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Lesson 3   chang and the bamboo flute
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Lesson 3 chang and the bamboo flute


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  • 1. Chang and the Bamboo Flute
    Week 3
  • 2. This Week’s Goal
    I recognize a character’s traits and actions to determine the character’s motives.
  • 3. This Week’s Goal
    A character’s motivesare the reasons the character acts as they do in the story.
  • 4. This Week’s Goal
    To help us find a character’s motives, think about:
    WHY did that person do what they did?
  • 5. This Week’s Goal
    To find a character’s motives, think about the character’s:
  • 6. This Week’s Goal
    Sometimes we need to use clues in the story and our own knowledge to infer the character’s motives.
  • 7. This Week’s Goal
    Let’s try one together:
    Remember, think about WHY did he or she do that?
  • 8. This Week’s Goal
    Doris looked longingly at the guitar in the window of the music shop.
  • 9. This Week’s Goal
    Her father’s guitar had been ruined in a fire.
  • 10. This Week’s Goal
    Dad seemed sad without it. Doris missed the sound of Dad softly strumming the guitar in the evenings.
  • 11. This Week’s Goal
    “I wonder if I can work for exchange for a guitar?” she thought.
  • 12. This Week’s Goal
    Doris entered the shop and shyly asked to speak with the owner.
  • 13. This Week’s Goal
    We need to find out her motives, or WHY Doris did these things.
    Let’s take a closer look at Doris to help us.
  • 14. This Week’s Goal
    Doris’s Traits:
    She was shy
    She was thoughtful
  • 15. This Week’s Goal
    Doris’s Actions:
    Went to the guitar shop
    Asked to speak with the guitar shop owner
  • 16. This Week’s Goal
    Think about her motives for going into the shop.
    WHY did she go in?
    Be ready to share your answer.
  • 17. This Week’s Goal
    Doris went into the shop to work for a new guitar for her dad.
  • 18. This Week’s Goal
    Now, think about another motive Doris may have had for getting the guitar.
  • 19. This Week’s Goal
    Other Motives
    Doris also enjoyed and missed the guitar songs
    She wanted to make her dad feel happier
  • 20. This Week’s Vocabulary
    In order to better understand this week’s story, we need to learn some new words.
  • 21. Pried
    To force something away from
  • 22. Desperately
    Wanting something very, very much
  • 23. Sneered
    Showing with words or
    your face that you are upset at
  • 24. Indignantly
    To show irritation because you
    feel you have been insulted
    or treated unfairly
  • 25. Urgently
    Something that is important and
    must be done right away
  • 26. Grudgingly
    To say or do something without
    really wanting to.
    Ugh! I did not want to do that!
  • 27. This Week’s Story
    To turn the story Chang and the Bamboo Flute in StoryTown pg. 80.
  • 28. This Week’s Story
    • Preview the text.
    • 29. Find the genre of this story.
    • 30. Make a prediction of what you think we will read.
  • This Week’s Story
    We will also need our Practice Book pg. 13.
    Fill in the chart as we read the story.
  • 31. This Week’s Goal
    I recognize a character’s traits and actions to determine the character’s motives.