Psy 2 syllabus spring 2013


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Psy 2 syllabus spring 2013

  1. 1. Spring 2013 Biological Psychology: Psy II Section 3462 Course Description This class seeks to engage the students’ interests in the biological basis for behavior. There will be a focus on the biological mechanisms relevant to key issues in psychology (i.e., language, learning, sexual behavior, anxiety/aggression. Abnormal behavior and the mind/body issue. Additionally, we will look at the nervous system and brain development anomalies. We will also give attention to higher cognitive processes such as learning and memory and present psychology as a science, emphasizing its contextual dimensions. Students will be provided a survey of the assumptions, history, methods, and techniques of the field. Additionally, the course will offer a presentation of representative theory and research germane to the topics. Faculty Dr. Gabe Crenshaw Title Assistant Professor Degrees/Certificates Bachelor of Arts- Psychology Master’s- Clinical Psychology Doctorate Clinical Psychology Office Location: LL337--Ph: 323.242.5539 EMAIL: FB: Twitter @askdrgabe Semester Dates February 4 2013--June 3, 2013 Class Days -Tuesday- Class Time 6:30 - 9:40PM Credit Hours 3 Textbook: There are Two Textbooks for this class. 1. Kalat, W., James (2012) Biological Psychology, 11th Wadsworth Cengage Publishing, Belmont, California ISBN# 13: 978 0 495 60300 9 2. Crenshaw, G., (2009) Psychology: A Global Perspective-Connecting Civilizations. Pearson Publishing, Boston, MA ISBN# 978-558-35634-7 Biological Psychology-- Syllabus 2013 1
  2. 2. Spring 2013 Biological Psychology ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: LOS ANGELES SOUTHWEST LIBRARY Educational Philosophy: The instructors educational philosophy is one of interactiveness based on lectures, readings, quizzes, dialogues, examinations, internet, videos, web sites and other teaching modules. The instructor will engage each learner in what is referred to as disputatious learning to encourage the lively exploration of ideas, issues, and contradictions. Student Learning Outcomes: Core Learning Outcomes 1) To provide the student with a basic specialized knowledge of how intrinsically linked brain physiology and human behavior are. 2) Identify/ define/ differentiate biological explanations of behavior. 3) Critically examine the contextual influences of how behavior evolved and how the workings of the brain and other organs control all species’ behavior. 4) Further develop critical thinking skills as demonstrated by the student’s ability to grasp and play with concepts, explore myriad approaches and perspectives, asking relevant questions, and making accurate inferences with respect to Brain and Behavior. Core Assessment: Pre- & Post Test ____________________________________________________________________________________ Class Assessment: The class assessment will include chapter quizzes, examinations, presentations, projects, and papers designed to evaluate the students understanding of the objectives of the course. Biological Psychology--Syllabus Spring 2013 2
  3. 3. Spring 2013 Biological Psychology Assessment type: Points each Total points possible Eight Examinations 50 400 Two-three short outlines 50 150 Total Points Possible 550 Grading: Letter Grade Percentage Point Range A 90 - 100 550 -- 494 B 80 - 89 493 -- 439 C 70 - 79 438 -- 384 D 60 - 69 383 -- 329 F 59 or less 328 or below Late Submission of Course Materials: Course work submitted one week after the due date will receive a deduction of one letter grade. Submission of class work 8 days or more beyond the due dates will not be accepted and receive a grade of zero points. Classroom Rules of Conduct: Found in the Spring 2013 Schedule of Classes. You are responsible for knowing policies governing student conduct, disciplinary action and procedures. IMPORTANT DATES! Deadline to add a class is Thursday Feb, 16, 2013 (No exceptions) Drop Deadline with full refund or no fees is Feb. 18, 2013 Deadline to drop without a “W” is Feb. 18, 2013 Deadline to drop class and receive a “W” is May 5, 2013 Final Examinations are May 28—June 3, 2013 Biological Psychology--Syllabus Spring 2013 3
  4. 4. Spring 2013 Biological Psychology Academic freedom will exist in the classroom. This means that each student may attack the ideas and concepts being presented by the instructor or other students with logic and arguments but not the person of the instructor or the student. Physical and verbal abuse will not be tolerated in the classroom. Because the topics presented may generate personal stories that are pertinent but very personal, we will adhere to the policy of confidentiality. In other words, personal information presented to the class may not be discussed outside of the classroom even with other students in the same course/class. Individuals violating the confidentiality rule will be required to meet with the instructor and the academic dean, LASC site. No pagers, beepers, phones, calculators or other (non-life sustaining) electronic devices will be permitted during any of the scheduled exams or quizzes. Use of listening and recording devices is not permitted (as per Education Code 78907). During all classroom periods the student is expected to be prepared and to actively participate in discussion of the topics being presented. A syllabus is a contract between professor and student created by the professor and as such the professor reserves the right to change or modify the syllabus at his sole discretion. Biological Psychology--Syllabus Spring 2013 4
  5. 5. Spring 2013 Biological Psychology Course Topic/Dates/Assignments: Meeting Date Assignment 1 Introduction, Ch 1 & 2, 2 Ch 3, 3 Exam 1—Ch. 4 4 Ch 5, 5 Examination 2 6 Ch 6 7 Exam 3p-Ch. 7 8 Ch 8, 9 Exam 4-Ch. 9 10 Ch 10, 11 Exam 5—Ch 11 12 Ch 11 13 Exam 6 14 Core Assessment 15 Exam 7 16 Final _____________________________________________________________________ HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!! Congratulations Graduates, CLASS of 2013!!! -Thank you- -Dr. Gabe- Biological Psychology--Syllabus Spring 2013 5
  6. 6. Spring 2013 Biological Psychology Biological Psychology--Syllabus Spring 2013 6