Retailing with Adobe Fall 2011


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Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign marketing ebook educational tutorials resources. Retailing with Adobe. How to learn and to teach.

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Retailing with Adobe Fall 2011

  1. 1. Retailing with Adobe by FALL 2011
  2. 2. The with Adobe is a 16-week semester marketing class ebook for business undergraduate and MBAstudents. Retailing with Adobe is designed to be used with online tutorials, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,InDesign, and iMovie.The posts and screencasts on the weekly topics covered in Retailing with Adobe can be found here.Retailing with Adobe will be rewritten in January 2012.Dr HorowitZMarketing ProfessorSonoma State University School of Business and Economics and Wine Business
  3. 3. IntroductionIf you have never heard of, Kelby Training, Tuts+, and Rockable Press, then you are in for someserious learning treats.Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and designers, advertisers, and marketers use Adobe’s programs.Adobe creative suite is the next version of the creative suite going to be released?People like these programs so much that they get together to talk about them.eBook TopicsThis eBook contains my favorite education resources on how to learn Adobe Illustrator, understandRetailing and Atmospherics, design a logo, learn photoshop, learn photography, learn Photoshopfor photography, customize a business card and flyer template, learn Photoshop 3D, learn InDesign,customize an InDesign resume, create interactive .pdf files with Indesign, and edit video with Photoshopand iMovie.Illustrator and Photoshop in is one of my favorite Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials. It shows how a designer uses both Illutratorand Photoshop to create a sweet ad. 3
  4. 4. Week 1 Materials and T ools Week 2 Illustrator Week 3 Retailing and Atmospherics Week 4 Illustrator Logos Week 5 Photoshop Week 6 Photography Week 7Photograph Processing and Retouching Week 8 Photoshop Business Cards Week 9 Photoshop Flyers Week 10 Photoshop 3D Week 11 InDesign Week 12 InDesign Resumes Week 13 InDesign Interactive .pdfs Week 14 Video Editing Week 15 Project Week 16 Share
  5. 5. Week 1Materials and T ools
  6. 6. Materials and ToolsThis week I’m going to cover the teaching materials that we’ll be using this semester.I’m also going to recommend some tools that will make your life easier.Next week we’re going to learn Adobe Illustrator.Materialslynda.comI recommend getting a video tutorial subscription so that you can have expert video tutorialsguide you through learning Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. These programs are not easy to learnand substandard tutorials cause frustration. Purchasing a video tutorial subscription will bethe best $25/month you have ever spent (on marketing education). Try a free one-day pass and decidefor yourself.kelbytraining.comYou will probably have more than enough video tutorial content with a subscription, but just incase you want more, Kelby Training is great for photographers and graphic has free tutorials at Adobe TV, which you can search by product.ToolsRetailing with Adobe is designed to be used with the following software:Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and iMovie.Adobe CS4 is in the computer labs, and Adobe CS5 is the current version. You can download Adobe CS5 and use it free for 30 days.iMovie ’09 is in the computer labs, and iMovie ’11 is the current version.I also recommend having a Google and Dropbox you like to watch commercials? No. Do you get spam in your email and social networks? Yes.This is not good.Get a Gmail account and import all of your email accounts into one Gmail account.Filter all of your email that is spam and stop deleting emails. Life is too short to delete emails.Don’t email yourself every time something happens on Facebook and block people that Facebook spamyou.Start using Google Reader and iGoogle to get the news updates that you want. 6
  7. 7. Dropboxdropbox.comDropbox is available for Mac and PC and can be accessed via the web (on school computers) students who have trouble in my classes are the students who aren’t prepared to manage multipleaccount usernames and passwords.It’s just going to get worse, so you might as well figure out how to get your usernames and passwordsorganized now.1Password is great, but it’s not free.You can also save your usernames and passwords in a Dropbox text file or with Google Bookmarks inyour iGoogle. 7
  8. 8. Week 2Illustrator
  9. 9. IllustratorThis week we are going to learn Adobe Illusrtator by following a basic tutorial. This is going to be difficult,and we are going to do the same things next week, so please focus on following a basic tutorial.This software program is difficult and I hope you take some time outside of class to learn it.Basic Illustrator first Illustrator tutorial is going to be painful.Video tutorials are nice when you’re first getting started with IllustratorLearn for learn Adobe Illustrator McClelland’s One-on-One video tutorial series is awesome.Kelby Training has some Illustrator tutorials at AdobeTV. 9
  10. 10. Week 3Retailing and Atmospherics
  11. 11. Retailing and AtmosphericsThis week we are going to do another basic Illustrator tutorial.This week I’m also going to cover some resources for learning about retailing and atmospherics.Next week we’ll see what professional Illustrator illustrations and logo designs look like and learn how touse these templates.Paco Underhillpacounderhill.comThe king of retail. Check out his book Why We Buy.Douglas Rushkoffrushkoff.comHis chapter on Atmospherics in Coercion is great. His videos The Persuaders and The Merchants of Coolare totally awesome.Rob Walkerrobwalker.netBuying In is great.Marketing Books, Videos, tutorials, and of my marketing book and video recommendations.Marketing skills I like to learn and to teach. 11
  12. 12. Week 4Illustrator Logos
  13. 13. LogosThis is our last week dedicated to just Illustrator.Next week we move on to Photoshop.This is the kind of work that graphic designers usually do, but marketers should understand the processand be able to take advantage of template files like the ones at GraphicRiver.Logo and Icon for logo/icon design GraphicRiver for professional graphics.Try to find some vector .ai or .eps files that you can open in Illustrator.If you find .psd files these are Photoshop files and we will start learning Photoshop next week.Free Vector for free vector (.ai and .eps) artwork resources.Another way to look for logo artwork is to search Google Images. Search for what you want and thenfilter by size=large and type=clip art. You want high resolution images of your fonts are fun. 13
  14. 14. Week 5Photoshop
  15. 15. PhotoshopThis week we are going to follow a basic Photoshop logo design tutorial.Next week we are going to discuss photography and we’ll take photographs.A lot of work done with the Photoshop is the kind of work done by graphic designers and photographers,but marketers should be aware of what graphic designers and photographers do.Photoshop Logo Design tutorials are nice when you’re first getting started with Photoshop.Illustrator and lot of graphic design work is done with both Illustrator and Photoshop.It’s important that you understand the different file types and how these tools differ.Learn for learn Adobe Photoshop resources.Watch all of these 25 basic Photoshop video tutorials if you don’t have a McClelland’s One-on-One video tutorial series is awesome.Chris Orwig’s Photoshop for Photographers and Portrait Retouching series are equally awesome.Kelby Kloskowski’s Photoshop CS5 for Beginners is probably good. His other stuff is good.Kelby Training’s Photoshop tutorials are also great, especially for photographers. Kelby Training also hassome WordPress tutorials designed specifically for photographers. 15
  16. 16. Photoshop resources at AdobeTV. 16
  17. 17. Week 6Photography
  18. 18. PhotographyThis week take some photographs of products, people, and landscapes.Next week we’ll import the photographs into Adobe Bridge, process them with Camera Raw, and retouchthem with Long can teach you all kinds of stuff about your camera.If you have a DSLR camera and want to learn about its exposure, aperture, ISO, and white balancesettings check out Ben Long’s tutorial series Foundations of Photography: Exposure.Kelby Training also has all kinds of tutorials on photography and how to use your camera.Product Product Photography for E-Commerce tutorial series by Dane Howard is good.Portrait Training has all kinds of resources on portrait photography.Try searching and Phototus+ for portrait photography resources.Landscape Training has all kinds of resources on landscape photography.Ben Long’s Photoshop CS5: Landscape Photography tutorial series is good.Phototuts+photo.tutsplus.comPhototuts+ has good resources on photography.Rockable out this ebook by Envato’s Rockable Press. 18
  19. 19. Week 7Photograph Processing and Retouching
  20. 20. Photograph Processing and RetouchingThis week we’ll process your photographs with Bridge and Camera Raw and then retouch yourphotographs with Photoshop.Lightroom is nice if you’re a photographer trying to organize lots of photographs, but first you shouldlearn Bridge and Camera Raw.Bridge and Camera Orwig’s series on Camera Raw is a great place to start.Scott Kelby’s 7-Point System for Adobe Bridge series is a great place to start.Photoshop Orwig has awesome Photoshop retouching tutorials. Start with his Photoshop for photographerstutorial, and then check out his tutorials on creative effects, compositing, fashion retouching, and athleticretouching.Corey Barker also has an awesome Photoshop retouching tutorial.Stock has good stock photos that are free. Create an account and search for the type ofphotographs that you are interested don’t really need Lightroom unless you are looking for a way to organize thousands of photographs. 20
  21. 21. Week 8Photoshop Business Cards
  22. 22. Photoshop Business CardsGot a networking event to go to?This week we are going to customize a Photoshop business card template from GraphicRiver.Next week we are going to work on a flyer template.Business for business card design GraphicRiver for professional business card designs and then filter by sales.Vectortuts+vector.tutsplus.comSearch Vectortuts+ tutorials for business cards design resources.Psdtuts+psd.tutsplus.comSearch Psdtuts+ tutorials for business cards design tutorials. 22
  23. 23. Week 9Photoshop Flyers
  24. 24. Photoshop FlyersGot a party that you’re trying to promote?This week we’re going to customize a GraphicRiver flyer template.Next week we’re going to look at Photoshop’s 3D flyers at GraphicRiver are Photoshop .psd files.These Photoshop files are going to be more complicated that a business card Photoshop templates.Search GraphicRiver for professional flyer designs.Vectortuts+vector.tutsplus.comSearch Vectortuts+ tutorials for flyer and poster design resources.Psdtuts+psd.tutsplus.comSearch Psdtuts+ tutorials for flyer and poster design tutorials. 24
  25. 25. Week 10Photoshop 3D
  26. 26. Photoshop 3DThis week we are going to use Photoshop’s 3D capabilities.Next week it’s finally on to InDesign.In the last week of class we’ll look at Photoshop’s video capabilities.Adobe Photoshop 3d gives you a good place to has some fun downloads.Graphic has Photoshop 3D artwork for free beginner tutorials for Photoshop CS5 McClelland has really good Photoshop CS5 3D tutorials.Chad Perkins has a good Photoshop CS4 3D tutorial series.Kelby Barker has a great Photoshop 3D tutorial. 26
  27. 27. Week 11 InDesign
  28. 28. InDesignNow that you have some Illustrator and Photoshop artwork, graphics, and images it’s time to learn howto layout documents with InDesign.We’re going to follow a beginner tutorial in class.Next week we are going to customize and InDesign resume.Beginner InDesign’s find a good one! the layout tutorials at Blatner’s InDesign Essential Training is a great way to learn Adobe InDesign.Kelby Training has some InDesign resources at AdobeTV. 28
  29. 29. Week 12InDesign Resumes
  30. 30. InDesign ResumesThis week we are going to customize an InDesign resume template fro GraphicRiver.Next week we are going to look at how to convert the resume into a clickable interactive for resume design examples.Vectortuts+ resume for poster design GraphicRiver for professional resume designs. 30
  31. 31. Week 13InDesign Interactive .pdfs
  32. 32. InDesign Interactive .pdfsThis week we are going to make our InDesign files Concepcion’s InDesign CS5 to EPUB, Kindle, and iPad series is cool if you are looking to publishan ebook.James Fritz’s InDesign CS5: Interactive Documents and Presentations series is cool if you want to learnhow to make interactive .pdf files..pdf Sharingscribd.comslideshare.netIt’s cool how uploaded .pdf files remain interactive. Search around and see how professionals use AdobeTV resources. 32
  33. 33. Week 14Video Editing
  34. 34. Video EditingLet’s get your graphics into motion!iMovie is a great way to learn video editing, but more advanced stuff is possible with Final Cut, Motion,Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects. Photoshop even has some video capabilities.Video Editing are lots of great motion graphics resources.DSLR cameras and and Kelby Training have some good tutorials on how to shoot video with a camera.These tutorials offer good tips on things to consider when it comes to recording out professional stock video at out professional stock audio at tutorials.Premiere and After advanced video editing and motion graphics programs. 34
  35. 35. .gifs! for YouTube resources. 35
  36. 36. Week 15 Project
  37. 37. Week 16 Share
  38. 38. AcknowledgementsThank you to all of the educators who share their content online and to my students who listen to metalk about it. Thank you to Sonoma State University for giving me the academic freedom, computers, andsoftware to be able to teach this stuff. Thank you to my family for letting me stay in school for so longand supporting me along the way. Thank you to my friends for dealing with my oversharing.! Horowitz (@DrHoro) is a marketing professor at Sonoma State University who uses his marketingebooks and WordPress Website to teach marketing classes. Dr. Horowitz teaches web design,graphic design, video editing and search engine optimization skills in his marketing research, promotionmanagement, and retail management classes.