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Promotions with WordPress http://drho.ro/pww

Promotions with WordPress http://drho.ro/pww





Marketing professor ebook for semester-long course to learn WordPress and Photoshop.



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    Promotions with WordPress http://drho.ro/pww Promotions with WordPress http://drho.ro/pww Document Transcript

    • drho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/0-ebook-introduction.mp4The Ebookdrho.ro/marketing-ebooks/promotions-with-wordpressPromotions with WordPress is a 16-week semester marketing class ebook for business undergraduateand MBA students. Promotions with WordPress is designed to be used with Digging Into WordPress,online tutorials, Adobe Photoshop, a text editor, an FTP program, a domain name, and website hosting.The WebPagedrho.ro/marketing-classes/promotions/fall-2011Blog posts and screencasts on the weekly topics covered in Promotions with WordPress will be availableFall 2011. Promotions with WordPress will be rewritten in August 2011.Dr HorowitZMarketing ProfessorSonoma State University School of Business and Economics and Wine Business Institutesonoma.edu/sbesonoma.edu/winebiz
    • Week 1Materials, T Domains, and Hosting ools, Week 2 Productivity Week 3 Install WordPress Week 4 Photoshop Week 5 Photoshop Mockups Week 6 Logos Week 7 T tter Backgrounds wi Week 8 HT and CSS ML Week 9 JavaScript and jQuery Week 10 WordPress T hemes Week 11 WordPress Navigation Week 12 WordPress Plugins Week 13 WordPress RSS Feeds Week 14WordPress Search Engine Optimization Week 15 Project Week 16 Share
    • Week 1Materials, T Domains, and Hosting ools,drho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/1-materials-tools-domains-hosting.mp4
    • Materials, Tools, Domains, and HostingHow does a small business promote its products and services online? Do you know how websites forcompanies, special events, houses, people, bands, etc. are created and managed?You buy a domain name, buy website hosting, install WordPress, customize the WordPress theme to getthe website looking good, add custom graphics with Adobe Photoshop, write content in pages and blogposts, and add plugins to enhance the functionality of the website. The focus of this class will be onputting together a WordPress website.WordPresswordpress.org/aboutWordPress has accomplished some amazing feats.Materialsdrho.ro/digwpI recommend reading the ebook Digging Into WordPress. It’s over 300 pages of WordPressawesomeness.drho.ro/lyndaI recommend getting a Lynda.com video tutorial subscription so that you can have expert video tutorialsguide you through learning Adobe Photoshop and WordPress. These programs are not easy to learn andsubstandard tutorials cause frustration. Purchasing a Lynda.com video tutorial subscription will be thebest $25/month you have ever spent (on marketing education). Try a free one-day pass and decide foryourself.drho.ro/tutsplusI recommend subscribing to Webdesigntuts+ and Psdtuts+ so that you can have access to tutorials thatdemonstrate how designers are using Photoshop, WordPress, HTML, CSS, and jQuery in a cutting-edgemanner. These sites offer premium tutorials that you can purchase a la carte, or, you can pay $9 a monthfor a premium Tuts+ membership.tv.adobe.comAdobe has free tutorials at Adobe TV, which you can search by product.ToolsAdobe Photoshop, a text editor, and an FTP program.Adobe Photoshop CS4 is in the computer labs and Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the current version. You candownload Adobe Photoshop CS5 at adobe.com and use it free for 30 days.TextWrangler is a text editor available in the labs, and Chapter 1 of Digging Into WordPress recommendsother Mac and PC text editors.FireFTP is a free FTP program that’s available in the labs, and Chapter 1 of Digging Into WordPressrecommends other Mac and PC FTP programs. 5
    • Domainssixrevisions.com/resources/12-excellent-tools-for-picking-a-domain-namesmashingmagazine.com/2009/08/29/10-tools-find-register-manage-domain-namesSearch for buying a domain name resources.You should buy a domain name that is short, memorable, easy to get a tattoo of, and easy to shave intoyour hair. Search domai.nr to see what’s available. Don’t buy an international domain name unless youwant to wait a month to get started. I buy domain names at GoDaddy. Don’t let GoDaddy pull any usedcar salesman moves and upsell you fancy services. You should be aware that the address and phonenumber you give GoDaddy will show up online. If you are concerned about privacy you might want to payextra to keep your address and phone number hidden.Hostingwordpress.org/hostingdrho.ro/mediatempleSearch for buying website hosting for WordPress resources.I use Media Temple, and I have used GoDaddy in the past and it’s been fine. Just start with the cheapestplan possible and don’t let your host pull any used car salesman moves and upsell you any fancy services. 6
    • Week 2 Productivitydrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/2-productivity.mp4
    • ProductivityProductivityevancarmichael.com/blog/2010/06/29/the-top-50-productivity-blogs-to-watch-in-2010Search for productivity resources.Googlegoogle.com/iggoogle.com/readerGet a gmail account and import all of your email accounts into one gmail account.Filter all of your email that is spam and stop deleting emails.Don’t email yourself when something happens on Facebook and block people that Facebook spam you.Start using Google Reader and iGoogle.Dropboxdrho.ro/dropboxDropbox is available for Mac and PC and can be accessed via the web (on school computers).1Passworddrho.ro/1PasswordYou could also save your passwords in a Dropbox text file or with Google Bookmarks in your iGoogle.Google Apps Standard Editiongoogle.com/apps/intl/en/group/index.htmlgoogle.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=140034google.com/support/bin/topic.py?hl=en&topic=12806mail.google.com/support/bin/topic.py?topic=12913Create a Google Apps Standard Edition account.Verify domain name ownership by customizing a CNAME or TXT record.Customize your MX records.Import your Google Apps email (You@DomainName.com) to your gmail (You@gmail.com).Access your gmail with your email client of choice.Subdomains and Subdirectorieskb.mediatemple.net/questions/242help.godaddy.com/article/415Be aware that you can create subdomains (AwesomeThing.DomainName.com) and subdirectories(DomainName.com/AwesomeThing). 8
    • Week 3 Install WordPressdrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/3-installation.mp4
    • Install WordPressThe Codexcodex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPresswpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-install-wordpress-on-your-siteSearch for how to install WordPress resources.Digging Into WordPressChapter 2 of Digging Into WordPress talks about how to install WordPress in a subdirectory. This requiresa couple of extra steps. If you don’t feel like worrying about this then just install WordPress in your roothtml directory. Call your host for help with installing WordPress--you are paying for their help, and theyare usually good on the phone.We are not going to come back to Digging Into WordPress until Week 10, so you can use this time to writeblog posts and pages.Lyndalynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=71212Morten Rand-Hendricksen has a good WordPress 3.0 Essential training that covers the basics.Douglas Rushkoffrushkoff.comCoercion is a great book. Rushkoff’s videos The Persuaders and The Merchants of Cool are totallyawesome.Rob Walkermurketing.comBuying In is great. Rob Walker maintains a cool WordPress and Tumblr blog.Douglas HoltHow Brands Become Icons is a great book.Books and Videosdrho.ro/marketing-class-materials/books-novels-literature-readingdrho.ro/marketing-class-materials/videos-and-documentariesMore of my marketing book and video recommendations. 10
    • Week 4Photoshop
    • PhotoshopLearn Photoshopmashable.com/2010/08/12/12-beginner-tutorials-for-getting-started-with-photoshopmashable.com/2010/10/08/free-photoshop-tutorialsmashable.com/2010/04/11/youtube-photoshop-tutorialsSearch for learn Adobe Photoshop resources.Lyndalynda.com/home/ViewCourses.aspx?lpk0=192Deke McClelland’s One-on-One video tutorial series is awesome.Adobetv.adobe.com/product/photoshop 12
    • Week 5Photoshop Mockups
    • Photoshop Mockups.psd to HTML to WordPressYou should understand the .psd to HTML to WordPress theme creation process. In Week 8 we will doHTML and in Week 10 we will do WordPress.psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/designing-tutorials/create-a-watercolor-themed-website-design-with-photoshop-screencastsixrevisions.com/tutorials/photoshop-tutorials/make-an-elegant-and-simple-blog-web-layout-using-photoshopSearch for Photoshop website mockup resources.GraphicRivergraphicriver.net/item/mockup-website/40152Search GraphicRiver for professional Photoshop website mockups.ThemeForestthemeforest.net/category/wordpress?sort_by=sales_count&type=files&page=1&categories=wordpressWhen you buy a WordPress theme at ThemeForest you usually get a Photoshop version of the websitemockup.Lyndalynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=67160Chris Coyier has a series on WordPress 3.0: Creating and Editing Custom Themes that I can’t wait towatch.CSS-Trickscss-tricks.com/video-screencasts/71-building-a-website-photoshop-mockupcss-tricks.com/video-screencasts/72-building-a-website-2-of-3-htmlcss-conversioncss-tricks.com/video-screencasts/73-wordpress-theme 14
    • Week 6 Logosdrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/6-logos.mp4
    • Logoslogos, icons, gravatars, and faviconspsd.tutsplus.com/articles/web/40-brilliantly-illustrated-web-designspsd.tutsplus.com/articles/7-principles-of-effective-icon-designpsd.tutsplus.com/articles/theory/know-your-icons-part-2-modern-icon-designpsd.tutsplus.com/articles/theory/know-your-icons-part-1-a-brief-history-of-computer-iconsSearch for logo/icon design resources.GraphicRivergraphicriver.net/category/icons?sort_by=sales_count&type=files&categories=icons&page=1graphicriver.net/category/graphics/illustrations?sort_by=sales_count&type=files&categories=graphics/illustrations&page=1Search GraphicRiver for professional icons and illustrations.A lot of these files are vector .ai or .eps files, which are Adobe Illustrator files. Some of these files are .psdfiles, which are Photoshop files. You can open Illustrator files with Photoshop.Vectortuts+vector.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/icon-designvector.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/illustrationSearch the icon design and illustration tutorial categories at Vectortuts+ (mostly Illustrator stuff).Psdtuts+psd.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/icon-designpsd.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/illustrationSearch the icon design and illustration tutorial categories at Psdtuts+ (mostly Photoshop stuff).Free Vectorsspeckyboy.com/2008/09/29/80-of-the-best-vector-and-illustrator-free-resourcessmashingmagazine.com/2010/11/09/50-free-high-quality-icons-setsSearch for free vector artwork resources.Another way to look for a logo/icon artwork is to search Google Images. Search for what you want andthen filter by size=large and type=clip art. You want high resolution images of your artwork.Fontsfontsquirrel.comTo use these fonts in Adobe, on a mac, add the .ttf or .otf files to your user/Library/Fonts folder. 16
    • Photoshop Exchangeadobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?s=3&o=desc&exc=16&cat=197&event=productHome&l=-1&from=1psd.tutsplus.com/freebies/exclusive-style-pack-%E2%80%93-15-incredible-photoshop-stylespsstyleaday.com/category/individual-photoshop-stylespsstyleaday.com/category/photoshop-styles-packsBecause Photoshop is so popular, there are lots of great free resources out there. Adobe’s PhotoshopExchange is not necessarily the best place to get Photoshop resources, but it gives you a good idea ofthe types of Photoshop resources that are available. For example, Photoshop layer styles are similarto Illustrator graphic styles. Because Photoshop is more popular than Illustrator, there are more freePhotoshop layer styles available on the web. 17
    • Week 7 T tter Backgrounds widrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/7-twitter-backgrounds.mp4
    • Twitter BackgroundsTwitter TipsI think that learning how to use Twitter is like learning how to use Facebook--the more you use it themore familiar you get with it.sixrevisions.com/web-applications/10-great-tips-for-using-twitter-as-a-designerpsd.tutsplus.com/articles/inspiration/twitter-background-design-great-tips-and-gorgeous-examplessmashingmagazine.com/2009/09/18/effective-twitter-backgrounds-examples-and-best-practicesfuelyourcreativity.com/free-psd-twitter-background-templateSearch the blogs for Twitter tips and background design resources.GraphicRivergraphicriver.net/searches?term=twitter&type=filesSearch GraphicRiver for professional Twitter backgrounds.Textures and wallpaperae.tutsplus.com/articles/roundup/42-sensational-texture-packages-and-tutorialssmashingmagazine.com/2008/02/12/really-stunning-desktop-wallpapersTry finding some textures or desktop wallpaper images that you like.Lyndalynda.com/home/ViewCourses.aspx?lpk1=43Chris Orwig’s Photoshop for photography tutorials are awesome. Start with his Photoshop forphotographers tutorial, and then search his tutorials on creative effects, compositing, fashion retouching,and athletic retouching.lynda.com/home/ViewCourses.aspx?lpk0=421Maria Langer has a Twitter Essentials Training series. 19
    • Week 8 HT and CSS MLdrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/8-html-css.mp4
    • HTML and CSSLearn HTML and CSSvandelaydesign.com/blog/design/learn-web-designsixrevisions.com/css/20_websites_learn_master_cssSearch for learn HTML and CSS resources.Google Code University tutorialscode.google.com/edu/submissions/html-css-javascriptNice video introduction to HTML and CSS.W3Schoolsw3schools.com/html/default.aspw3schools.com/css/default.aspGreat HTML and CSS resources.Tuts+net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/css-noob-to-ninja-the-complete-video-seriesGreat introduction to CSS video tutorial.Lyndalynda.com/home/ViewCourses.aspx?lpk0=29Bill Weinman has a XHTML and HTML Essential Training beginner series.Bill Weinman has a CSS for Developers beginner series.firebuggetfirebug.com/video/Intro2FB.mp4With knowledge of HTML and CSS you can customize your WordPress theme using Firebug and a texteditor.HTML5 and CSS3html5boilerplate.comnet.tutsplus.com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/subtle-css3-typography-that-youd-swear-was-made-in-photoshopsixrevisions.com/css/css3-demos-experimentsSearch for HTML5 and CSS3 resources. 21
    • CodeCanyoncodecanyon.net/category/css?sort_by=sales_count&type=files&page=1&categories=cssSearch CodeCanyon for professional CSS.CSS3 Buttonslab.simurai.com/css/buttonsYou can also find free HTML and CSS to add to your WordPress website. For example, you can add theseCSS3 buttons to your website by adding some CSS to your style.css stylesheet and adding the correctclasses to your HTML. 22
    • Week 9 JavaScript and jQuerydrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/9-javascript-jquery.mp4
    • JavaScript and jQueryWith knowledge of the basic JavaScript and jQuery syntax you can do cool things to a website. I wouldn’trecommend that you spend a lot of time learning how to write JavaScript and jQuery, but you shouldunderstand <script> tags, be able to plug and play JavaScript and jQuery, and know what it is capable of.jQuerynet.tutsplus.com/articles/web-roundups/jquery-for-absolute-beginners-video-serieswebdesignerdepot.com/2009/12/24-clever-website-designs-that-combine-jquery-and-illustrationyourinspirationweb.com/en/30-websites-with-amazing-javascript-effectsSearch for JavaScript and jQuery resources.CodeCanyoncodecanyon.net/category/javascript?sort_by=sales_count&type=files&page=1&categories=javascriptSearch the JavaScript for sale at CodeCanyon.Anything SliderYou can also find free JavaScript and jQuery to add to your website. For example, you can add a jQueryslider pretty quickly to your WordPress website by adding HTML to your WordPress theme files, CSS to a /css directory, and jQuery to a /js directory:css-tricks.com/anythingslider-1-4webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/site-elements/how-to-start-using-jquery-sliders-in-your-designsIt would be easier to use a WordPress plugin (Week 12) to add a slider to your website, but I think that thisis a good way to learn how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together on a WordPress website.Lyndalynda.com/home/ViewCourses.aspx?lpk0=20Joe Marini has a jQuery Essential Training. 24
    • Week 10 WordPress T hemesdrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/10-themes.mp4
    • WordPress ThemesDigging Into WordPressChapters 3 of Digging Into WordPress discusses WordPress themes.Free themessmashingmagazine.com/2010/08/19/100-free-high-quality-wordpress-themes-for-2010Search for free WordPress themes.ThemeForestthemeforest.net/category/wordpress?sort_by=sales_count&type=files&page=1&categories=wordpressSearch ThemeForest for professional WordPress themes.Lyndalynda.com/home/ViewCourses.aspx?lpk0=841Chris Coyier has a series on WordPress 3.0: Creating and Editing Custom Themes that I can’t wait towatch.FTPfireftp.mozdev.orgwpbeginner.com/wp-themes/selecting-the-perfect-theme-for-wordpressWhen you purchase or download a free WordPress theme you have to FTP your theme files to your /wp-content/themes directory. You can do this with FireFTP or your FTP program of choice.Firebugblogigs.com/how-to-customize-wordpress-themes-with-firebugOnce you find a theme you like you should try to make some changes to its HTML and CSS using Firebug. 26
    • Week 11 WordPress Navigationdrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/11-navigation.mp4
    • WordPress NavigationDigging Into WordPressChapter 4 of Digging Into WordPress discusses navigation.Layoutwebdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/design-theory/understanding-the-f-layout-in-web-designSearch for website layout resources.Menuscodex.wordpress.org/Appearance_Menus_SubPanelCustomize your WordPress menus.Sidebarcodex.wordpress.org/Appearance_Widgets_SubPanelCustomize your WordPress sidebar widgets.Text widgets are especially helpful because they give you a lot of control over your sidebar content.FooterTry customizing your footer as well to link to important content on your website that you have not alreadylinked to in your header and sidebar. 28
    • Week 12 WordPress Pluginsdrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/12-plugins.mp4
    • WordPress PluginsDigging Into WordPressChapter 5 of Digging Into WordPress discusses plugins.Popular Pluginswordpress.org/extend/plugins/browse/popularSocial MediaPretty Link Pro – very cool for custom short links to tweet to your peeps (drho.ro/pww). Get the freeversion.Facebook Like – You should start a facebook page so that you know how they work.Twitter Tools – Way more than I need, but it works.Twitter Tweet Button – Tweetmeme buttons are so last decade.RSS Feeds (next week)FD Feedburner Plugin – Redirect your default WordPress feed (something like http://YourDomain.com/feed/) to a FeedBurner feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/YourDomain).Ozh’ Better Feed – Easy to customize your RSS feed.Search Engine Optimization (next next week)All in One SEO Pack – Easy, do it now.Robots Meta – Your homepage, blog posts, and pages are the only things search engines should index.Register your site with Google Webmaster.Google XML Sitemaps – Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster.Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – A little tricky, but SEO-expert-recommended.Breadcrumb NavXT – A little tricky, but also SEO-expert-recommended.Google Analyticator – Monitor your traffic.Advanced Excerpt – Helpful if you want to show partial posts on your home page.Backup/Safety/SmoothnessW3 Total Cache – Helpful for sites with lots of traffic.No Self Pings – Have you started getting pingbacks?WP-DBManager – Backup your database to your gmail. You still have to backup your theme filesmanually.Secure WordPress – If your blog gets hacked you should be proud.Akismet – Spam prevention.CommentsClean Notifications – Nice if you get comments.IntenseDebate – I wouldn’t worry about this unless you get comments. 30
    • Week 13 WordPress RSS Feedsdrho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/13-rss-feeds.mp4
    • WordPress RSS FeedsDigging Into WordPressChapter 6 of Digging Into WordPress discusses RSS feeds.Google Readergoogle.com/readerThe best way to learn about RSS feeds is to start using Google Reader and FeedBurner, kind of like howthe best way to learn Twitter is to spend time using Twitter.FeedBurnerfeedburner.google.comRedirect your default WordPress feed (something like http://YourDomain.com/feed/) to a FeedBurnerfeed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/YourDomain).You will want to do is to allow people to subscribe to your updates with email. Activate this option is inthe /Publicize/Services/Email Subscriptions section.After you burn your RSS feed with FeedBurner, you can use the FD FeedBurner plugin to ensure that yourwebsite’s RSS feeds are being redirected to FeedBurner.Link to your RSS and email RSS feeds in your website’s header, sidebar, or footer.Partial RSS Feedscodex.wordpress.org/Settings_Reading_SubPanelBe sure that you are NOT generating summary RSS feeds.Custom RSS ContetYou can use plugins like the Ozh’ Better Feed plugin to add custom content to your RSS feed. It might bea good idea to addcopyright information or important links to your RSS feed’s footer. 32
    • Week 14WordPress Search Engine Optimization drho.ro/videos/screencasts/promotions-with-wordpress/14-search-engine-optimization.mp4
    • WordPress Search Engine OptimizationDigging Into WordPressChapter 8 of Digging Into WordPress discusses SEO.Learn SEOseomoz.org/learn-seoLearn SEO at SEOmoz.WordPress SEOyoast.com/articles/wordpress-seoSearch for WordPress SEO resources.Lyndalynda.com/home/ViewCourses.aspx?lpk0=206Jill Whalen has a series on SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started.SEO PluginsAll in One SEO Pack – Easy, do it now.Robots Meta – Your homepage, blog posts, and pages are the only things search engines should index.Register your site with Google Webmaster.Google XML Sitemaps – Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster.Breadcrumb NavXT – Tricky, but SEO-expert-recommended. Try to get your breadcrumbs in header,strong, or em tags.Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Tricky, but SEO-expert-recommended. Try to add custom content tothe end of your posts in header, stong, and em tags.SEO Toolsseomoz.org/dp/the-internet-marketing-handbookIn addition to Google Webmaster, there are lots of great SEO tools.tools.seobook.com/firefox/seo-for-firefox.htmlchrome.google.com/extensions/detail/diahigjngdnkdgajdbpjdeomopbpkjjcI like the SEO for Firefox add-on and the Chrome SEO Site Tools extension. 34
    • Week 15 Project
    • Week 16 Share
    • AcknowledgementsThank you to all of the educators who share their content online and to my students who listen to metalk about it. Thank you to Sonoma State University for giving me the academic freedom, computers, andsoftware to be able to teach this stuff. Thank you to my family for letting me stay in school for so longand supporting me along the way. Thank you to my friends for dealing with my oversharing.Biodrho.ro/marketing-professor/bioDr. Horowitz (@DrHoro) is a marketing professor at Sonoma State University who uses his marketingebooks and WordPress blog DrHo.ro to teach marketing classes. Dr. Horowitz teaches web design,graphic design, video editing and search engine optimization skills in his marketing research, promotionmanagement, and retail management classes. Dr. Horowitz also teaches the wine business study abroadclass The Global Wine Industry.