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Neo3 D 1001
Neo3 D 1001
Neo3 D 1001
Neo3 D 1001
Neo3 D 1001
Neo3 D 1001
Neo3 D 1001
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Neo3 D 1001


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CineForm\'s Neo 3D - breakthru 3D post application for both Mac & Win

CineForm\'s Neo 3D - breakthru 3D post application for both Mac & Win

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  • 1.
    • January 2010
    Acquisition  Post  Presentation  Archive 2D and 3D (Stereo) Post Workflows for Film/Television
  • 2. What/Who is CineForm?
    • Software company: mastering workflows for film/television
    • Underlying technology:
      • Extremely high quality/performance compression
      • Cross-platform 2D/3D image processing engines
        •  Quality exceeds HDCam SR  Performance 8X faster than J2K  Cross-platform Win/Mac
    • Products:
      • Camera acquisition software
      • Editing/effects software
      • Consumer editing
    • Customers:
      • Post facilities
      • Long-term archive facilities:
      • OEM product suppliers
  • 3. CineForm 444 versus HDCam SR HDCam SR
    • HDCam SR tape is the de facto recording standard for Hollywood
    • CineForm visual fidelity easily exceeds HDCam SR
  • 4. 2D/3D Decode Processor Subsystem
    • Develop images using CineForm First Light 3D
      • 3D Image Development and overlay occurs underneath FCP
    • FCP processes 3D images as if they were 2D
      • Kona HD-SDI support for 3D
    Stereo Decode Global Controls
    • Neo3D: 3D Decode Processing Subsystem
      • 3D Active Metadata Processor
      • Text/Graphics Overlay Processor
    Metadata Updates Video Audio CineForm 2D/3D AVI/MOV CineForm MD Database Left Right
    • CineForm First Light 3D
    • 3D Controls
    • Active Metadata Controls
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Transparently processes 3D
    • Both Lt & Rt eye
    • HD / 2K / 4K
    • 2D/3D Active MD
    • Passive MD
    Overlay Processor 3D Active MD Processor
  • 5. Neo3D Features
    • CineForm 3D file
      • Full-resolution L and R eye (HD, 2K, 4K) in CineForm stereo file
      • Adjust temporal misalignment if necessary
    • Real-time 3D Controls through First Light 3D
      • Convergence: Horizontal, Vertical, Rotation
      • Keystoning adjustment
      • Individual eye color adjust (for beam splitter rig adjustment)
      • Single-eye image flip
      • Stereo Color Adjust
    • Stereo Mode Selection
      • Passive Polarized: Side-by-side, over-under, interlace
      • Anaglyph
      • Dual-link, dual-stream stereo playout
      • 2D: Left or Right Eye
      • Adjustment Mode: Difference, Onion Skin
    • Final Cut Pro support
      • RT stereo playback
      • 3D cuts, render, etc
  • 6. Neo3D Workflow
    • Create CineForm stereo files (ReMaster)
      • CineForm MOV file with two full-res streams
      • Direct from SI-2K or MUX independent streams using First Light
    • Adjust convergence (Horizontal, Vertical, Rotation) and Keystoning (First Light)
    • Adjust color parameters: stereo / individual eye (First Light)
    • Real-time edit in FCP
      • Use external 3D monitor (select 3D display mode from Menu Bar) - use Kona 3 or else Cinema Desktop mode
      • Keep First Light active for further parameter adjustment
        • Support for Tangent Wave control surface
      • Adjustments made in First Light are immediately visible in FCP
    • Export to final distribution or projection
  • 7. Detail: CineForm Active Metadata™ / Overlay Engines
    • CineForm Active Metadata processor (real-time, renderless)
      • Decodes images
      • Apply Active metadata processor based on user-defined rules:
        • Color (Gain/offset, Gamma, RGB matrix, 3D 64x64x64 LUTs)
        • 3D: Numerous decoding modes
        • Frame formatting: Crop / Zoom / Scale
      • First Light application controls Active Metadata
      • Non-destructive (reversible)
      • Cross-platform (Win / Mac) and cross-applications compatible
    • Passive Metadata
    • Active Color Metadata
    • 3D LUT (64x64x64)
    • Active 3D Metadata
    • Curves
    CineForm AVI / MOV file
    • Passive Metadata
    • Timecode
    • OEM source fields
    • Future Use
    Video Decode Active MD Processor First Light Active Metadata Application GUID 0 Active Metadata Fields 0 GUID 1 Active Metadata Fields 1 o o GUID n Active Metadata Fields n Active Metadata Database File Source Metadata Global Controls Database Metadata End User
    • Calling Application
    • WM / QT Player
    • Premiere Pro / After Effects
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Etc….
    CineForm Decode Processing Subsystem Metadata Updates Video Audio Overlay Processor Audio (Uncompressed) Video (CineForm Compressed) Active Metadata (Source Insertion) Passive Metadata (Source Insertion) GUID (Unique Identifier)