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fter winning Victoria Startup Weekend, DressBetter.co is now competing against teams from around the world in the Global Startup Battle 2012.

DressBetter facilitates better fashion by making it fast and easy to poll a trusted group of friends. Simply snap a picture in the change room using the DressBetter App, and easily send it to a select group of your friends via email, text, facebook or twitter. Their responses are anonymously collated into a graph to make the decision quick and painless.

The top 15 teams in the Global Startup Battle with the most votes on their promo videos advance to the final round for a chance to visit Rio de Janeiro for global entrepreneurship week as well as a tour of the Googleplex in California.

DressBetter won in front of a panel of judges including Aaron Smith, founder of govoluntouring.com; Francois Deschenes, CTO of myBestHelper (winners of Startup Weekend Vancouver 2011); Michael Clouser, Academic Entrepreneur at the University of Central Florida and Royal Roads; and Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien-Mattrick, President and Founder of Beehive Holdings, an investment firm focused on helping women entrepreneurs.

Visit www.dressbetter.co to sign up to support the team during the voting November 21-27th.

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  • hi I’m matt\n
  • young professional\njust graduated\nfirst job\nfinally afford nice things\n\nbut I need advice\n\nare there other people like me?\n
  • overwhelming response to survey\n\n20 people\n\nmobile fashion advice app\n\nhow do we solve this problem\nhere’s what I do today\n
  • went to mall\nover 20 guys\nasked how they get fashion advice\n\noverwhelming response, \nthey do the same thing I do\ntext a picture to their friends, wait for a reply\n\nthis SUCKS\n
  • asking more than one person is a pain\n\nsort through feedback takes time\n\nand this results in a poor shopping experience\n\nthis sucks, we think we can make it better\n\n
  • took pictures of ourselves\n\nlean website\n\nyes no, should I buy this\n\ntext and email to friends with no context\n\nwe surprised that within 5 minutes 84% had responded\n\nso what did we prove\n
  • we can help you shop better\n\nand this is what it looks like today\n
  • I’m shopping\n\nI take a picture\n\nand share it with my trusted friends\n
  • they don’t need the app\n\nthey tell me yes or no, should I buy this\n\nwebsite\n
  • I get all their feedback in one place\n\nand in the case of brad, his friends told him probably shouldn’t have bought this hat\n\nand if he had dress better, he wouldn’t have made this poor fashion purchase\n\nthis is live now\n
  • awesome! \n\nThat’s 2.5 responses/photo\n\nso how are we getting users\n
  • \nPAUSE\n
  • \n
  • guys like me are getting married later\naverage age in 2005 was 27\n\nmaking their own fashion decisions\n\nsome of them like shopping\n\nso how much is this market worth\n\nwell, the mens fashion industry in the US\n\nFOR 2012\n
  • $57 billion in 2012\n\nso how we do capture part of this market\n
  • scan barcode while they wait\n instantly price compare online and local\n friends can suggest alternatives\n based on the original item\n
  • \n
  • we need native iphone\nbecause we have to beat text messaging\n\nprove revenue model\nthink affiliate might work, but we need to validate\n\neverything from these high profile fashion blogs\nfashion fail videos on youtube,\nor even a gruella stickering campaign in retail changing rooms.\n\nthis is what we’ve accomplished this weekend, and where we’re headed next\n\nso dress better\n\n
  • PAUSE\n\nWith honest fashion advice......... from trusted friends\n\nthank you\n
  • Dress Better Startup Weekend Pitch

    1. 1. Dress Better
    2. 2. I want to dress better
    3. 3. over 20 peoplesigned up for our beta
    4. 4. When Im shoppingI text pictures to friends
    5. 5. asking more than one person is a pain sort through the feedback poor fashion decision this sucks.
    6. 6. Here’s what we did within 5 minutes
    7. 7. Dress Better helps you shop better
    8. 8. share with trusted friends
    9. 9. they vote on their phone or computer you can vote toohttp://sw.dressbetter.co/matt
    10. 10. feedback in one place
    11. 11. 20 shoppers have already shared50 trusted friends have responded
    12. 12. early adopters through online fashion communities organic growthworking on testimonials on fashion blogs fashion fail videos
    13. 13. Dress Better solves a huge problem
    14. 14. men are getting married latermaking their own fashion decisions some of them even like shopping
    15. 15. $57 billion in 2012
    16. 16. Dress Better Everything is an Affiliate
    17. 17. Dress Better What’s Next
    18. 18. native iPhone appprove revenue model growth
    19. 19. Dress BetterHonest fashion advice from trusted friends