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Drew Shope of Thrive Social Media's class on pros and cons of the top smartphones- Blackberry, iPhone, and Android.

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  1. 1. Quick Commercial: Thrive is about empowering you. $499 – Social Media ‘Big 4’ - Blog - 1 Year hosting - Facebook Page - Strategy - Twitter - Integration - LinkedIn - Awesomeness
  2. 2. Smartphones 101 • What this class will cover – – Blackberry – iPhone – Android - Usability – get to know your phone - Productivity – a few tricks to make it work - Best apps – some of the really cool stuff we like
  3. 3. First of All, KNOW YOUR SYSTEM
  4. 4. Quick note on ALL Smartphones • These devices are designed to be all inclusive. As in your whole life. – This sounds cool, but it means categorizing and adding regular old friends to your Outlook contacts, and categorizing them (in most cases). – In other classes, we have talked about the blurring of lines between personal and professional. This is similar.
  5. 5. There are subtle, yet incredibly important differences between these. Pros Cons BlackBerryAndroidiPhone Easy to use Open Source Works very well with Outlook Closed system Not as business oriented Not very conducive to apps Cross-carrier service App store Camera/Video Steep(er) learning curve Relies on Google efficient Cloud Communication SM Apps Slower processors Poor browser multitasking
  6. 6. Popularity may surprise you…
  7. 7. … Vs. Today… Via
  8. 8. It’s become a race…
  9. 9. Some Stats- • Apple said it sold 8.4 million iPhones in the quarter that the iPhone 4 was released* • Apple is expected to overtake Blackberry’s Mobile market share in Q1 2011** • Apple has a 2% share of the total mobile phone market, Blackberry has 3% (how’s that for perspective)** • Android Sales saw a 780% increase in sales over the past year * **
  10. 10. Really, it comes down to use. • People will forever argue about which is best, based on their own preference. • Apple, Android, Blackberry, even a good old “Dumb” Nokia from 10 years ago all accomplish the phone part. It’s about how you use it.
  11. 11. What we want: • Easy email use • Easy Calendar/Contact sync – Meet someone in the field? – Redundancy • Useful, easy, cheap apps that we will actually use. • Sound good?
  12. 12. Quick Comparison/Crash Course
  13. 13. iPhone
  14. 14. Using the iPhone • Very Intuitive to use • Apple’s Support is pretty darn good. • Very fast interface – fast processor, very popular apps • Everything goes through the iTunes store (giving you a certain level of safety).
  15. 15. iPhone • Typing – Touch Screen can be annoying, and the predictive text can be (infamously) annoying. And hilarious. Just takes some practice. • It’s a Mac, so keep in mind it’s designed to work with a Mac (I don’t care what they told you at the Mac store).
  16. 16. iPhone – phone The contacts sync through iTunes. While this may seem cumbersome, Apple is pretty notorious for making sure you do things their way.
  17. 17. iPhone – syncing contacts • Once you’ve plugged in your device, go to iTunes, in the source list, under Devices, click your iPhone • Click the Info tab. • Under Contacts, click Sync contacts from, and then click Outlook. • Do one of the following: – To synchronize all contacts, click All contacts. – To limit the contacts that are synchronized, click Selected groups, and then click the groups you want to synchronize.
  18. 18. Calendar works similarly - • Again, you have to use iTunes. But once setup, it’ll be as simple as plugging in and pressing ‘Sync’ • Select "iPhone" from the iTunes source list. Click on the "Info" tab in iTunes. • Click on the "Sync Outlook calendars" option. Click on "Apply" in the lower-right corner of your screen. Your computer will now sync with your iPhone based on your settings. • Another option is Google Apps (highly recommended)
  19. 19. Blackberry
  20. 20. Using the Blackberry • Major advantage is its full keyboard and speed with contacts and calendar • It’s a business phone. • The “Crackberry” Effect – • 83% Check Email on vacation • 59% Check Email the second it arrives • 53% Check Email in the bathroom • 59% Check Email in bed • 37% Check Email while driving • 12% Check Email while in Church
  21. 21. Blackberry Syncing with Outlook is Blackberry’s strong suit. Blackberry runs everything through it’s own RIM Desktop software. Yes, it can sync music and pictures like the iPhone, but it’s just not very good at it. Blackberry is about business. The Contacts and Calendar work fast and sync well. It’s designed to work with Outlook.
  22. 22. Android
  23. 23. Android -Open Source -Huge app market (169,092 as of Dec 2010) - Hackable! -Cross platform comliance
  24. 24. Android • Point of clarification – “Android” refers to the operating system (invented by Google) • “Droid” is the name of a specific model of phone • Open source OS, which means no Big Brother to control what apps are available (both good and bad)
  25. 25. Using the Android • Android, a Google product, is designed to sync with Google Mail and Calendar wirelessly. • At Thrive, we all use Google Apps. It is a free service that connects everything- Calendar, Contacts, Maps, everything. It’s awesome. • Once installed, each program will sync everything for you. Every time you update something, it will appear in all places.
  26. 26. Now the fun stuff. • Let’s talk about some really cool stuff you can do with these little do-dads.
  27. 27. Mobile Browsing • I use this a lot. Where you are out running around and need an address, phone number, etc, stop safely off the side of the road and open up your browser and look it up on Google. • (30% of Facebook’s traffic is on a mobile device, by the way) • Great for looking up MLS data, county records, etc. while you are standing in the house.
  28. 28. Each phone has a browser • It can get slow depending on your connection (why 3G is important), but all of the newer model phones have a wifi connector built in, allowing it to run as fast as your laptop (in theory). • Tethering is another perk - – This allows your phone to act as a mobile WiFi Hotspot and connect to your computer. – Android does it for free, Blackberry charges $50/month, iPhone charges $30/month
  29. 29. Video and Pics • Each of the phones covered are pretty darn good at video and pictures. • Pictures- You can upload pictures straight to Facebook with the Facebook App (all platforms). This is my most-used application of this feature. • Once you install another App, it will give you the option to post it there as well.
  30. 30. This is by far the best way to do Video. • Those expensive, professional videos have a place, but for most cases, just talking into a camera in a casual way can go pretty far. • These phones can all upload directly to YouTube. • So with the Wordpress App, you film, upload to YouTube, and embed in Wordpress entirely from your phone.
  31. 31. A cool App for Realtors- • Remember those 3D tours? Yeah, you can do them yourself. • Go to your app store and download “360Panorama” for $2.99
  32. 32. iRealty App App only available on iPhone, but they have a mobile version of the full site that works great on an Android on Blackberry browser.
  33. 33. GPS and Location Based Apps • The GPS feature on these phones is pretty remarkable. Even Garmin (the big GPS manufacturer) released an App last fall that does everything their in-car systems do on your phone. • Traffic, Turn-by-turn, all that is easy. • I also use the “DriverLog” app to track mileage. It tracks using your GPS, just push the “Start” and “End” buttons (your CPA will thank you).
  34. 34. QR Codes Click it, I dare ya
  35. 35. Hopefully, this will kill fliers once and for all. • These are readable from a moving car • You can point a QR code to anything- a URL, contact info, a picture, a splash page… the possibilities are endless • I like
  36. 36. Favorite Social Apps • The best part about having a smart phone is the ability to stay connected and share what’s going on as it happens. • This gets a bit blurry. But we encourage people to just get out there and play with your phone. YOU WILL NOT BREAK IT.
  37. 37. Thrive’s ULTIMATE LIST • 1. Facebook App (cross platform) - This app gets used very often by us. Especially with the introduction of Facebook’s new messaging, it’s only going to get better. • 2. TweetDeck (for iPhone, Android) • 2. Barcode Scanner
  38. 38. • 3. Wordpress (requires setting up on the site itself) • 4. Google Maps • 5. Google Docs (requires use of Google) • 6. Advanced Task Killer (Android) • Thrive’s Favorites: • 1. Skype 5. Foursquare • 2. My Tracks 6. Qik • 3. Ski Report 7. Lookout (Android) • 4. Bump 8. Pulse
  39. 39. Drew’s Prediction: Mozilla Seabird -
  40. 40. Hey, we do this for a living. 303.376.6220 Visit for a free internet footprint analysis
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