 4
  5. 5.  How early embryos are formed  The Baby Center  Developmental Biology Online University of GuelphHuman Genetics  Genes and Human Disease National Library of Medicine  Medical Genetics Department of Pathology, University of Utah  Gene Map of the Human Genome National Library of Medicine  Human Genome Project Information  Genetic Disorder Center Genetic Science Learning Center  Human Genetics Problem Set University of Arizona  Your Genes, Your Choices  Three Karyotypes to Evaluate and Diagnose University of Arizona  Prenatal Testing, Pictures of Karyotypes, Plus other Complications. University of UtahScience News Sites:  Science Daily - Todays Headlines  Daily Science & Technology News  Science News The Why FilesGeneral Anatomy and Physiology Sites:  eMedicine  Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy  Vesalius - an online graphical resource for the medical and surgical communities  All the Systems Inner Body  SciCentral - Can lead you to many sources  Your Gross and Cool Body - Yukiest Site on Internet  Forensic Entomology Home Page University of Oslo  MedicineNet  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Web page all about Organ Transplants  Integrated Medical Curriculum check out the free demo part Pathology Sites  Dedicated Pathology Site University of Utah  Pathology Page University of Iowa  Pathology University of Texas  PathologyUniversity of Virginia  Urbana Atlas of PathologyPlease report broken links to drcray@imhotepvirtualmedsch.com Authoritative Medical Education Links and Animations II Page 5
  6. 6. IVMS Hot Network Resources at a Glance:(For resources internal to the Network one needs to sign up)  My Classroom  Members  Toolbar  Study Blocks o Library o Buy PDFs o Buy PowerPoints  USMLE Web Maps o Biochem & Molec. Biology o Cellular Biology o Genetics and Devolopment o Immunology o Microbiology and ID o General Pathology o Intro Pharm:PK & PD o Behavioral Science  IVMS Blog  Forums  Slide Book Download o Slides and Photos  Live e-Classes  Pharm Course-ANS & CV  Downloadable Textbooks  Videos/Animations  drimhotepTV  AISM  Chat  Invite  WikiTestPrep™ Authoritative Medical Education Links and Animations II Page 6