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All the information to decide whether to contact Dr. Gruder about the possibility of speaking or training for your group.

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Speaking/Training Information Dr. Gruder

  1. 1. How Dr. G Discovered The Integrity Effect™ & The Thrill of Living™At age three I traded in the Thrill of Living™ that I cherished until then for the burden of being apremature grownup for my depressed parents and autistic younger brother. Not until my mid-teens did I start to regain my access to happiness, at least in some situations.I continued to gradually reclaim my happiness as I created an enviably fulfilling career as apsychologist. I married a woman I adored and believed I would be with for the rest of my life. AIfelt happy at last, but I couldn’t access feel deep-seated joy. My Thrill of Living™ had not yetreturned. But, my life had exceeded my dreams, so I believed this was as good as it would get.In 1998 it all began to unravel, starting with a four year string of successive traumas andupheavals. The climax was being in the New York area on 9/11, followed by my own twintowers collapsing six months later, when my first wife utterly shocked me by ending (with myunconscious collusion) our 15 year supposedly divorce-proof marriage.My seemingly charmed life crumbled. I experienced a depth of emotional pain anddisorientation that went far beyond anything I had ever before felt. The way I put it at the timewas that I had been “bludgeoned into surrender,” even though I did not immediately grasp thedepth of what I was surrendering to.After weeks of being utterly emotionally incapacitated in the wake of my first wife’s departure,I literally fell to my knees and demanded of God that massive gifts ultimately come from thisbludgeoning that were far greater than my pain was deep… or I would end my life.From 2002 and 2004, I was gradually gifted with massive emotional and spiritual healing. Thebiggest gift of all was that I reclaimed my ongoing Thrill of Living™, which I had abandoned atage three. What made this possible was facing and repairing key integrity deficits I hadn’t evenknown I had, but which had been significantly limiting my light and my happiness.What this led to was a new Personal Mission: “I co-create a world of love, enlightenment,integrity and abundance by fully sharing my huge heart, vision and playfulness.”Out of this came my second print book four: a six-award-winner entitled “The New IQ: HowIntegrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World.” Today I live in dailygratitude for everything that led to the crumbling of my life in 2002, and for all the remarkablemiracles that emerged in its wake. I have at last regained full access to my Thrill of Living™.My life journey prepared me perfectly to be passionately dedicated to assisting individuals,businesses and leaders in re-kindling their Thrill of Life™ by harnessing the power of theIntegrity Effect™. I was designed to do this work. The purpose of all of my life experiences wasto create the foundation I needed to be able to fulfill this mission in an integrious loving way.If you seek to kindle The Thrill of Living™ in your personal and work life, it is my delight andhonor to help you (and your organization!) open those doors. (David Gruder, PhD., DCEP, CA Licensed Psychologist PSY 9266) © 2011 I N T E G R I T Y R E VO L U T I O N , LLC  A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D PAGE 1 OF 8 PHONE & FAX M AILING ADDRESS I N T E R N E T & E- M A I L TEL +1-858-755-1988 1155 Camino Del Mar, PMB 516 www.TheNewIQ.com FAX +1-858-876-3044 Del Mar, CA 92014-2605 USA info@TheNewIQ.com
  2. 2. Event Planners Explain “Why Dr. Gruder?”Dr. Gruder has provided literally hundreds of lectures, training programs and consultation engagementssince the 1970s. These have ranged from keynotes to commencement addresses to hospital GrandRounds to multi-day workshops at international conferences, to teaching classes for a wide array oforganizations and disciplines. Far more convincing than how we would answer this question, here’s whatevent planners say about Dr. Gruder and why he exceeds expectations. “Dr. Gruder’s workshops are meticulously planned. He is a brilliant analyst and fine synthesizer of human experience. Planning a workshop with Dr. Gruder is a delight. He is prompt, clear and courteous. Our participants gave Dr. Gruder outstanding evaluations.” – MM & CP, Alphacom Consultants & Event Planners, Alberta, Canada “Dr. Gruder is incredible….whether it be in teaching, coaching, or mentoring colleagues, he excels.” – DG, Principal, Guthrie & Associates, Certified Meeting Planner “I attended Davids speaking events for over ten years, including events I hired him to provide. His personable and disarming style combines with his training design talents and impeccable materials to create powerful changes in thinking and behavior that result in more satisfying lives and career effectiveness.” – JGC, Former Trainer for the Ken Blanchard Companies “David is an authority on Integrity and a collaborative Spirit. Hes very good at discussing sensitive issues for the benefit of others. He also happens to be an authority on Propaganda and its effect on business and our society. A truly fascinating topic. I not only recommend him, I invited him to speak to a group of colleagues, for their benefit, and I’m very glad I did.” – Dave Phillipson, CEO Space Club President “Dr. Gruder combines strong intelligence, genuine kindness and a masterful teaching style. Attendees sought me out to say that the event was outstanding and awesome, that Dr. Gruder’s teaching style was magnificent, and that he presented the material at a very digestible pace. As the event coordinator, I found him particularly easy to work with regarding the planning and logistical details. For all of these reasons I confidently recommend Dr. Gruder to any event planner seeking an effective speaker and trainer with great audience appeal.” – PB, Manager, Orlando Regional Employee Assistance Program “Thank you so much for the high degree of excellence you bring to your programs. Given another 20 years I might get to where you are, but I doubt it.” – Gregory J. Nicosia, PhD, DCEP, Past President, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology “Thank you for your excellently rated address at our annual conference. You were so well received and the presentation was simply a hit.” – DS, Certified Meeting Planner, Conference & Meetings DirectorTypical Attendee Comments “Utterly moving and captivating – very useful information.” "Very user-friendly – presented in a very easy, understandable, digestible way.” “My favorite speaker on the program.” “The highlight of the conference – could have had entire conference on his material.” © 2011 I N T E G R I T Y R E VO L U T I O N , LLC  A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D PAGE 2 OF 8 PHONE & FAX M AILING ADDRESS I N T E R N E T & E- M A I L TEL +1-858-755-1988 1155 Camino Del Mar, PMB 516 www.TheNewIQ.com FAX +1-858-876-3044 Del Mar, CA 92014-2605 USA info@TheNewIQ.com
  3. 3. For Businesses & Conferences: C Suite, Managers, StaffsThe Business Happiness Formula™ for today’s executives, managers and employees that kindlestheir Thrill of Business™ & turbocharges their effectiveness, productivity, loyalty and integrity.Keynotes Half-Day Training Full Day Training Multi-Day FacilitationThe Hijacking of The Formula for Creating the Installing the BusinessHappiness & the Killing Rekindling The Thrill Collaborative Company Happiness Formula™ inof Positive Business of Business™ in Your Culture that Makes Your CompanySentiment People Integrity Profitable™A Master Plan to The New Business IQ: Installing Collaborative Accountability TrainingEradicate Entitlement, Collaborative Accountability for ManagersLaziness & Pilfering Accountability MechanismsThe Five Archetypal Extended Intro to the Upgrading Your Five Integrity-CenteredDimensions of Servant Five Archetypes of Servant Leadership Leadership MentoringLeadership Servant Leadership ArchetypesTurbo-Charge Your How to Identify & Upgrading Your FiveEffectiveness at Work: Intervene Well with TheraCoaching With Flavors of PersonalThe 5 Forms of Personal the Five Types of Difficult People PowerPower Difficult PeopleFor University Speaker Series & Commencement AddressesThe Lifetime Happiness Formula™ that kindles the Thrill of Education™ & upgrades criticalthinking, collaboration, personal integrity and social responsibility.Keynotes or Half-Day Training Full Day TrainingCommencement Addresses Formula for Creating LifetimeThe Hijacking of Happiness & Happiness Without Sacrificing Your Keys to 3D Integrity & Multi-How to Keep Your Thrill of Personal Integrity or Social Dimensional WealthLiving Alive as an Adult ResponsibilityThe Seven WisePassions of The Education in Being Human Upgrading Your SevenHappiness, Integrity, Freedom You Always Needed But Never Got WisePassions& ResponsibilityEntitlement Disorder: How It Self-Responsibility Training: The Accountability Training: IntegrityStarted, How to End It Roots of Personal Power in ActionThe 5 Forms of Personal Secrets to Dealing with the Five Upgrading Your Five Flavors ofPower & Leadership Types of Difficult People Personal Power © 2011 I N T E G R I T Y R E VO L U T I O N , LLC  A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D PAGE 3 OF 8 PHONE & FAX M AILING ADDRESS I N T E R N E T & E- M A I L TEL +1-858-755-1988 1155 Camino Del Mar, PMB 516 www.TheNewIQ.com FAX +1-858-876-3044 Del Mar, CA 92014-2605 USA info@TheNewIQ.com
  4. 4. For Faith-Based Settings & Social Change ConferencesThe new Lifetime Happiness Formula™ that sustains your Thrill of Living™ without sacrificingyour spiritual beliefs, your personal integrity or social responsibility.Keynotes Half-Day Training Full Day Training Multi-Day FacilitationThe Hijacking of 3D Integrity: The Installing the Lifetime Creating a CollaborativeHappiness & How to Lifetime Happiness Happiness Formula™ in Community that MakesRestore Your Thrill of Formula for Rekindling Your Community Integrity Fulfilling™Living™ Your Thrill of Living™Collaborative Resolving Conflict Installing Collaborative Accountability TrainingAccountability: Honestly, Lovingly & Accountability for LeadersIntegrity in Action Collaboratively MechanismsThe Five Forms of How to Identify & TheraCoaching for Upgrading Your FiveSpiritual Power: Intervene Well with the Developing Right Flavors of SpiritualHealthy & Damaging Five Types of Difficult Relationship With PowerVersions People Spiritual PowerFor Mental Health Professionals & Life CoachesRekindle your Thrill of Helping™ by providing your clients with the Lifetime Happiness Formula™for today’s world, along with facilitation skills for restoring their Thrill of Living™… PLUS upgradeyour business skills so you can financially flourish independent of managed care.Keynotes Half-Day Training Full Day Training Multi-Day FacilitationThe Hijacking of 3D Integrity: The Being the Change You Facilitating LifetimeHappiness & How to Lifetime Happiness Want to See: How to Happiness Formula™Restore Your & Your Formula to Rekindle Upgrade Your Seven Installation with YourClients’ Thrill of Your & Your Clients’ WisePassions of ClientsLiving™ Thrill of Living™ Happiness & Integrity Accountability TrainingEradicating Teaching Your Clients for HelpingEntitlement Disorder Accountability ProfessionalsEnergy Psychology: Basic Energy Clinician-Strength EnergyThe Latest Snake Oil of Energy Psychology Self- Psychology Essentials™ Psychology Essentials™21st Century Help™ Methods for Helping Training ProgramBreakthrough? Professionals How to Identify &Harnessing the Five Upgrading Your Five Intervene Well with TheraCoaching WithArchetypes of Flavors of Personal Clients Personal Power Difficult PeoplePersonal Power Power IssuesConquering Anger Conquering Anger Intervening With All Facilitating Completion ofMountain™ Basics Mountain™ Basics+ Four Forms of Anger Recycling Anger © 2011 I N T E G R I T Y R E VO L U T I O N , LLC  A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D PAGE 4 OF 8 PHONE & FAX M AILING ADDRESS I N T E R N E T & E- M A I L TEL +1-858-755-1988 1155 Camino Del Mar, PMB 516 www.TheNewIQ.com FAX +1-858-876-3044 Del Mar, CA 92014-2605 USA info@TheNewIQ.com
  5. 5. Topic DescriptionsDr. Gruder re-purposes and customizes his core curriculum for the wide range of audiences,needs and event lengths you saw on the previous two pages. This page and the next containbrief descriptions of each of what these general topic areas include: Hijacking Topics: The fascinating and eye-opening story of how we lost our compass as individuals and as a society when the sustainable happiness formula embedded into the Constitution’s American Dream was replaced by a faulty happiness formula that was the 1950s version of the American Dream. Includes what led to this, what the ingredients of the faulty happiness formula are, and how this created our current cultural, economic and political turmoil, entitlement disorder, lack of self-responsibility, lack of social responsibility and massive integrity deficits at all levels of society. No one tells this story in the enthralling ways Dr. Gruder does. “Formula” Topics: Dr. Gruder converts his vast experience in clinical psychology and organizational development to provide training in four remarkably practical common sense ingredients and skill sets for reclaiming the original sustainable happiness formula in all aspects of personal life, business effectiveness and social change. (“Master Plan to Eradicate Entitlement, Laziness, & Pilfering” is also part of this topic category.) Archetypes Topics: George Lucas used archetypal wisdom to create his Star Wars story and characters. JRR Tolkien used it to create the Lord of the Rings. CS Lewis used it to write his Chronicles of Narnia tales. JK Rowling wove it into her Harry Potter books. Dr. Gruder has drawn upon this same wisdom to create a highly practical and truly novel way to help your people massively and rapidly upgrade their personal power/effectiveness, leadership selection and skills, and effectiveness in dealing with difficult people. Collaboration Topics: Synergy is the secret to collaboration. It is the key to relationship effectiveness, problem-solving and successful win-win negotiation. In the absence of synergy skills the two other problem-solving strategies of coercion and compromise take over and do untold damage in personal life, at work and in politics. Synergy is a learnable skill. No one does Synergy training like Dr. Gruder does. Accountability Topics: Dr. Gruder calls accountability “integrity in action.” Accountability, like integrity, is one of those buzz words that everyone agrees is important but stunningly few people know the actual mechanics for creating. Dr. Gruder has converted accountability from a vague abstract politically correct concept into a concrete action-oriented step-by- step set of ingredients for building sustainable relationships and maximizing productivity and profitability. © 2011 I N T E G R I T Y R E VO L U T I O N , LLC  A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D PAGE 5 OF 8 PHONE & FAX M AILING ADDRESS I N T E R N E T & E- M A I L TEL +1-858-755-1988 1155 Camino Del Mar, PMB 516 www.TheNewIQ.com FAX +1-858-876-3044 Del Mar, CA 92014-2605 USA info@TheNewIQ.com
  6. 6.  WisePassions: The seven core life skills Dr. Gruder’s research has revealed that efficient personal development, sustainable happiness, effective relationships, business success, leadership, and integrity all have in common, and specific skills and tips for upgrading each one. (“An Education in Being Human We Always Needed” includes this as well as information about the anatomy of the childhood Survival Plan that we unintentionally and unknowingly brought into adulthood, and which we must outgrow in order to develop our seven WisePassions.) Multi-Dimensional Wealth (MDW): We’re all wealthy in multiple ways. But the more focused on money society has become, the more people have lost touch with their true and multiple sources of wealth. The truth is that we have turned wealth upside down, believing that money is the source of all we want rather than it being the result of who we are. According to Dr. Gruder, MDW says the opposite: our opportunity in life is to monetize the multiple wealths we already have within us waiting to be developed or expressed. Dr. Gruder’s first step in creating MDW is helping you recognize, take ownership of, and bring into full bloom your true multiple wealths: your own unique blend of knowledge, wisdom, skills, talents, passion, compassion and light-heartedness. His second step is helping you develop an effective strategy to transform your MDW into streams of income that create financial wellbeing. Entitlement Disorder & Self-Responsibility: Entitlement Disorder is a term Dr. Gruder coined for mistaking one’s wants for one’s just dues. Entitlement Disorder is an epidemic today that is devastating the fabric of society, our economy and the workplace. Self- Responsibility and Impact Training are the foundations for eradicating Entitlement Disorder, and no one teaches self-responsibility and impact awareness like Dr. Gruder does. Energy Psychology: Energy Psychology is a family of breakthrough integrative wellness tools that combine time-honored methods from Traditional & Indian Chinese Medicine with sound psychological principles to produce remarkable results. Commonly known as “tapping,” the most well-known member of the Energy Psychology family is EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. Dr. Gruder believes that Energy Psychology methods will prove to be the most useful self-help, coaching and psychotherapy procedures of the 21st century. He should know. He was the Founding President of the international nonprofit Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and an architect of their certification programs. He is considered to be among the field’s foremost masters, trainers, and spokespersons. Conquering Anger Mountain: Did you know that anger comes in four distinctly different varieties and that each one needs to be dealt with differently from the others? Dr. David Gruder acquaints you with these four flavors of anger and how to handle each one effectively, in yourself and with others, to prevent anger from developing, diffuse escalating anger before it turns damaging, safely handle over-the-top anger, and successfully resolve recycling anger. This is not “anger management training.” It is “anger freedom training!” © 2011 I N T E G R I T Y R E VO L U T I O N , LLC  A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D PAGE 6 OF 8 PHONE & FAX M AILING ADDRESS I N T E R N E T & E- M A I L TEL +1-858-755-1988 1155 Camino Del Mar, PMB 516 www.TheNewIQ.com FAX +1-858-876-3044 Del Mar, CA 92014-2605 USA info@TheNewIQ.com
  7. 7. Dr. Gruder’s Bio Explains “Why Dr. Gruder?”Dr. David Gruder is the founder and CEO of Integrity Revolution, and a clinical and businesspsychologist. A frequent guest on radio talk shows throughout North America, “Radio &Television Interview Reports” has hailed Dr. Gruder “America’s Integrity Expert.” His latestbook, "The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World,"has won awards in six unusually diverse categories: Current Events in Politics & Society, SocialChange, Conscious Business & Leadership, Health & Wellness, Self-Help, and TransformationalPsychology.Dr. Gruder speaks, trains and consults worldwide with leaders, entrepreneurs and helpingprofessionals, in the areas of integrity & accountability, personal power & impact, collaboration& leadership, and work-life balance. The training and consulting he provides has ranged fromthe Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico to the Transactional Analysis Institute in Switzerland,from family-run businesses to American Express work teams, from Vistage to the WorldPresident’s Organization, and from the San Diego County Department of Education’sManagement Academy to ambassadors to the World Trade Organization.Dr. Gruder is a CEO Space faculty member, Faculty Integrity Team member, and PurposePartner for upgrading CEO Space’s Brand Integrity. He is also on the core faculty of theCalifornia Institute for Human Science, is an ordained interfaith clergy, and is an Elder with theManKind Project, an international nonprofit helping to create a safer world by developingintegrity-centered men. He was the founding president of the Association for ComprehensiveEnergy Psychology, where he continues as a senior certification program trainer and consultant.David lives in San Diego, California, with his wife Laurie and their cat Sasha, where he looksafter his 86-year-old mom, is writing his next book, whose working title is “The Hijacking ofHappiness,” and is part of a team that will soon launch IntegritySpace, the world’s firstintegrity-centered social networking platform.His main website is www.IntegrityRevolution.com. You can find his complete Vita atwww.TheNewIQ.com/about. You can access more information about his the speaking, training,and consulting he does at www.TheNewIQ.com/services-businesses-entrepreneurs © 2011 I N T E G R I T Y R E VO L U T I O N , LLC  A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D PAGE 7 OF 8 PHONE & FAX M AILING ADDRESS I N T E R N E T & E- M A I L TEL +1-858-755-1988 1155 Camino Del Mar, PMB 516 www.TheNewIQ.com FAX +1-858-876-3044 Del Mar, CA 92014-2605 USA info@TheNewIQ.com
  8. 8. Do We Have a Match? What to Do Next!Back in 1988 I made a sacred, and scary, vow: from then on I would only collaborate with those whoauthentically want what I most love to offer. Six months later I had a waiting list. Why?Because when this kind of match exists magic happens. This magic is the heart of what emergeswhen happiness and integrity are reunited: this is the Thrill of Living™. It is the essence of what Ihave come to call 3D Integrity™: self-integrity, relationship integrity and societal/collective integrity.You see, I long ago gave up trying to be all things to all people. I know that the messages I am calledto bring, and the skills I am blessed to know how to teach, are not for all people, organizations,businesses, or conferences. So, as a matter of integrity, neither I nor my team will try to persuadeyou to engage me. Either we discover an amazing match between what you’d be thrilled to receive,what I’d be thrilled to offer you, and the logistics that will make our collaboration a win-win, orwe’re not a match. It’s that simple.For me, this is the heart of self-integrity, relationship integrity, and the Thrill of Relationships™. Andwhen your people truly benefit from what I offer them, this is collective integrity and the Thrill ofServing™. Nothing gives me more pleasure in my career than when the Thrill of Living, Relationships& Serving meet, whether for the public, businesses, leaders, or helping professionals. This is anexample of the Integrity Effect™ in action.Now that you have reviewed this guide, do you see the potential for an outstanding match betweenwhat you and your people would be thrilled to receive and what I might be thrilled to offer?If so, let’s talk about how you might like me to customize my material to meet your needs, anddiscuss the logistics to make this happen. Please contact me at info@TheNewIQ.com, or call me at1-858-755-1988. You’ll find more information, audios and videos at www.DavidGruder.com.As an added value for event attendees, I will also offer you a deep discount on my 6-award-winningbook on how to re-unite happiness and 3D Integrity, The New IQ, along with its accompanyingworkbook, when you buy in bulk. This material will support your participants in implementing, intheir work and their life, what they learn in my programs.I thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the top of my spirit, for being an Integrity Spark inyour spheres of influence! Together we will create the Integrity Revolution our society so deeplyneeds…Here’s to discovering that we’re a thrilling match so we can co-create an Extraordinary Event!Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP © 2011 I N T E G R I T Y R E VO L U T I O N , LLC  A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D PAGE 8 OF 8 PHONE & FAX M AILING ADDRESS I N T E R N E T & E- M A I L TEL +1-858-755-1988 1155 Camino Del Mar, PMB 516 www.TheNewIQ.com FAX +1-858-876-3044 Del Mar, CA 92014-2605 USA info@TheNewIQ.com