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Psy i syllabus spring 2014
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Psy i syllabus spring 2014


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Psychology I

Psychology I

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Spring 2014 General Psychology - I COURSE DESCRIPTION This class seeks to present psychology as a science and emphasize its contextual dimensions. Students will be provided a survey of the assumptions, history, methods, and techniques of the field. Additionally, the course will offer a presentation of representative theory and research in the areas of consciousness, learning, motivation, cognition, personality, and social behavior. Moreover, the methods psychologists use to explain human nature as well as the progress psychology has made in understanding behavior, will be examined. Special attention will be given to the sociocultural factors—such as culture, ethnicity, gender, economics, etc., that influences what people think and how they behave. Finally, the historical development of the field will be explored and discussed. Faculty Title Degrees Dr. Gabe Associate Professor of Psychology Bachelor of Arts Master’s-Clinical Psychology Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Office: Email: SSEC Bldg. 216-O --Ph.: 323.242.5539 Office Hours 5:45pm-6:15pm Semester Dates Feb.11—June 9, 2014 Class Day Class Time Credit Hours Tuesday 6:30-9:40pm 3 _________________________________________________________ ____________ Required Text: Wood, Wood, & Boyd & Crenshaw—The World of Psychology: Pearson Publishing 2nd Edition General Psychology - I 2014 1
  • 2. Spring 2014 General Psychology - I ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: LOS ANGELES SOUTHWEST LIBRARY Educational Philosophy: The professor’s educational philosophy is one of interactiveness based on lectures, readings, & additional media based teaching modules (i.e., internet, Videos, etc.) The instructor will engage each learner in disputatious learning to encourage the lively exploration of ideas, issues, & contradictions. Student Learning Outcomes 1. Describe the goals of psychology as a science. 2. list, describe, and explain four major theoretical viewpoints in psychology Course Requirements: Attendance: Your attendance at each class is critical to your success in this class. It is essential for you to attend each class, arrive on time and stay for its entirety. Reading the Textbook: It is important and necessary for you to acquire a copy of the text. Read it. Take notes. Outline the chapters, and review on a regular basis. Exams: There will be 6 scheduled exams given during the semester. If an exam is missed for whatever the reason THE STUDENT MUST CONSULT WITH DR. CRENSHAW AS TO WHAT CAN BE DONE. Please note as every student’s situation is different, outcomes may follow suit. Each exam is worth 100 points. Exam content will come from the text, lectures, and any additional teaching modules provided by the professor. Learning Methods: Lecture, class discussions, videos, case examples, readings, handouts. Please note that a syllabus is a contract between professor and student and as such, the professor reserves the right to alter in any way he deems appropriate at his sole discretion. “Any student who feels she/he may need an academic accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S) at (323) 241-5480 or visit their office in room SSB 117.” General Psychology - I 2014 2
  • 3. Spring 2014 General Psychology - I Academic Honesty/Plagiarism Statement: All students are expected to adhere to Los Angeles Southwest College standards of academic honesty. This includes plagiarism, the unlawful copying and failure to give credit to (cite) sources that you may use in the research and writing performance of your class work. Cheating and other forms of misconduct are covered under this statement. Failure to do so may result in failed assignment and/or a failed grade in this class. Controversial Content Statement: This course includes discussions of a frank and coarse nature of particular subjects including race, religion and sexual orientation protected by the college’s academic freedom statutes that may be considered offensive and controversial to some. When such topics may arise during the course of this semester and a student wishes to be excused, please notify the instructor that you wish to be excluded from class discussion on the ground that it is personally offensive and the instructor will excuse you until such discussion has concluded. EVALUATION METHOD AND PERCENT OF GRADE: The total number of points that can be earned is 400. The Final grade distribution is based on a normal distribution with a total of 400 points that may be earned in the class. Grades will be computed based on the following. TOTAL CUMULATIVE POINTS EARNED 400-360 359-320 319-280 279-240 239-LOWER GRADE A B C D F General Psychology - I 2014 3
  • 4. Spring 2014 General Psychology - I Important dates and Information: You are required to read all pages in the Fall 2014 Schedule of Classes pertaining to District Policies Regarding Students. You are responsible for knowing policies governing student conduct, disciplinary action and procedures, and the student grievance process. If you are tardy or late for three or more classes, the instructor will drop you from the class and will not authorize reinstatement. Therefore it is important that you attend all classes and arrive on time. IMPORTANT DATES: Deadline to add a class is Monday, Feb. 24, 2014 (NO EXCEPTIONS The last day to drop with a refund or without incurring fees is Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014. Last day to drop a class without a “W”—*Sunday Feb. 23, 2014 *(In-person Drop without “W” transactions deadline - Saturday, February. 22, 2014 at 12:00noon) Last day to drop a class and receive a “W”—*May 11, 2014 May 11*, 2014 (In-person Drop with “W” transactions deadline – Fri. May 9, 2014 at 12:00noon) Deadline to petition for Graduation or Certificate of Completion—March 21, 2014 Final Examination June 3-9, 2014 General Psychology - I 2014 4
  • 5. Spring 2014 General Psychology - I READING AND EXAM SCHEDULE CLASS Week One Introduction to Course—Chapt. 1 Week Two Ch. 1 cont’d & Chapt. 2 Week 3 Ch. 1 & 2 cont’d (Cont’d) Week 4 EXAM #1 Week 5 Chapter 3 & 8 (Cont’d) Week 6 Exam # 2 Week 7 Chapt. 5 Week 8 Cont’d Chapts. 5, 6, 7 Week 9 Exam # 3 WEEK 10 Outline (Take Home) Chapt 6 & 7 WEEK 11 Chapter 9 &10 General Psychology - I 2014 5
  • 6. Spring 2014 General Psychology - I WEEK 12 WEEK 13 Chapts. 9, 10, &11 EXAM#5 Chapts. 9, 10, & 11 WEEK 14 Chapt. 12 WEEK 15 Chapt 12 cont’d Week 15 FINAL EXAM Thank you all for a terrific semester! HAPPY SUMMER!! -Dr. Gabe- General Psychology - I 2014 6
  • 7. Spring 2014 General Psychology - I WEEK 12 WEEK 13 Chapts. 9, 10, &11 EXAM#5 Chapts. 9, 10, & 11 WEEK 14 Chapt. 12 WEEK 15 Chapt 12 cont’d Week 15 FINAL EXAM Thank you all for a terrific semester! HAPPY SUMMER!! -Dr. Gabe- General Psychology - I 2014 6