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Resume Of Drew Price

  1. 1. Resume’ of Drew Price Press space bar to advance
  2. 2. Drew Price in AMA CONTENTS RESULTS ABOUT DREW REFERENCES CONTACT Press space bar to advance
  3. 3. Drew Price Drew is an 18 year old motorcycle racer who is poised to take the next step in his career.
  4. 4. 2009 WERA West Riding for Socal Supersport C Superbike Expert / 7th C Superstock Expert / 8th Formula 1 / 7th ( First 600cc bike in a 1000cc class.) Despite fighting major mechanical issues for most of the season, Drew will finish in the Top 10 in all his classes.
  5. 5. 2008 WSMC Riding for West Coast GP Cycles Formula Twins Lightweight / 2nd 550 Superbike / 2nd BOTT Middleweight / 2nd SOLO GT Light / 4th Despite missing 1 out of 4 races WSMC Season Final Overall / 7th In a field of 258 racers. Youngest racer to break the Top 10 since 2000.
  6. 6. 2007 WSMC Riding for West Coast GP Cycles 2007 Drew started midseason on a 2000 Suzuki SV 650 and agrees to a two-year deal to ride for West Coast GP Cycles under the tutelage of WSMC 2007#1 placeholder Brant Wiwi. June: Drew graduates WSMC New Racers School August: 3rd Place / AFM / Novice Clubman at Infineon (finished 1st but Red flag reverted to 3rd) October: 1st Place / WSMC Streets Series / Novice Middleweight (first ever Suzuki SV 650 to win a novice race against the larger displacement in-line bikes) November: 1st Place / WSMC Streets Series / Battle of the Twins Middleweight December: 5th Place overall / WSMC Streets Series / Battle of the Twins Middleweight Despite starting midseason, Drew finished 162nd out of 312 racers
  7. 7. 2006 SCminiGP Riding for Blata USA Honda NSR Cup 1st Place Pro GP Light 1st Place 50cc Light 3rd Place Drew again signed as a fully sponsored factory rider for Team Blata. Drew was invited to & attended the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup tryouts in Spain. Elected for 3rd consecutive term as Junior Rider Representative
  8. 8. 2005 SCminiGP Riding for Blata USA Honda NSR Cup 2nd Place 6.2 Junior Production 1st Place Elected for 2nd consecutive term as Junior Rider Representative. Blata signs Drew to be the first American fully sponsored factory pocketbike racer and races Team Blata.
  9. 9. 2004 SCminiGP Junior Production 1st Place Rookie of the Year Elected as Junior Rider Representative
  10. 10. REFERANCES October 9, 2009 To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter of reference for Drew Price. As a new Motorcycle Road Racing Team owner, I look for many quality characteristics in a rider prior to offering them the opportunity to ride for me. Drew has many of these characteristics that make him an asset to any racing team. Drew was committed to performing tasks as assigned and made sure that he worked to the best of his ability when performing these tasks. What impressed me most about Drew was the growth that he made as a member of the team and in his personal life. Good job Drew and continue with your hard work. Thank you, Chad Henderson / Owner / Socal Supersport Racing Team
  11. 11. October 7, 2009 Drew, You can forward this email to potential sponsors and if they have any additional questions feel free to give them my contact information. It was an amazing opportunity to work with you, and we all wish you the greatest success in the future. We at West Coast GP Cycles had the pleasure to work with Drew Price in the end of 2007 and all of 2008. During that time Drew developed quickly as a rider and grew as a young man. He adapted quickly to new bikes, raced with enthusiasm and heart, and overcame great challenges in his personal life that could have easily ended the career of a less motivated rider. From the first time I saw Drew ride, I knew he possessed great natural talent, and it was always exciting to watch him develop that talent and bring it to bear as he developed his craft. Any team that Drew rides for can consider themselves fortunate to work with this exciting young talent. Andy Palmer Owner / West Coast GP Cycles 310-477-0997
  12. 12. October 8, 2009 I started working with Drew shortly after his 16th birthday as he made a quick jump from SCminiGP bikes to the full size road racer. I was there for his first ride on the West Coast GP Cycles prepped SV650, as a favor for Andy Palmer, the Team manager. The favor was to basically take a look at Drew to determine if he was a suitable addition to the team and if he displayed any talent worth developing or investing in. I figured if Andy Palmer and West Coast GP Cycles was to invest half the time and money into Drew as they had into me, then they weren't going to waste their time with anything less than a rider with The Real-Deal potential and talent. Clearly Drew's talent proved himself immediately; however it wasn't his riding that sold me on him as a worthy pupil... Drew seemed collected, in control of himself emotionally, which is rare for a 16yr old. Drew's composure was always even keeled, even during sketchy moments on the motorcycle. Furthermore, after spending some time with Drew over the next few days, it was the Heart he displayed for his goals that really impressed me; that's something that I cannot teach. And Heart is just one of those necessary components to success that others with so many more resources still never get. Brant Wiwi AMA #717 Former WSMC #1, 2007 310-927-1113
  13. 13. October 7, 2009 Drew, Please feel free to send this to whoever you need, and let them know if they have any questions to contact me directly. From the first time I saw Drew ride a pocketbike I knew he possessed the talent to road race motorcycles. I saw his passion and commitment to working hard in his first season, winning his first championship and landing a factory ride with Blata. He continued to win championships with our organization and his dedication to road racing has always encouraged me to continually recommend him for any team seeking his talents. I have progressively checked up on Drew and every time I watch him ride, I can see his continued development, maturity as young adult and his passion for road racing motorcycles. He is bright, open to continued growth and driven to go out and win every time he races. I think any team who gives him a shot will get 110% from Drew and can consider themselves lucky to have such an experienced, young and talented road racer. Kinds Regards, Josiah Taulbee Founder & President Youth Road Racing USA & SCminiGP Racing Series SMRRC Racing Series 626-673-0145
  14. 14. October 8, 2009 Dear Drew, I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well. I have received sporadic updates from Josiah regarding your racing and hear you are doing wonderfully. I am very proud and pleased about that. Please feel free to include this letter of recommendation into any of your promotional material. During the years of 2005 and 2006 Drew Price was a factory rider for Team Blata USA. In fact, he was the first fully sponsored racer to be signed by Team Blata USA and laid the path for many future young racers to follow. In 2005, I spent a race weekend with Drew and the team at Buttonwillow Raceway and got to know Drew personally. He proved to be an exemplary young racer and represented our company very well. We were more than happy with Drew's results, attitude and work ethic, even at his young age at the time. I would highly recommend Drew to anyone considering sponsoring or adding him to their team. I believe if given the proper support and opportunities, he can go far within the racing community. We at Blata USA, wish Drew all the best in his future endeavors. Ras Brodsky President, Owner at Blata USA / Omicron Motors
  15. 15. October 8, 2009 I met Drew during his first year racing in 2004 when he was racing a questionable and outdated Blata which he ultimately won the championship on and Rookie of the Year title with SCminiGP. Subsequent to that, I became the team owner and manager for Blata USA and in that capacity recommended that Drew be signed as a factory rider. He went on to win several championships for us in 2005 and 2006 while also moving up to the Honda NSR 50 series where he also won a championship. Throughout my dealings with Drew, he proved to be a hard-working, honest and likable young man. During 2005 and 2006 he attended various trade shows and promotional events promoting Blata USA where he exhibited a thoroughly professional demeanor, especially for someone of his age. I am confident that our sales figures increased during that year as a direct result of new kids coming into the program and seeing what Drew was able to do on our bikes and the positive attitude displayed by him. In addition to his racing achievements, we were very proud that he served three consecutive years as Junior Rider Representative. Again, he represented Blata USA in a very favorable manner. Throughout our two years of racing together Drew never missed one race or practice opportunity and was known throughout the paddock as one of the hardest working kids around. He would typically race six separate classes and the associated practices during a race day. Since then, Drew and his dad have stopped by the SCminiGP races periodically to check in with everyone. I am very proud to see that he has grown into the young man I knew he could be. In closing, I feel very strongly that anyone contemplating the sponsorship of this fine young man or adding him to their team, will be more than happy with their decision to do so. If anyone has any desire to contact me for additional information pertaining to Drew, they are more than welcome to do so. Sincerely, Paul Grasham Team Blata USA / Rooster Racing 619-246-6424
  16. 16. A little bit about Drew Drew started riding His next bike was a Honda CRF 80 when he was 3 years old on a Yamaha PW50. He was hooked right away.
  17. 17. Drew is a typical teenager. He just graduated from Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, loves surfing, sushi and hanging around with his friends. He also enjoys training his prized Siberian Husky, Beau. He has traveled throughout North America, Mexico and Europe when he was invited to and attended the MotoGP Red Bull Rookies Cup in Valencia, Spain. He has a very discerning palate as his uncle owns one of the top 10 restaurants in Los Angeles. Drew attends El Camino College where he is studying Fire Science Technology towards becoming a Firefighter. Currently, Drew works at Baskin-Robbins, and is developing his own business of instructing youth racers in Southern California. Drew is an honest, hard-working and affable young man who is pursuing his dream of becoming a professional motorcycle racer and one day hopes to compete at the highest level, MotoGP.
  18. 18. Various Pictures of Drew
  19. 19. For additional info please contact: Andy Price 15424 Hawthorne Blvd, # 205 Lawndale, CA 90260 310-218-9222 Fax: 310-675-8858 Email: Z064ME@GMAIL.COM