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Lesson 9   leonardo's horse
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Lesson 9 leonardo's horse


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Leonardo’s Horse
    By Jean Fritz
  • 2. Word Attack – VCCCVPage 51
    Write the spelling words
    Put a line to divide syllables
    When we split these words, the blends stay together. For example, gr- tr- pl- cl-
    See if you can find the blends.
  • 3. Word Attack - VCCCV
    #1 Congress
    #2 Con / gress
    #3 Con / gress
  • 4. Word Attack - VCCCV
    #1 English
    #2 En / glish
    #3 En / glish
  • 5. Word Attack - VCCCV
    #1. Write the spelling words
    #2. Put a line to divide syllables
    #3. Circle the blends. For example, gr- tr- pl- cl-
    Do numbers 5 through 11
  • 6. Comprehension Strategy
    Graphic organizers help us keep track of the information that we read
    With your elbow partner, look through your practice book for examples of graphic organizers.
  • 7. Comprehension Skill – Sequence of Events
    We call this time order, sequential order, or chronological order.
    Graphic organizers can help us keep track of sequential order.
  • 8. Sequence of Events
    Your group will get a sequential graphic organizer on graph paper.
    With your group, fill in the steps to make a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. Be sure to focus on the things to do in order!
  • 9. Vocabulary
    Let’s learn some new words.
    Be ready to read the words and to talk to your elbow partner
  • 10. Scholars
    People who study certain topics
    and know a lot about them.
    Why would it be important for scholars to have a love of learning?
  • 11. Specialized
    When you give most of your time and attention to a certain topic
    If you could hire a robot to help you, what would you want your robot specialized in?
  • 12. Gesture
    Something you say or do in order to express a feeling
    What would you give someone as a gesture of friendship?
  • 13. Envision
    Picturing something in your mind
    What is a goal that you envision for yourself?
  • 14. Proportion
    No parts are too large or too small
    What might a drawing of an elephant look like if it was out of proportion?
  • 15. Resisted
    When someone or something is difficult or impossible to change
    If the fabric of a shirt resisted a stain, would you expect it to be easily stained? Explain.
  • 16. Build Background
    Check out the actual photographs of Leonardo’s Horse!
  • 17. Build Background
  • 18. Build Background
    Browse through the text noticing the pictures and the words.
    Pay attention to the steps (in order) that are taken in order to build this statue.