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This is a conference presentation about a system we designed called You can read more about the tool at ...

This is a conference presentation about a system we designed called You can read more about the tool at

The paper that this talk is about is available here:



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  • Integrating Backchannels in Physical Space Drew Harry MIT Media Lab Joshua Green MIT Comparative Media Judith Donath MIT Media Lab
  • Backchannels backchan.NL
  • Krauss et al, 1977 flickr: *clairity*
  • Yardi, S. 2006 flickr: Tom Purves
  • Rekimoto, et al 1998 flickr: p yper
  • flickr: Kevin Slavin / slavin_fpo
  • flickr: opacity
  • Design backchan.NL
  • flickr: paigebuilt
  • Results backchan.NL
  • “I would love to hear more about buzz marketing - how it actually works and how clients want it to integrate it with more traditional methods” “What’s the role of Social Media in advertising and Convergence Culture” Work “What affect does the ephemeral nature of your art (changes in technology, disappearing technologies) have on your art practice?” “Moot, what is your favorite 4chan meme?” McCarthy, J.F, 2005
  • “Is anyone else cold?” “::abuses backchannel:: Someone lost a Lumix camera yesterday. Find Susannah on the ROFLTeam to describe it/pics on it.” Logistics “So, is NOW the time the panel should turn some attention to these excellent user- generated questions?” “We need power strips in these seats!” McCarthy, J.F, 2005
  • High Ranked Low Ranked “Can we get some more Did he just cite Eisner? questions from the board answered this time? xthxbye” Props for stirring the pot! How has your web-based and so i herd u liek mudkipz viral advertising work affected your work in traditional advertising? hard to hear :(
  • Meta Audience voting on presentation topics Audience pre-asking
  • flickr: loojie
  • 15 10 Cumulative Votes 5 0 −5 0 20 40 60 Time (minutes)
  • 60 50 Number of Posts 40 30 20 10 0 −5 0 5 10 15 Final Scores
  • Golub, E. 2005
  • Thanks! Dan Gutierrez Cherrie Yang Chris Schmandt First Prototype Second Prototype Editing/Framing backchan.NL
  • So, Questions? Get Your Own! Other Projects! @drewwww Say Hi! backchan.NL