CSLLC corporate capabilities


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Corporate presentation defining Control Solutions LLC as a rapid developer of custom motion control applications

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CSLLC corporate capabilities

  1. 1. Control Solutions LLC Customer Intimacy Control Solutions LLC is a privately-held dynamic and rapidly-growing high technology company. Our product offerings are highly-integrated customized responses to each customer’s unique business needs. We World-Leading have developed strong partnerships in all of our customer interactions including key OEM relationships with: designer and • Major defence prime contractors manufacturer of • US Army for military defense products hh excellence in innovation • Top manufacturer of medical patient handling equipment for hh Rapid responsiveness high-performance, hospitals and emergency and rescue operations. hh Customer focus innovative • Major manufacture of mobility powered vehicle and scooters hh World-class quality • Durable Medical Equipment (DME), re-sellers for our line of motion control and electric muscle stimulators medical Solutions Awards BAE Super Bronze Award for Improved Turret Drive System to keep development program. your world BAE Bronze Award for development of Caimen vehicle power door system. in motion Top 10 innovations for US Army for the HMMWV Egress Training System. Top 20 Vendor award for Stryker vehicle program MDEA award for medical product design. Certifications ISO-9001 2008 certification FDA-registered manufacturing facility FDA 510(k) registered manufacturer We stand ready to help you with your design project. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. If you are looking for a rapid response to set your world in motion, look no further than Our Mission Control Solutions LLC. Control Solutions LLC is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of high- performance, innovative systems that set the world in motion. We are driven to be the partner of choice for our customers in the Defense & Security, Commercial and Medical markets. Since 1989, our company has exceeded expectations through customer focus, rapid engineering, flexible operations and continuous improvement.  We are leaders in matters that count:  responsiveness and collaboration Control Solutions LLC corporate headquarters and manufacturing located in the westren suburbs of Chicago, Illinois BR0027-02 033011 Control Solutions LLC • 2520 Diehl Road • Aurora, IL 60502 Designed & Manufactured www.controls.com • Phone: 630-806-7062 • Fax: 630-806-7065 Need more information? Contact: sales@controls.com In the USACSLLC Capabilities BR0027-02.indd 1 6/15/11 9:21 AM
  2. 2. Core Capabilities Markets We Serve Engineering For over 20 years, Controls Solutions LLC has designed, developed and Control Solutions LLC provides a full suite of engineering skills and manufactured a wide array of high-technology products that meet customer procedures to develop and deliver products and solutions of the needs in target markets. Our core technology strengths allow us to provide highest quality. rapid response to customer needs in worldwide markets including: • Specialists in motor controls, battery chargers, power supplies, Military Vehicle Systems and OEM electronic systems We engineer and manufacture systems for the US military where quality • Mechanical engineers with a focus on integrated and dependability are paramount. Our vehicle subsystems are designed electronics packaging from the ground up to perform around the clock in the harshest battle • Electrical engineers well-versed in motion control, motor environments. technologies, and industrial wireless systems • Turret Control Systems that automate the move- • Software engineers with expertise in embedded firmware ment of the vehicle gunner’s armored turret • Feasibility and test engineers with expertise in meeting strict • Power Door Systems that assist the operation military and FDA compliance requirements of the vehicle’s armored doors; even on uneven terrain Operations CSLLC has a large-scale, flexible manufacturing environment that • Emergency Egress Systems that light the way can rapidly respond to large production runs as well as a pilot to safe exit from military vehicles in rollover or custom integration project. situations • PMP-certified project management team Commercial and Industrial Motion Control • CMMI level 2 compliant processes We developed and manufacture a line of motion control products and • Technical documentation and certification achievement related battery chargers, cables, and user interface systems for embedment in industrial and commercial products. Quality CSLLC has core resources to ensure the highest quality in our offerings. • Motor Controllers that provide smooth, stable operation for the shopping scooter industry • In-house manufacturing process testing • Controllers and chargers for heavy-duty • ISO 9001 quality control systems grocery cart pusher products • MIL-STD compliance • Rechargeable batteries and chargers • FDA certifications Medical Electronics Business Development Our industrial-grade products are recognized and incorporated by leading Sales and marketing are focused on understanding our customers’ needs manufacturers of durable medical equipment and patient mobility prod- and developing strong product differentiation. ucts. • Well-established relationships with key OEM customers • Motor controllers and chargers in patient • Strong relationships with US military program offices transport products • Variable-speed controllers in hospital beds • Proprietary line of portable Electric Muscle Stimulators for rehabilitation providersCSLLC Capabilities BR0027-02.indd 2 6/15/11 9:21 AM