Social Media101 (short)


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Thrive Social Media's "Social Media 101" class, in all it's unabashed glory. Heard of sliced bread? This is better.

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Social Media101 (short)

  1. 1. Quick Commercial:Thrive is about empowering you. We get youstarted with the right tools, the right training,and the right strategy.
  2. 2. First of All:THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT.This stuff changes about every 90 days or so. We are alllearning what does what, and how it can work, and whatdoesn’t work.By the time the dust settles, it’s probably too late to catch up.We consider it a huge part of our job to keep up to date withthe changes, and pass along the change’s relevance to you.
  3. 3. What is This Stuff?Wikipedia says:Social media is media designed to be disseminated throughsocial interaction, created using highly accessible andscalable publishing techniques. Social media usesInternet and web-based technologies to transformbroadcast media monologues (one to many) intosocial media dialogues (many to many). It supportsthe democratization of knowledge and information,transforming people from content consumers into contentproducers.
  4. 4. (via
  5. 5. Logizomechanophobia • Fear of computers.
  6. 6. What’s “New” about it?• Industrial Media = Television, Newspapers, Radio, Film (also called traditional media)• Social Media is user created, allowing a certain lack of filters and censorship (both good and bad).• This is really important.
  7. 7. Put it another way: You arecompeting for attention.
  8. 8. Not just for the Kiddos.Facebook has 500M active users (some estimates are closer to 570M) – Each user averages 22 minutes a day on the site – This means that every minute, Facebook has 6 million users. – Fastest growing demographic is 55+ (~285%) – Second fastest growth is in 35-54 (~215%) – There are 16,000 YouTube uploads PER MINUTE Average LinkedIn user is 40, and 60% of users make $93k + per year
  9. 9. Benefits of Social Media*Pew Research Institute
  10. 10. Benefits of Social MediaLaw of Attraction (pull marketing)Cut through the noiseAllows you to establish yourself as an expertOrganically increases SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Only investment is your time*
  11. 11. How this Affects You:• 90% of all business transactions start with a Google search.• Without having a presence, you are deaf and blind – completely in the dark.• What is it costing you to not be findable?
  12. 12. Nerd Alert!
  13. 13. The Speed of Business has CHANGED.• Google indexes (on average) on the following timetable: – Web 1.0 site – once every 30 days – Blog – every 7 days – Twitter/Facebook – every 15 – 18 MINUTES
  14. 14. The Spectrum
  15. 15. Facebook Like Pages:
  16. 16. Twitter
  17. 17. The Power of Twitter:- Live Search- Track your customers- Anonymous Interview- Analytics- Social Intelligence Gathering-Competitive Analysis
  18. 18. LinkedIn
  19. 19. The Wheel
  20. 20. Blogging
  21. 21. Ideas?• What is an example of a time you provided great service?• What is a question you get all the time?• What is something you know particularly well?• What’s something new in your industry that is getting a lot of ‘buzz?’• What is an aspect of your business you find fascinating?• And the big one: What value do you provide?
  22. 22. The Ideal Blog…• Is updated at least once a week• Has good CONTENT• Is conversational in tone• Is 3 paragraphs long with a picture (per post)
  23. 23. Traffic Ideas:• Here’s what we do-• Use Twitter and Facebook to talk about your blog (remember that wheel?)• Have Share buttons, Twitter widgets, and Facebook Badges. Allow users to share as they see fit• Not ALL the time, but its ok to drop a line about the new blog post you wrote.• Think Wheel… Once the blog post is up, it’s a lot easier to create content for Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  24. 24. The Point is This:Be available to be found, have great content, and engage with your clients and customers.Make a time commitment- whether it’s 15 minutes a week or an hour a day- to be active on Facebook, Twitter, or writing a blog post.
  25. 25. Even if you Don’t want to blog,Having a blog-based website will look really nice, and will show up on Google better. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A HUB.And will be cheaper.AND will be easier to use.AND AND will be easier to change and manage.
  26. 26.
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