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MS3 Introduction Task
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MS3 Introduction Task



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  • 1. 90210 and Misfits MS3 Introduction Task Danielle Ricketts
  • 2. 90210
    • Channel: E4
    • Number of seasons: 3
    • Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA
    • Teen Drama
    • 90210 revolves around several students at the fictional West Beverly Hills High and shows their exciting, dramatic lives.
  • 3. Misfits
    • Channel: E4
    • Number of series: 2
    • Location: London, UK
    • Teen Comedy Drama
    • Won a BAFTA for Drama Series
    • Misfits is about a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service programme, where they attain supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm.
  • 4. Representations of 90210
    • 90210 covers a large number of different representations. It represents the location, lifestyle and people of Beverly Hills whilst also representing issues and teenagers.
    • Representation of sexuality – Teddy
    • 90210 deals with the issue of sexuality through a character, Teddy, who is afraid to come out as gay. He confides in his friend Silver and finally comes out to his friends, by going to a party
    • with his boyfriend. His friends
    • are shown to be shocked at first
    • but accept he is still the same
    • person. 90210 represents the
    • character to still be macho, to
    • enjoy sports and not be feminine
    • which represents the issue to be
    • accepted in society. Teddy is not
    • comfortable with it at first which
    • represents him to have courage.
  • 5.
    • Representations of Beverly Hills
    • 90210 represents Beverly Hills, lifestyle and people who live there to be:
    • Glamorous (make-up, hair, fast cars, big houses etc)
    • Fashionable (designer clothes, handbags etc)
    • Expensive (fast cars, huge houses etc)
    • Have nice, sunny weather
    • Be exciting (dramatic etc)
    Representations of 90210
    • Care about their appearance
  • 6.
    • Representation of teenage pregnancy - Adrianna
    • 90210 represents the issue of teenage pregnancy through Adrianna getting pregnant and making the decision to give her child up for adoption. It is represented to be a hard thing for her to do which encourages the teenage audience to not get their selves into a similar situation.
    Representations of 90210
  • 7. Representations of Misfits
    • Representation of teenagers:
    • Dress codes: orange community service outfit. Connotes teenagers cause trouble and commit crimes
    • Do not like to take responsibility for their actions.
    • Rude – Nathan shown to be arrogant.
    • Excessive drinking – Bad behaviour, irresponsible and can lead to trouble.
    • Not to take this to seriously. This is shown by the way they act in their community service.
    • Representation of lower class:
    • Deprived area of London connotes they have less money and may lead them to commit crimes. Implies there is a higher crime rate in poorer areas.
    • Various characters including Curtis a black runner, Kelly stereotyped as a chav, Simon a more sensible, shy character etc. This represents lower class to have a varied society and be common to have stereotypes.
  • 8. Representations of Misfits
    • Representation of Gender in Misfits
    • Representation of Females - Kelly
    • Kelly is represented to be a masculine character. She does not care about what she wears and acts aggressively which is typically unconventional of female characters.
    • Dress codes: slapped back hair, trainers, big earrings connote the stereotype of chavs.
    • She swears which is seen to be aggressive and can be seen as rude.
    • Slouches which connotes she is not bothered and laid back.
    • Kelly gets into a fight which is unconventional of females and is aggressive.
  • 9. Representations of Misfits
    • Representation of females - Alisha
    • Alisha is a character who is represented differently to Kelly.
    • She is represented to be more girly and care about her appearance. In this video she is shown to wear make-up, jewellery and dress up which connotes this.
    • Her accent connotes she is of a lower social class.
    • She is confident and flirts with Curtis which connotes that females can be confident, outgoing and like male attention.
    • Representation of males – Curtis
    • Curtis is represented to be cool, smooth and confident in this video. For example when he orders her drink.
    • He could be seen as a ladies man and be interested in girls.
    • Dress codes: he wears a vest and chain which are casual and represents that he is laid back. .
    • Diegetic sound: “But we will” is confident.
  • 10. Comparison
    • 90210 is an American TV programme and Misfits is an English TV programme which can cause differences in representations.
    • Representation of teenagers
    90210 Misfits Sometimes can get into trouble but always sort themselves out. For example Adrianna get’s pregnant but puts her baby up for adoption. Troublesome – the characters have committed crimes. Like to have fun – parties, socialising with friends etc – more civilised and sensible. Like to have fun – excessive drinking, sex, parties at clubs etc – irresponsible binge drinking etc. Polite, most characters are represented to be kind and well-mannered. Rude, most characters are represented to show aggressive behaviour, swear and not care about what they say. Sensible – the majority of characters care about their future and getting to the colleges they want to go to. Do not show any interest in their future or education etc. Care about their appearance, behaviour, what people think etc. People act similar Are individuals who do not care about what other people think
  • 11.
    • Representation of social class
    • 90210 and Misfits represent characters of very different social classes.
    • 90210: the representations of the social class in 90210 is of a higher class. They are represented to have money, wear designer clothes, live in big houses, drive nice cars etc. This connotes that they are of a higher social class and are rich. Also, 90210 is based around characters who go to a nice school which connotes they are well educated.
    • Misfits: the representations of the social class in Misfits is much lower than 90210. They have common accents, use slang, swear, have committed crimes, do not appear to care about jobs or education which represents them to be of a lower social class.