Allison Summers: building up your SITE profile


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  • Your Profile contains your Site membership information. Keep this page up to date to make sure you receive all Site member communications. On your user profile screen, click the Edit Profile button.Make any necessary changes to the fields; when finished, click OK.Note: You can select which information to make visible to other Site members by visiting your MyPage. Select MyPage under About this User >>
  • Your MyPage is what other Site Members see when searching about you on the site. This content is only available to logged in users of the site – your fellow Site Members.On your MyPage you can:Edit your visibility settings (show or hide information in your User Details)Add or update your pictureAdd links to profiles on other social media sites (contact links)Add Widgets such as YouTube videos and Flickr galleriesGo to the Actions drop-down menu on your MyPage to get started on these elements >>
  • You can select which fields of your profile are visible to other users in the Site online community. In the Actions drop-down menu select Edit Visibility Settings. For each element, you can Show, Hide, or show to Connections Only. The Default is Show, so you must update these settings if you would like to hide your information.
  • When you upload your picture to your MyPage, the system will automatically scale it to the appropriate size and display it on your MyPage.In the Actions drop-down menu select Update Picture.A light box will appear; select Update File.Search for and select the picture on your computer.
  • The Contact Links option allows you to share links to other social networking sites in which you participate. Once you update your contact links, a badge will be displayed (see right) which other users can click on to find you on external sites where you have a profile or blog. There are currently six sites for which you can add links. In the Actions drop-down menu, select Update Contact Links. A light box will appear where you can enter the following:LinkedIn: Enter the custom URL for your LinkedIn account. (When on your LinkedIn profile homepage find the Public Profile link:; the custom URL is the information needed.) Facebook Profile Id: Enter the custom user ID for your Facebook account. (When viewing your public profile on your Facebook page, copy and paste your USER ID from the URL: Facebook Username: Enter the username that you have identified for yourself on Facebook. Blogger: Enter the custom name of your blog on Blogger. ( Wordpress: Enter the custom name of your blog on Wordpress. ( Twitter: Enter the Twitter id for your Twitter account. ( Note: If you do not enter the contact link information, the badge will not be displayed on your MyPage.Click Ok to save all of your settings.
  • You can search for the Site members, companies or groups by performing a general search in the online community, or by looking up a specific member or group. (Please note that the Site Buyer’s Guide is entirely separate from this online community.)
  • From your MyPage or Profile page, click on the User Search link in the upper right, below the navigation bar. The User Search criteria window opens with filter options including geography and job discipline. You can also click on the Specific Groups tab to search for a specific company or group.Select the criteria for which you want to search. Then select Result Fields you want displayed. Click the Search button to launch your user search. A list of users matching your search criteria displays. Due to security settings on the site, there may be some information that is not available to the general community.
  • From your MyPage or Profile, click on the User Lookup link in the upper right, below the navigation bar. The Search Form will open. Enter as much information (complete or partial) in each of the fields for the member you are searching for. Then select Result Fields you want displayed. Click the OK button to launch your search. A list of users matching your search criteria will display.  To return to your MyPage or Profile, click on My Options in the far upper right corner.
  • Find the individual you’d like to connect to, either through the full Member search, or using the quick keyword user search in the top right corner of your screen. Remember to choose “User Search” using the downward-pointing arrow (see screenshot)Click on the person’s name in the search results to view their MyPageClick the button that says “Add [person’s name] to my Network”Choose if you’d like to “Follow” this person, “Request” to connect, or both:Follow: You will see this person’s activity on the website (including when they make other connections) in a feed in your My Network area. This is a one-way relationship, like following someone on TwitterRequest to Connect:This is a two-way relationship. If the person accepts your request, you will appear as their connection and they will show as yours as well.Once you’ve updated your connection options, check out this person’s other connections and followers on their MyPage. You may find someone else you know!To see updates from those you’re following, go to your My Network page.
  • Allison Summers: building up your SITE profile

    1. 1. Building Up Your Profileto Get the Most Out of SiteAllison SummersManaging DirectorSite & Site Intl Foundation
    2. 2. Site Smart
    3. 3. "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." — Seneca
    4. 4. Building YourDigital Profile
    5. 5. Global ConnectionsWhere Ever You Are – Connect with Site Members: • Linked In • Twitter • Facebook • YouTube
    6. 6. Connect into the Conversation @siteglobal / #siteglobal Motivation Delivered Site Global members Siteglobal
    7. 7. Some of my numbers 1,424/ 748 409 1061How can you build up yours?
    8. 8. Follow up through social media not e-mail
    9. 9. Rememberfindingcommonground ismoreimportantthanbusinesstalk
    10. 10. Creep once a month… Extend Your network looking at other’s connections
    11. 11. Use Site Source to demonstrateyour expertiseOnce a week pick one article topost
    12. 12. Share Site International FoundationResearch News Procurement is Gaining Expertise Good news – 62% of respondents find procurement departments’ incentive expertise in the use/value of incentives has increased.
    13. 13. List Site Volunteer Roles on LinkedIn
    14. 14. Get conversations started onLinkedIn Know people are usually happy when they get talk about themselves
    15. 15. Multi-ChannelIf you blog, Networkinginvite guestbloggers as itwill open awhole newchannel ofpotentialreaders
    16. 16. Site Smart
    17. 17. Build Up Your Profile
    18. 18. Member Center – for members only!
    19. 19. How To Update Your Profile- Step One
    20. 20. Step Two
    21. 21. Step Three
    22. 22. Personalize your MyPage
    23. 23. Editing Your Visibility Settings
    24. 24. Update Your Profile Picture
    25. 25. Updating Your Contact Links
    26. 26. Searching for Site Members in the OnlineCommunity
    27. 27. Using the General Search
    28. 28. Searching for a Specific Site Member ofCompany
    29. 29. How to Connect to you Fellow SiteMembers
    30. 30. Be mindful of‘The Next New’so you can standabove the crowd