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SEO for 2014, reporting, link building and tech SEO

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  • Good Morning
    Hope you enjoy my presentation on Reporting and SEO across the Hut Group
  • Report using Myprotein as an example
    Broken down into 4 parts
  • Questions that Senior Stake holders and people from different departments will want to ask Take this qualitative questions and provide quantitative answers with SEO metris
    Track ourselves but also competitors to monitor any threats
  • Metrics should be agreed upon but I recommend: Organic traffic Quality of traffic metrics – conversions, interactions Backlinks but high emphasis on quality and diversity Social interactions by channel – interactions, views, followers
    Keyword traffic – long tail keywords can no longer be ignored
    WoW, MoM, YoY, Vs Budget data
  • Most fundamental report is a ranking report Visual and easy to interpret
  • Majestic SEO or OSE can report on Backlinks quality and diversity
    Diversity – anchor text, domain suffix, content, blog niche. QUALITY & TRUST in site that links. Very important to report on this as well as Backlink numbers Also need software to monitor backlinks that may be toxic
  • GA can customise dashboards, to easily report on several SEO metrics and KPIs This example includes NonBranded SEO visits Landing Pages from SEO Traffic Sources Traffic location Top Keywords
  • Agree KPIs – Gather Baseline Metrics Implement tools such as Majestic SEO
    Use the fundamentals Google Analytics Dashboards, Google WMT, Excel. Other tools such as Majestic SEO and Linkdex may help
    Gather KW data from Bing analytics, GA and WMT and compare and aggregate

    To summarise some of the fundamental metrics I would recommend: Rankings Organic traffic + quality metrics such as goals and conversions Backlink amount but emphasis on quality
    Any SEO news that stakeholders need to be aware of
    Author rank – important metric
  • A lot of people say that Link Building is spammy, or even link building is dead, but we still all do it, just in a more subtle fashion High quality, future proofed, trusted links

    Use high quality content to attract links

    Sharing the content is equally as important - use social, utilising Google+ and adding rel=author markup to articles
  • Looking at the current metrics and trust of the myprotein USA website –

    Majestic SEO screen shot. Citation – influence and link ‘juice’. Trust Flow – how trustworthy the site is, how likely are you to get a penalty if you get a link from this site USA your website currently has a trust flow of 12 Product reviews with several links per post Remember to check incoming links and disavow if required
  • To begin with, establish baseline metrics by conducting KW research Then check how your website and competitors are performing in terms of KW, rankings, and backlink and social metrics

    Once that is done – find influencers in niche which bloggers carry authority? Which bloggers do we want to work with?
    Other than working with bloggers, What other ways can we create content and get it noticed?
  • SEM Rush would help in the first stage of etablishing basline metrics of ourselves and competitors
    Excellent tool for examiner competitors and what KWs they rank for Also good for finding bloggers to work with
  • After baseline metrics are established -
    We can find influences by checking Google, Technorati and AllTop Use social tools such as FollowerWonk See who is linking to our competitors

    On the blogs that we find, check the SEO Metrics, and Social influence and metrics
  • How can we get influencers on board once we have identified them?

    Give them a reason to work with us – help them achieve their own goals by working together on podcasts etc
    Offer them unique and high quality content

    When we are an authority, people are more likely to want to work with us
  • Ben Coomber works well with influencers
  • Become an influencer ourselves Authorship Social interaction and then people trust us when we share our own content – members on forums, FB groups etc. Educational content – course on, hold webinars on Google+

    High quality guest posts – complete with Authorship mark up

    Some of our articles should use In-Depth-Articles Mark up

    If resources are there, look at biggers campaigns, come on to this shortly
    Infographics are still effective. Shouldn’t be relied on too much.
  • In Depth Articles – build trust, increase CTR from SERPs
  • Different types of articles.
    Keep it diverse, high quality.
    Can reformat
  • Image from SearchEngineLand – Matt Cutts quote
  • Charles Polequin – most famous S & C coach – Top 10s and a Top 5 about deadlifts

    This is why buzzfeed does so well – people can’t be bothered reading much
  • ExRx – not that well known to the fitness layman but great and simple resource that could be reproduced with some time and effort

    Educational style resource – great for establishing yourself as an authority in the niche
  • Controversial articles, but very shareable and interesting

    Ross also an author for Men’s health, bleacher report

    Something to consider
  • HOW can we get people to share?

    Screenshot form triple seo

    People share valuable and entertaining content

    We could appeal to all the personas in the piece chart

    “Self Involvement” share inside information

    “Other involvement” reach out and help others

    “message involvement” share humour or information

    Create our content with these personas in mind

    Berger has spent years investigating the mechanics behind virality, identifying six key drivers under the acronym STEPPS. They are Social Currency (e.g., sharing things that make people look good), Triggers(acknowledging that we talk about things that are top-of-mind),Emotion, Public (imitating what we see others do), Practical Value(news people can use) and Stories (information passed along under the guise of idle chitchat).
  • Most important factor for getting people to share our content is high quality

    Layout content with sub-headings and images to make it easily readable

    Build our own social profiles and individual Google+ profiles to make sharing more effective on these platforms

    Create effective headlines for content

    Sign up to blog aggregators

    Incentivise colleagues to share

    See what content relevant websites tend to produce and share, and produce something that they can use

    Lastly reach out to influencers via personalised email. Try and build a relationship with them first with comments & shares
  • So to summarise the proposed content marketing strategy:

    Look to build author rank and use in depth articles Use KW research and look at competition for those keywords – are there any quick-wins

    Use Google+ as much as possible. Big correlation with Google+ and SEO rankings according to Moz research

    Use a variety of link building methods

    Keep all content high quality

    Utilise social media platforms

    Lastly – remember to monitor inbound links. More is NOT better in terms of links.
  • Page Rank – 0 but this may be because the site is new and PR hasn’t updated
    HomePage Authority is good with 44 out of 100

    KWs – lots of mentions of “diet” on homepage, whey protein and protein powder only mentioned 2 or 3 times
    Canonicalise all versions of homepage to (if the redirect is necessary)

    No H1

    Meta description longer than Moz recommends Alt tags full of hashtags
  • Looking at the domain –
    Domain Authority – All pages are max of 3 clicks from homepage which is very good and easy to crawl

    Canonical tags missing

    Robots.txt present but doesn’t disallow any pages – Cart pages should bot be indexed

    Not sitemap

    No errors
  • Site not responsive, doesn’t appear to serve a separate m. website According to Google, the font is too small for mobile

    Mobile optimisation is extremely important since the Hummingbird update and general increaes in use of phones for the web
  • Speed on mobile – 69, look to defer JS to improve speed on all devices. Desktop speed is 81. Look to Gzip or use image compression
  • SEO 2014 Content Marketing & Reporting Ideas

    1. 1. By Andrew Griffiths Reporting, Content Marketing & Technical SEO
    2. 2. SEOStrategy Reporting Content marketing Content authority Tech SEO
    3. 3. Reporting
    4. 4. Effective Reporting • Questions - Stakeholders – What SEO tasks have been completed this month? – What impact did these efforts have on our SEO presence? – What new opportunities have been identified? – Are there any new competitive threats? • Provide Answers – SEO Data Team – Choose relevant SEO metrics & develop KPIs
    5. 5. Effective Reporting KPIs & metrics ideally should be agreed upon. Metrics I would recommend include: • Organic search traffic both as a percentage of overall website traffic and the number of unique visitors, MoM etc. Vs Target • Number of unbranded keywords driving traffic & conversions • Quality of traffic – conversions & interactions • Backlink diversity – domain, anchor text, content, trust • Social signals by social channel
    6. 6. Reporting Tools
    7. 7. Ranking software - Use Linkdex or Web CEO to simplify and standardise reporting Easily examine and report on competitor ranks for head keywords
    8. 8. Backlink Diversity & Quality
    9. 9. GA Dashboard Example
    10. 10. Effective Reporting Summary - Agree upon KPIs - Gather baseline metrics - Tools - Rankings software, Majestic SEO, GA, GA API with Excel - Use GA Dashboards, WMT, ranking reports, Majestic SEO, OSE. Possibly Linkdex to look at CTR, long tail KW rankings etc. - KW data from Bing, PPC, Google WMT - Organic traffic & goal completion - Rankings & competitor rankings – head keywords - Analysis of landing pages, bounce rate, conversions - Social and backlink metrics (emphasis on quality & diversity) - Google Trends data in terms of overall interest in markets - SEO industry news - Author Rank(?)
    11. 11. Content Marketing & SEO
    12. 12. Effective SEO - “Link-building” is regarded by some as a slightly spammy phrase (but we all still do it) - It is more important than ever to implement a high quality link building strategy which is future proofed - Diversity & quality. Trusted sites only. - High quality content – attract natural links - Social, Google+, <OG> tags, rel=author
    13. 13. Current BackLinks • 17 root domains, 81 links • Product review links, 3 or 4 per post • Monitor incoming links • Disavow when required • Backlink diversity • Vary methods • Campaigns for natural links • High quality content for natural links
    14. 14. SEO Strategy Establish baseline metrics & competition: • Check current rankings for KWs – Linkdex can check rankings • Examine competitors and their SEO metrics & backlinks – SEMRush • Keywords research - use ubbersuggest and Google keyword planner • Same process for MyVitamins Examine online community & influencers: • What bloggers currently exist that have high authority in the fitness niche? • Which relationships would you look to build, what content could you provide them to build links naturally? • What is the best way to create content and get it noticed and shared?
    15. 15. SEM Rush
    16. 16. • Find influencers with authority – Perform search on Google, Technorati, AllTop – Use FollowerWonk, Buzzstream, Feedly & Moz bar – Competitor research Look at: – SEO Metrics – Social influence SEO Strategy
    17. 17. • How do we get influencers on board? - Help them achieve their own goals - Offer extremely high & unique quality content - Podcasts, videos, seminars, articles, resources - Establish ourselves as an authority SEO Strategy
    18. 18. Ben Coomber is great at building authority with others
    19. 19. Building your website’s Influence Establish your website as an authority – get influencer’s attention & trust • Authorship on Google+ & articles • Get involved in social groups and build relationships – build trust in any content you share • Create a free course, hold webinars - educational • High quality, very selective guest posts to increase author rank • Articles – In-Depth if possible • Limited use of high quality infographics • Bigger campaigns…
    20. 20. Author Rank • Author Rank is an important trust metric • Google+ is fundamental to SEO since Hummingbird • Effective SEO, includes effective use of Google+
    21. 21. Building your website’s Authority In-Depth Articles in SERPs
    22. 22. Building your website’s Influence Types of Content Long tail keywords ‘targeting’ is vital for effective SEO • ebooks • Stories – success stories with tips • Top 10s – easy to read and share • Academic resources – e.g. In-Depth-Articles • Practical Resources - Workout plans / systems • Diet plans & recipes • Interviews • Thought provoking PR & Viral campaigns • Reformat content and share – e.g. slideshare, podcasts
    23. 23. Content Marketing
    24. 24. Top 10s (and Top 5s)
    25. 25. Interviews
    26. 26. Building your website’s Influence • - Simple, extremely useful resource • Great example of excellent fitness related content
    27. 27. Building your website’s Influence • Controversial article with only subtle reference/link to TheProteinWorks to restrict any damage to brand • Could look to do something less controversial but just as interesting e.g. a social experiment
    28. 28. Why people share…
    29. 29. Sharing content Building your website’s Influence • Great Content containing valuable info &/or entertainment • Readability & images • Headlines matter – Promise info, tips, great content • Build social profiles to make sharing content effective • Finish article with call to action • Sign up to blog aggregators like AllTop • Incentivise colleagues to share • See what content websites like to share, and create something relevant – Mashable & Batman infographic • Outreach to “Influencers”
    30. 30. Summary • Build Author Rank and use in-depth articles • Use keyword research and keyword ‘difficulty’ • Use Google+ for Hangouts, Webinars • Use a variety of link building methods • Vary no-follow, follow links with mainly brand based anchor text • High quality articles based on keyword research • Social is crucial for sharing content – don’t silo from SEO • Monitor inbound links and disavow when required Building your website’s Influence
    31. 31. Technical SEO
    32. 32. Screaming Frog used to crawl website to check for errors in code and general SEO best practices Google Speed Test used to check speed of site and mobile experience SEO Quake plugin used to analyse keyword density, sitemap, robots.txt Moz Bar used to examine Page & Domain Authority and PageRank
    33. 33. Tech SEO Example Some basics missing – canonical tags, image alt tags full of ‘#’ instead of keywords HomePage Overview Metric or Asset Score or Description Grade Page Rank 0 – may be waiting to update n/a HomePage Authority 44 B- Keyword Focus Poor focus on head KWs (?) B Duplicate Content No canonical tag E Header Tags No H1 tag E Meta Title 64 characters B Meta Description 254 characters D- Image Alt tags 6 empty alt tags C- Google cache Content & navigation present A Text/HTML 34% B
    34. 34. Tech SEO – SEO Quake KW Density SEO Quake screenshot - KW phrases [Whey protein] is repeated 4 times on the homepage The KW is not found in the meta-title or description
    35. 35. Tech SEO Example Domain Overview Metric or Asset Score or Description Grade Page Rank 0 - may be waiting to update n/a Domain Authority 53 B- Product Page Depth Max of 3 clicks from homepage A- Duplicate Content 210 canonical tags missing E Use of JS, CSS & Flash Crawable with code disabled A Robots.txt Present, no errors A Search for brand name [myprotein USA]Ranked 1st A SiteMap XML Not complete C SiteMap HTML Not Present – menu only C Keyword Focus Poor focus on head KWs C Header Tags No H1 tag on several pages D Header Tags No KW focus in H2 or H3 tags E Meta Titles 9>70 characters, 95 =<30 D- Meta Descriptions 104 >180 chars, 1 empty D- Status Codes No 302s, 400 or 500 errors A
    36. 36. Tech SEO Example
    37. 37. Tech SEO Example
    38. 38. Tech SEO Summary • Make everything mobile optimised - responsive • Use Rich Snippets / Schema mark up • Use H1 tag on homepage • Use keywords in H1 and H2 tags • Make meta titles & descriptions correct length
    39. 39. Tech SEO Summary • Use Authorship on articles • Add canonical tags • Create full XML sitemap • Give images meaningful file names • Complete all image alt attributes • Review robots.txt – disallow cart pages?
    40. 40. Thank you! • Please visit my blog • For more articles on SEO, data, code as well as fitness & nutrition