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This is Dr Hill's Digital Art from 2007 - 2009.
It shows the visualization of scientific, historical ideas.

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  • Up until this point I would sketch designs, hoping that when I found and artist I would be able to communicate with them and get them to produce the art that would be accepted by society. I had looked at all the family maths program logos from England, numerous US and Asian one. The English one had an real side show feel, US ones had a Disney feel, and Asian one left me flat. I like the purity of the font, and the idea different people getting together and moving dynamically, For the web one really needs a GIF or mobile idea, however if it is too real it looks dumb and grainy.
  • I could see my children were being taught real lead ballons of mathematical ideas, and that the real spirit of maths had died, there was nothing beautiful only reference to social inertia. I began reading various theses hot of the press. The thesis I first read, got the basics of what a thesis was wrong in the first page. It said it was to ask questions, and a thesis is an answer for which research has refined and defined its use. So this clued me that I would be in for a shutters down situation if I pressed the wrong button. I had to put a picture under people’s nose and get comment. My first picture was of knowledge and people as machines with no goals. The mistake clued me into activity theory and goes like this. Panel 1) that child with activity around it, and a secure closed world. Panel 2) a student begins to manage the activity, and negotiates and modifies goal. Panel 3) the adult that can contemplate activities and goal in a future that is a universe of immagination that transends the institurional boundaries. I have got in trouble from Artists for using the heart symbol. It means that as an adult you are recognised by others as having a personal goal and operating code. I kind of feel that the difficulty with a tacky symbol reflects the tacky way we model others motivations.
  • This is part Two of activity theory, the circles are activities. The blue glass person is an observer that is aware that others can examine and comment on what they see, That is see throught them. This guy is seeing the world in activities, and actively managing gaps and changes in direction with rainbow bridges. These bridges don’t really exist except in the mind. There is a little activity that may be out there or in the glass man – or quantum mechanical observer. Do you build a prototype activity in you mind and then find the world full of activites that let you go where you were wanting to go any way?
  • I find Authoritarians scary. They are in some strange hate belief vortex, where they write of the soul of society and plaster there dominace on it. There is the routine silence, morphing to authority they have the gift for. In fact they interpet feedback they can not understand in their socail contempt model. E caring assumes there is a social consciousness and subconsciousness, and one can have a level of spontaneous concious discourse, and like a brain have many unconcsious parrallel discussions going on at the same time. The internet reaches users, friends of users everyone. Spam software that censors this internet consciousness, can be used to create the sensation of internet feeling. I know the level is really too much, but I was surprised how much. People couldn’t respond in email, people couldn’t return a form that had two cuts rather than a rip off. It is good to capture a noble thought, so many disappear
  • The purple spiral is the tower of bable. But this time the viewer is on the road to the top, and it is my personal journey as well. I have a formal knowledge pyramid that was my frame work. I would read Thomas Aquinas, Lonergan and Demello and think of knowledge sttructure. I would build in my head stuctures form data, concepts through to ethics. People got in the act through writing down a simple two bodied system of people and knowledge. The eye is from the masonic ancient symbol, and allows me cope with fact that so very few people care. Reading the thesises, there was the separation of terms, I was used to this in Physics and Maths group theory, odd and even numbers, prime and non prime, frequency space etc. The red abc is the formal institutional view of education, the blue quantum man, with now the acceptable technology trace of a heart represents the individuals view, while the yellow represents the cultural activity life with its language of music. All these groups take bits of the language and own different words and senses. For this I wrote out a sort two dimensional dictionary to sttich the language back together. This will require more explaining, but the formal educationalist are really “I’m not going to bother as what you are talking about isnt on my Chalk board”. So I get a little upset when they talk of mathstrategies, when strategies can only refer to people not things. This blocking the others return to babel The paper aeroplane is clishe symbol for innovation.
  • This an Authoriarian playing King Cunute with the tide of logic, but making their underlings drown and not look up at innovations. There is shadows of this continuing through out history. I have a real feeling of the ancient myans that had symbolic battles, and this is very much what we are doing at schools.
  • I have been the Australian Infantry Reserve for 10 years a lot of that as a section commander. There was GRIT group range, indication type of fire. This was in response to a target indication. Personally I was sicked to see footage of US soldier, who were maurding gang of murders. This was a GI looking down a lane over a notch in the wall. “One wounded guy,” ducks down, pops up, murders him and chirps “He’s dead now”. They have a view of them selves as angles.
  • White people are really ignorant of the totally different frames of reference. The aboriginals, have skins and complex marriage codes, and a lot of beautiful ideas. Reading the net because people live in society there is social directions of north, south east west or more accurately just social directions. There is no right or left, and if we structure directions particlularly in education we close off opportunity and guide white people into a separate unthinking place.
  • On the left we have now, a dispassionate observer watching a qualified educationalist managing a heirachy of concienience in which social and personal experience of learning is subordinate to formal (red) educaition. To the right we have people taking on the colours of education rather than purely abstract contructs. Each see a view point colouring the people holding them
  • We have powerful telescope seeing to the edge of time, yet our fragile world is hell bent on self destruction
  • This is a clumsy note to my self, You have the emotional coersion of wings, with barbs to stop you asking why. You look at a useless cups an pea game that fleeces you of intellectual resources so you can get the rabbit/shit in the hat.
  • Oil war madness
  • I was horiffied by a 30 mm cannon on a helicopter “Platform” gunning 3 Iraqi men in the dead of night from the horizon. My feeling that the US had a my view or Shut up, I said shut up view of the situation. Where these combatants, where these people anything to do with the US agenda. The guiding star was out, sitting as a sight on the US weapon system
  • This is a portrat of my business partner. We were fleeced by crooks, and the sense of must keep going sort of failed to connect with really flawed individuals
  • Light – still things are fussy, the famous heisenburg uncertainty principle. When electrons know they arent going anywhere, they don’t know exactly where they are and expand to little eggs. So when you hug some one you are really squeesing lots of electon eggs.
  • Super nova and most explosives implode before the explode. The surface or giant starts start burning and blast inward creating a starsize nuclear bomb. In a sense this creation in seven days. The story was I was handed in Physics lecturers was that a Dutch guy who didn’t like bombs thought he would do something harmless like look at stars. He uncover the secret that nuclear bombs are contained by nuclear rocket imploding the bomb. I think it would be unlikely that a terrorist organization could do anything more than just chuck nuclear fuel at people.
  • Every winter the sun turns off at the poles, O2 stops splitting creating O that stick to 02 to form 03 or ozone. Yes there has always been a hole. The problem is that when the sun switches on in Spring it take longer than usual to rebuild. So what is going on. The antarctic air is too clean, the smog that eat up ozone destroying demons. The smog is hooked to ice clouds. I have the antarctic dawn uncovering an antmosphere full of deamons. I found it exasperating, and surprising. This was a little much to steer people in the right direction and be treated as a nut. I gave up pointing out the ozone mountain circling outside the hole. Open you eye and look at the contour plot.
  • Planetary falconary, the art of falling to earth and missing as it orbits our of the way, lets us trick probes to the outer solar system
  • Chenoble what an accident! A nuclear reactor built like a cannon over heats and blows it core into the sky. There was a PhD student shutting it down for his thesis, and someone on another section juicing more power out. Everything was fine one minute, but a tad unstable. Then it was something that was hard to cover up.
  • Orbital Gravity gently tugs you off to one side until you find you are going in a circle. If you have a moon you dance in an out of your center of mass. So when the moon is infront of the sun we are actually a little further from the sun even though there is more mass out there above us.
  • This is a place mat, say you are asked to plan 7 rows of 8 Seeds, you can do so adding the successive totals
  • Light is just lovely and is a window into the space around us. There are very few people I know to talk about it with. Most people know about sparks and fridge magnets. In space when an electric field shrinks the magnetic field grows, and this rises and falls like your left and right feet walking. Blue is high frequency short steps, Red is longer, gate keeping the same speed
  • If you look up at the sky at night you see stars suspended in a goo of dark matter (left). If it was not there, stars would fall into the center of the galaxy and zip out into deep space. (right). I am spooked by this one. The dark matter has to be fluffy so it packs to a galaxy size ball a galactic invisible nerf ball, that makes changes the gravity gradient from a cannon ball on a waterbed to a gentle salad bowl. I am spooked by how every galaxy gets just the right amount of dark matter, it is definitely there though, when you look at groups of galaxies dark matter is pulling these together. So small galaxies have small amounts, and large galaxies have large amounts. All galaxies are 90% dark matter. We are coupled to it by gravity and nothing else. I wonder does dark matter fall into a blackhole, does it obey E= M (c = 1 to me). Out of ignorance, and seeing that galaxies are systems in balance, I sense a reverse process, perhaps dark matter is created by blackholes. It goes like this not enough dark matter, the blackholes top it up, while too much dark matter it shuts down the black holes.
  • How do you explain light to a blind person. I havent really, but Light is born and dies with a “Electric dipole transition moment” that is light is “The sound of an electron dropping”
  • Iraq, what a mess. The footage of US boys hamming up and shooting an unarmed iraqi that was cleared the day before, for fakeing being dead. Then the rifles unsecured on a pole in the center of the room. The window attracted my attention, what the US were doing was so wrong from a point of view of a professional soldier, my attention and spirit flew out the window, I felt a sense of the visitation in this hell hole, and the spooky US media soldier in the back.
  • When I found out that the speed of sound is different for different directions through the earth, I found it jaw dropping profound. How new age, we are living on a coated crystal. So it is not a single crystal, but the vast majority of the core is made from iron crystal that are aligned in the same way. The image of spherical core reminds us of some Avacado or something.
  • Tony Abbot smirked when corner by Tony Jones about seeing the Catholic Archbishop before the election. The image of confession story that was a bit of a fraud or deception was demonic, toxic. I went to Jesuit Xavier college in the old Hungarian embassy, seeded I feel to get the Catholics to campaign against conscription. I feel there is such a broadcast / live dynamic represented by the barrier.
  • Dispair
  • 9/11. This image just drew it self, I had a sense of mindless sexual/ business politics where people conjure up quite toxic business data, and to through a courtship of telling everyone about it. I had a sense of high up looking down on the poor people who would receive “the commitment to the customer”, then by magic almost the plane appeared, I can’t describe it.
  • When a laser penetrates the inky blackness of a lab, or shines out over vast dark farm land the put colour creates some sort of energy in the black. Labour of voids.S
  • Modern Technology man, coming as a drop of water from a pipette into a world of complexity.
  • My angular momentum duck. You can walk around the duck at the same speed, closer to the duck the more times you spin around, but you travel at the same speed. So if you sit on a spinning stool with a phone book, that phone book will travel at the same speed, hug it into you and you will spin faster. The badly drawn duck has something to do with all the fuss and mystery surrounding angular momentum.
  • Every few 100 thousand years the earths magnetic poles flip, and so to the sun. It does so in an unpredicable way. For me I look at a system think of it Hamatonian, if it is diagonizable it is classical and can be animated and predicted if is not diagonizable, ie a three body problem it is chaotic. So our earths magnetic dynamo is chaotic in direction, and also in strength. Living on a mad top is a bit unsettling. So how do we know, well sea floor oozes out ward and two ships with sensitive magnatometers can sail outward on east and one west and listen to the flipping of the poles in stereo. I thought everyone new this, so far it is 1 out of 39 friends, and he is a geology lecturer. Okay chaos isnt anything to be afraid off, there is some range of conditions the earths magnetic field will hunt out, there will be some it favours, some it will be no go. I can live with chaos. What upset me is a dynamo with no insulation. The whole earth conducts rather nicely, hot rocks molten rocks lots of mobile ions and electrons. As me to make a dynmo with just bare wire and chuck it a bucket and then a furnace. You have to be joking, I asked the Toronto expert, and it was “we know”. I cant describe the lift journey down from his office, I felt so distant from every one after this.
  • I like the sun, as it polutes it self it burns hotter, we are all going to fry! It takes a month for it to spin around, and the waist spin faster than the poles. Now that would be some complex calander
  • Magnetic field comes from current, and an electron at rest is still spinning, Put in a box or atom each new electron spins to undo the spin of the last. And this broad cast a tiny magnetic field. Things in this magnetic field get addicted to it, the electrons of atoms spend more time in the intense magnetic field, and drag the nuclie of atoms that drags the who rock show. Not for Bismuth, it is anti magnetic, If you have a some bismuth filings while the iron ones are going yippe bismuth ones would be push gently away.
  • Strategically, us wilderness scientists needed to cluster. I thought of bees, 10 seconds and the Psycologist say that kids hate kiddy stuff, and this for me is a snap shot of a dumb idea
  • The French Frog see the missile we see going off. It will land, the spin merchants will put it on target. What can I say but it feels does feel like consentual intellectual exchange between adults.
  • Alpha particles through gold foil, The vast majority went through to the keeper, the odd one hit the nuclei. In pitching terms it was when we found out that the batting nuclie was about the size of an action hero and we were a pile of fussy electron top to toe. Most of our bulk , doesn’t weigh anything.
  • This is a image of a nuclear reactor. Nuclear reaction, would have to be a Physicists fantasy land. Neutrons are amazing. The glide through any thing, paper, wood, bricks lead. They have no charge and so what is the big deal with matter. And they are radio active, that’s right after about a minute the decays to a pretty powerful x ray and a hydrogen atom. Uranium 235 can pick up slow neutrons, and then it turns into 236 and falls apart spewing our demonic fast neutrons. These fast demons don’t hang around and glide out ot the action like ghosts. So by putting light atoms like water or carbon, the neutrons cool off and find their targets. If you hit a tenis ball off a wall, the tennis ball bounces off. Billards we know how to take the heat of a ball by getting it to knock another on. So if you think of a billiard table you get a feel for why you put in the control rods to rev up your reactor. I of course find it lonely not being able to share my enthusiasm with my friends, I was blown away by reading a “Tin Tin” comic with just a fantanstic detailed description in it. Oh well, In the exploding clown the escape neutrons are travelling like a bat out of hell.
  • Come on guys, don’t be so daft. We are seen Uranus’s rings fall appar in years, It is just not good enough to say I don’t know where Saturns rings come form, but they are fading Let us time reverse the picture a bit a few 100 million years, and we have a smoking gun to a core explosion. Now looking at, the earth moon computer generated ballet, sure you need the spin but there is no evidence of a contamination of any earth rocks or moon rocks from a collision.
  • I had produced about 5 images since the bee hive, before I got the thumbs down. I remembered that the diffration pattern of honeycomb is a six pointed star in star saphie and star rubies. Star rubies are instrument barings and they are so beautiful. So I generated this image which hold a volume of void, and then I put an intellect in it.
  • HyperSPACE 5 in quatum mechanical Bra –Kets is the name of a consortia of friends, Mad mad Mad Dice is an invention to take control of the education curriculum, it hasn’t so far an is a sign of the huge innertia of I don’t want to hearers
  • This is an ion charging into the earths magnetic field. It twines around lines forming a little electromagnet as you find in speakers, this wipes out surrounding lines, and push more lines inside, the twining ever sharper. This is what happens for southern lights and plasma balls and explains while iron filing line up. This is a picture of the H = B – M, where M is the induced magnetic field. What can I say, but when I look at a magnetic circuit I see green and mauve lines
  • I pick up a rock in Antarctica it is a meterio, how do I know it comes from mars? Well its oxygen isotope ratio means that a machine can taste it. Moon rocks taste earthy, and we can run spectral analysis at a distance of planet. This great, no one seems to have picked it up, but it means that the earth is pure, and hasn’t had the crap belted out of it to make the moon
  • I am working on this on, you can pull electrons out of a metal, and make a battery by pulling it through a magnetic field
  • Galeleo, really speaks to me. He lived in a world that refused to look through telescopes. What I like is that he really discovered our concept of time by looking at church chandaller that kept pace with a hymn. So the church provide everything for its undoing. What I like, is that special relativity slows in times, the pendula swing more slowly and for it exert the same strain on the rope is must get heavier. This is one aspect of Special realativity that the mass increases in travelling frames.
  • Red hot, white hot As you boil up, heat up a object, most familirly an metal filiament, or an iron on the fire. As you heat up the electrons they make bluer light
  • This is a picture of a Fermi surface.
  • The history of man, on earth a insignificant drop of water. We emerged as a species 200,000 years ago. It took 100,000 years to move up Africa, DNA records indicate that a disaster struck at the triangle gates, we were down to just one man and a few women. Adam and a few Eves. Aboriginals make it to Austalia 40,000 European 30,000 Americas 10,000 Columbus made it to the new world 400 years ago.
  • Snow flakes are associated with chrismas. There is a mechanism, for snow flakes to tell the swarm of water molecules where it wants the next one, and do so by casting off imperfect molecules. It is abeautiful vibrating machine that produces perfection. The use of cast offs to slow and doc is something I saw in a high temperature discharge, and it was truly beautiful to see is all around me, in buckball, blood and snowflakes.
  • I looked at a company ARCResearch. They are automating teaching, collecting all their information this is the picture drawn. The response was “Exactly”.
  • Special relativity. If I walk at 5 kmph in a train traveling 5 Kmph I move relative to a bloke on the ground a tiny little bit slower than 10 kmph. So on and so on so you are clawed back from going faster than light. That is the way it is folks
  • I want to explain silicone diodes to my kids the same way my father explained valves to me. He was australia first computer programer, invented computer music, and had to do s valve check before cacluation. Here it you drive electrons into the holes in the depletion layer of a diode you make an insulator or resistor. It is like traffic and road design.
  • I have heard a lot of research on Formula, some one has the gaul to say that it is normal for you baby to poo blood on formula. Like how stupid are we. Formula make fatter, dumber kids, that have more asma, more allergies and die earlier costing the public purse billions.
  • An idea in stages
  • When a electron moves it gets wings of magnetic field lines up for red down for blue. If you let your mind imagine this you can see currents suck to each other and electrons weave in magnetic field. Try putting a magnet near a TV, becareful you can wreck it.
  • A conductor with free electrons. The packing of the Fermi sphere with sheep leaving the free electron sheep dogs.
  • Electrons being ripped out of glass. Glass has voids get crafted by the early currents. Later they have a fair crack at accelerating and knocking of other electrons in a cascade. Thus you see high energy molecules on the surface of glass, as well as charateristic current spikes
  • This is a story of women in science and it is so female. 1900 approx harvard was producing millions of star photos. The manage said the arm of blokes” My maid could do a better job” he stopped as the truth of what he let slip sunk in. Not only better she was a star recuiter and soon you had female eyes for detail picking up blinking stars. Brighter , slower blink, so if was dim for its beat, then in was far away and did you notice redder. Girls made space 3D and the colour showed it was falling apart.
  • My mind note of intentionality, knowing tother people you know that they know you know that they know….
  • Yucky Picture, but welcome to my PhD thesis. I discovered the worlds smallest molecule in conditions that there couldn’t possibly be molecules. I was niaeve enough to believe physical evidence and assume we didn’t know every thing. At these temperature atoms are moving to violently to form bonds unless of course you had a ripper of a cooling system, here signified as a poor pidgeon that is going to cop it to drop the molecule down the whole. Just a ripper to know about, people playing politics don’t know what they are missing.
  • Channels to market (Yellow) Suppliers – blue, Buyers who want everything red. I see channels sucking up smaller more costly lower innovation chanels. Consumers want innovations the little stars. Now dumb channel punch out innovations that are local, they are in the wrong place they should be up at the supply side. But their innovation feed is vunerable so it is really dumb strategy not to invest in local innovation as you will be eaten up. Or so I think.
  • Task force, a consortia of different capablities working together to effect damage on the goal.
  • The three sisters ( I count fourish) seen through industrial eyes
  • It is incredible how people cut trees to see a view, a bit deficient in brain power mind you. I was really struck by a Empire picture in NSW parliament where trees are painted felled so the artist can frame planting of the Union Sacred hanky.
  • Penrith plaza, ideal bug environment
  • The outrage of 9/11
  • Media bias. Blue mountain gazette is bought to you free, or if we all refused to read it would the rash of shonky development disappear?
  • Guilt, my experiance is dealing with characters working with different types of guilt as a great guilt team
  • JUD
  • A scud finally hit 24 marines tucked up in bed. That is out rageous, unfair, so the general prayed to God, and he told the his pilots to waiste the routeing iraqi army. At the time we were told the usual rape, turning of humidi cribs, but now the found they were stealing perfume from Kiwait city. Perhaps they we concerned about smelling good as they burned to death.
  • Tsunami, souls under water
  • Robert
  • We are killing Arabs with lies delivered with Simplicty, something develop to cope with a world crowded with overpowering technology.
  • I don’t know about you, I think for my self, the bible is a bit like a betty crocker mix
  • Sort of a hard point to make the size of atoms are all over the place due to shielding. The mix of processes packs facinating suprises about irons.
  • The Aztec, so violent you had to laugh. Mass killing we so popular that the other tribes couldn’t get the spanish to mexico city fast enough. It started when the Axtec chief was offered a neibouring Chiefs daughter in marriage as something had to be done. “Honey I want to get into your skin” had another meaning when he skinned her and wore here as a coat. A few months with now communication, the ambassadors drop in turned to a jaw dropper, and even by local standard this was drive to tribe into lake mexico matterial. But they forgot to invent the wheel, so they put the axtecs at the center of awater communicaiton mode and in 70 years the empire boomed and fanchises sprung up. When the King asked a local tribe to divert a river the engineer of the tribe, said I will chat with the king. He was listen to and he decide “Kill the engineer” problem sorted, but they forgot to invent the arch so the king ran from the rising water and brained himself on an arch. So this litterally was an own goal as the spanish arrived. There is something I that!
  • Every once in a while you read a classic that should not be. The romans were coming to Sicily around 260BC, and they werent coming to for a sleep over. So the greeks shined their shield and torch the ships in a solar furnace. I think people miss the point if the look beyond the ideas,
  • A greek mathematician held up Roman conquest of his island with engineered machines. When the romans finally took the island job one was to kill the mathematician while he drew on the sand
  • Alexander the great, tutored by Archimedes, made a discovery. You don’t have to read aloud. He wasn’t to imaginative in naming cities and founded some twenty Alexandrias. The great library at alexandria on the Nile, was built with a great light house. The light house was going out into an inky black of an ancient world.
  • Bush, stood infront of his Dark green presidential chopper and declared the they were going build the bomb, and invented a ficticious institue to support the claim I call it the AEIOU, but folks we took a turn in history and no one has called Bush to account.
  • The humanity crusher
  • Tsunami: the infill wave from the sea side rushes in a keeps going
  • Logo of a robot company.
  • The idea of a place to live with technology and link to other relms
  • Three commonsense things to do for any thing. Open the door s for all, don’t preach and treat every one with respect as peers, then introduce ideas that enable development
  • The real reason of Curricula is to send people away. You can recast in a Data base, that can compare and order information as never before.
  • America planned a naval fleet with long range guns that could out shoot the Spanish. They were painted white, they had no fear. They turned up to annex California, they turned up a year early, when away as the Spanish had live in the shadow of an irrepesaible invasion. I believe the Americian have fused European culture with North American Native warlikeness.
  • The focus of a scientific eye
  • Bottle feed kids are 14 IQ points less smarter breast feed brain food babies
  • Madagascar, Not one F****** tree. A Christian Marxist state, where having 14 children 7 girls and 7 boys is lucky, 10 starving cows are better than two healthy cows, and the forests are nearly gone. Madagascans are everywhere.
  • Pulpit, minerett, sky channel, don’t look behind you might loose reception
  • An idea for Glenbrook Lagoon. A thought pyriamid. A loan man puts in feral fish so he can fish, and has hijacked community thought on the topic. The shore has a thought pyramid for people to write to the loan man and come up with agreed plan to turn the situation arround. I have the feeling of art short cutting social barriers
  • Barriers
  • A woman at Penrith Station
  • Alexander graham bell wanted to make a talking robot. Obviously mad, concerned relatives gave him puppy. After some work, he returned squeezing the dog and operating it throat claiming it said….. And the rest is histroy
  • The poor Irish political prisoners couldn’t really get into the spirit of australia. For them Ireland green, and England (blue) was south of Australia (brown), because it is cold and cold winds blow from the south, There four china was to the North. So in the 10’s, 20’s and even 50’s they down tools a walked into the northern sun toward China. Now the general view was that the Irish were really stupid. But one can see that the governor organized a demonstration expedition to show that Australia was totally useless.
  • Football was all the rage in central America, the games were intense because the looser lost their lives, adding a new meaning to elimination round robin.
  • Falling over
  • Weight of void
  • The killing of and Italian
  • Using quantum “Peal copying” you can conceptually teleport information across the universe in an instant. The key to that information however has to snail across at the speed of light.
  • I like the Aswan Oblesk factory, the idea of orders for solar clocks in the ancient world , sailing down the nile. It out there
  • Metals, have too many electrons they are dripping electrons and would fall off if it wasn’t for the charge. Touch a metal spoon and you are touching electrons
  • The north axis of the earth rotates as each year the earth has to go through a little extra space pulled in by the sun.
  • Concept
  • Tipping point
  • Lenin saw him self looking into the future
  • Small boy and a barrier
  • The Australian Government using convention, what we call backyard cricket. The people in green, achieve governance of the rainbow division of power. The brown square between the red and blue upper and lower houses is convention, and at the end of the day the is no bound on power, when the man holding the bat says off to war… he has the bat doesn’t he.
  • Rear view
  • Girl thinking
  • Girl holding a concept
  • The Female hospital ship turning back on the way to the Kokoda trail. This rang a real bell with me, where women pull back in “I told you so” mode and mission carries on with ships plying a dark sea.
  • prick
  • A t the royal easter show, a horse person told me she had toilet trained her horse and was collecting bets on it regularly. I say wow!
  • The woman in the Coma for 15 year dragging back the living.
  • The unrinal at Glenbrook Station
  • Primenumbers
  • More primes
  • The ideas that prime numbers build all others.
  • The universe at one stage fitted in the palm of a hand. This enabled the universe to be hung with the same paper. We now see all the same paper hung all over the edge of the universe.
  • The sky is blue , the planet is blue because blue bends more. UV can sneak under shade.
  • A triangle, equivalent angles and 180 degrees on the inside
  • Looking a pi interms of number of diameters in the perimeter of a circle
  • Colour orb
  • The angelas, by Millet.
  • Inspired by Dali, the surrealism doesn’t have the right energy for me. The idea is that the cross is a gigantic space platform that operates opportunities
  • Looking at the opportunities, one has to know why they are there
  • All you can do
  • Pythagoras, I don’t know why this is out there
  • Hunting cat
  • Horizon cat
  • Sunscreen
  • Powerlines filling space
  • An interviewer of the then new pope John paulII asked if he would miss skiing. “ Oh no they won’t let me do that”
  • Emily Bats
  • I talked Peter Milla about business, commercialization. He made a beautiful description, that my mind was a V8 engine working on so many levels, and a child close to a V8 with all the noise would find it frightening, so people without the education would find it hard to manage. I think it is useful to have this in your head with out the ego about it. It was a beautiful image.
  • Kirsty the clever Kangaroo
  • As part of process improvement, the second fleet put all their food on the HMAS Supply, and all the troublesome convicts on the other ship. That way if they Muntinied they would be stuffed, but the Supply hit an ice burg and sank. The first fleet didn’t really get going with gusto, they got really second rate tools , cold weather seed, and dodgie tools.
  • Gengas Kan, in the early days was about spent seiging a fortified Chinese city. He notices cats darting out for food only to return. His army caught the cats, tied rags to their tails, lit them and they ran terrified back to the city. The rest is history, by geng said, “I wont be able to try that one again!”
  • The sea is terrifing because can think of yourself in deep water
  • Domestic altar, what I feel is contrast to the anglelus where there is no horizon, no man, no peice
  • Car turning right, I like how we can sense where a car is going from where it is on the road. We have a cultural sense of where of motion.
  • English culture was shipped to Australia in a flat pack, and like IKEA furnature, we slapped it together and then checked the photo on the box. English shipped out sufferage or the right to vote if you owned a certain acreage, but in Australia this meant giving every one the vote. The small coal face fish bowl of early Australia, really undid English culture.
  • During the selection of the Pope, the sistine chapel is scanned for electronic bugs so only pure spiritual communication is allowed.
  • Weight of void
  • Neutinos, every nuclear reaction produces lots of them they stream out, go right through the earth with out doing any thing but occasionally causing a glow in inky black detectors inside mine shafts.
  • Rainbow from a Physicists point of view
  • Self portait
  • Hard to explain ideas about Intellectual Property, marriage is a mutual monopoly contract, that has a future planned about it. And so does IP Only it is alien and soulless. It is negative in that you have to be seduced by the end play of the IP and work backward, yet in marriage you forget about the end and jump in.
  • Hi Voltage
  • A plan
  • The pathology of tree felling is sickeningly unstopable, and feeds on this sickness. At the end of the day, the council gets kick backs for felling trees, residents from clear felled suburbs are tree felling zombies breading the next generation of zombies.
  • 3 cosmonauts died after 2 weeks on TV and their craft depressurized in a tiny leak, The made a perfect landing, but were totally silent.
  • Scale by a door, boxing an orb
  • Esher
  • The second Russian in space was rushed to meet the 60 th May day. With 203 major faults Yuri was kept well away as a Russian General took over management. The lone cosmonaught struggled through all the faults, solar panels sticking, reentry but was stopped by the 203 rd fault of the parachute twisting.
  • Tactics are for things, Strategy effects how people think of things, and behave, Often People miss this
  • Amazing, just drew itself, it is about politicians looking after politics but neglecting the country.
  • Mathematical view of God. Circle of an infinite being, Triangle of a finite one that we can relate to (ie the son) the square is the link or spirit while the hexagon it the perseption of it all.
  • Catastropy theory, Behavior changes from flight to fight, or ignore to deal. Taking the biblical slant Jesus by sweeping the coins of the money changes table meant that he could no longer be ingored
  • Galaxies cast three images if there is an interviening black hole. The light goes direct, curve ball right and left.
  • Coxing electrons of an electrode, by a crashing photon or by a wind or input electrode. These are valves explained to me by my father who would test hundreds of them before a nights computing on Cirac.
  • Noah has a scenario in science. We know that there was a catastropic volcano 74,000 years ago, before boats and arc, and we also know that the human population collapsed to just on Y cromosone. What I have here is an ark being a sheltered alpine valley. For some reason Noak goes to the valley early, and latter as conditions deteriorate animals seek shelter their to. To noah this would appear as animals being sent to the ark. The three people in the forground have wombs that will never be filled. What I like is figuring out the various scenarios
  • A female tounge touching a battery. From teaching electronics I found that girls didn’t aquire this sensation through play, and I found it quite alienating
  • A simple explanaiton of angular momentum as experience in a science museaum. A lot of people
  • The idea of a place to live with technology and link to other relms
  • The pyramid is critical philisophical knowledge, a bit detached.The vast majority people seem to think of knowledge as a foundation to run and negotate life. This is technology space. Mystics, mediums and artist are less constrained and can follow linkages, still rationize how they can use their free association brain power, of often dismissed as flakey.
  • The intellectual take on the US pull out of Somalia is that the locals were high on a leaf narcotic that made them uncontrollably aggressive, the Yanks are brought up on diet of guns an TV voilence, witnessing some 100,000 TV murders.
  • The feeling of out of body pressure
  • Real an in family Joke, my father gave australia’s first computer science lecture by dad, two trucks driving head on 50 miles an hour, and 100 miles appart. A fly flies at 200 miles and hour between the two trucks how far does it travel before it gets killed when every one dies. People are obsessed with the best way to calculate, but who says the fly will stick around!
  • Loaves of bread as information packets, emotion is the only meaning
  • It looks like out of body, but for me the feet are that of the surgeon rising up to heaven during the “Rapture”. This is in the fine print of the bible, and is one of those check this out clauses in any contract.
  • Westie Virgin
  • Aztec capital, a floating city, The sun was all important, running on sacrifies in the blue buildings. Cortes built a Navy and cut the bridges.
  • Consumer void
  • An event projecting up into the spiritual as people navigate on ley lines
  • An objective in many steps
  • The great dividing range is progressive head damage of Australian that is working its way downwards .
  • The modern media seems to be lulled into the feeling that some how the lie of children over board was let past passively by John Howard, I wanted to lie to stick in the mouth
  • Detention is state of mind of John Howard, he is a prisioner of his own logic
  • Welcome to a beautiful world of fraction sticks. A whole number is made up of primes. Autisic people know this and can factorize numbers, there is a story of ajitation if you suggest primes to them, “They hit their heads”. If you have a pile that can be cut neatly in half ( and thus doubled ) you have whole number route. If this is not the case say for 61, where you have half primes or irrational numbers. Seen at the bottom is a rational number with red numbers beneath the line. You can see you cant make up a purple from greens and reds. Pythagoras, is reputed to have drowned a student who suggested that there were purple numbers
  • Depiction (ways of getting to a point ) and a description ( the point as represented in a medium) and finally a mathematical point which does not exist except in human consciousness. So 1/8 and 0.125 are different depictions or recipes to get to a point, but in a medium you can only represent it once, as a mark or a pixel. Some descriptions lead no where, and some lead every where. Lack of mastery of the conceptual space will lead to confusion. Pi equals 22/7 is alive and well in the education department of NSW croping up at schools, exams. The people in Det are really prisioners of this picture wandering between different descriptions in their waking hour before they sleep the sleep of the dumb sucking our childrens furture into an inky blackhole of ignorance.
  • Embryo, I find it emotional
  • Using prime number sticks to explain lowest common denominator addition of unlike fractions. The green is the prime composition of the numerator, while the red is the prime decompostion of the denominator, You make the denominators common so you can perform operations. Flakey people in the Department of education, hum and har about whether a knowledge of primes really do hold the key to further maths. With the inability to rely on mathematical proof to teach maths they are in free fall.
  • A image from the Enterance, the feeling of what cant be seen.
  • People go through mock consultation, to sneak up with their agendas and do the deed
  • Pragmatist looking at a field of wild innovations,
  • I find locating parts of the body for the different epochs of time, gives a sense of proportion.The solar system begins on the pinky of the left hand you count forward from left to right on hands then on toes, with each digit equal to a billion years. The pink lines on the fingers is life on earth, while the lighter line is the invention of eyes and the subsequent explosion in complexity of life on earth.
  • “a two she bears took all the children of the village” This is a section from the bible that reads like a 60 minute beat up. Kids from a village taunted a hermit holly man and God sent in two she bears to eat all the children.
  • Dispair of secrets
  • This is a feeling that we need to inject community into tree planting.The chain saw is so loud and unquestionable, in exolerable. I just want to add magic to the Australian mundain
  • Four wiggles, no fab four no, but the four forces of nature, gravity, electromagnitism, strong and electro weak.
  • Radioactivity was discovered by putting a lump of Uranium rich rock, on a photographic plate in a draw. I like the idea of cleaning up opening up a modern era
  • Dark matter is big not concentrated, thus the centre of the galaxy feel little tidal force and spins too slowly, a cup of coffee with it parabolic curve as the liquid is stired create a similar effect in your coffee cup
  • Some one has to say it. The egyptians worshiped to scarb beetle rolling the dung across the sky but didn’t come up with the wheel, this is awesome.
  • Many years after being defeated in Italy Hanibal as a consultant, found out that a allie of rome couldn’t handle snakes, so organized urns of snakes to be hurled into the ships of the opposing navy causing an instant win, I like the psychology of fear
  • Working class calvary, the crusifiction and construction have a real outdoor feel
  • Decimalsare linked to fractions, this shows only multiplescombinations of 2 and 5, will make finite, decimals
  • ‘e’ is the natural number. There is a beautiful balance about it, with the gradient, area it covers, and its value all equal. It is not a rational number, so it never ends. It is calculated by an infinite series of rational numbers. The area under the curve from negative infinity to zero is one, while that area up to one is ‘e’ or 2.718
  • Aztec Fast food, Six performed the sacrifice, one you were dressed as a God, then through you down the steep temple to the Waiting crowd. They ate the body and blood of god. This is interesting how and why sacrafice gets into a culturer and why it turns to people.
  • It is hard to get your mind around Aztec thinking, but you have to give it to the sothsayers, when the king ordered a stone to be moved for even more killings, rather than not doing it they said the stone spoke refusing to move. In modern times people are stopped doing really horrible things because of a report, bad PR, implications, but not because it is fundemenally bad.
  • When a laser penetrates the inky blackness of a lab, or shines out over vast dark farm land the put colour creates some sort of energy in the black. Labour of voids.S
  • When a laser penetrates the inky blackness of a lab, or shines out over vast dark farm land the put colour creates some sort of energy in the black. Labour of voids.S
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