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iLEAD: Team Leadership Development
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iLEAD: Team Leadership Development


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Team Leadership Development can be challenging, especially in faith based settings. Here are some tips I to assist you in the process of developing leaders who empower others to lead. …

Team Leadership Development can be challenging, especially in faith based settings. Here are some tips I to assist you in the process of developing leaders who empower others to lead.

Published in: Spiritual, Education, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. iLEADMaximizing Your Ability as a Team Leader D. Kelley
    • 2. iLEAD Maximizing your Ability as a Team LeaderGreat leaders serve their teams by: Listening in order to learn Energizing their teams Assessing how things are Developing others
    • 3. Listen
    • 4. Learn from others“None of us is as smart as all of us.” Japanese Proverb
    • 5. Learn with others Leaders are learners – we never arrive at a level of knowledge and expertise where it is safe to simply stop learning
    • 6. Listen to yourself“There is a person with whom you spend more time than any other, a person who has more influence over you, and more ability to interfere with or to support your growth than anyone else. This ever- present companion is your own self.” – Dr. Pamela Butler
    • 7. Energize
    • 8. Encourage your team Celebrate what your team does, but more importantly appreciate who they are!
    • 9. Value Every TeamMember’s ContributionSay this a lot!
    • 10. Call to something greaterSomething Greater [Video]“The truest test of leadership is leading volunteers.” - Tony Morgan
    • 11. Be Enthusiastic If you are notexcited about thework that you get to do for Goddon’t expect your team to be.
    • 12. Assess
    • 13. Evaluate Often What are we doing well? What could use some tweaking?
    • 14. I can’t hear you!Communicate Clearly
    • 15. What is your dream? What one thing are you hopeful for as you lead your team? Dream
    • 16. Develop
    • 17. Train/EquipMost people want to do well at the things they attempt doing.
    • 18. Share the work! “When you try to do it all yourself, you are signing up for burnout.” – Jim Wideman
    • 19. DelegateJesus with the disciples: 1 He trained them 2 He sent them to recruit and train others 3 He empowered them to care or others - Tony Morgan
    • 20. Expect blunders and use them as creativeopportunities and learning opportunities.
    • 21. Disengage“Living on limited rest gives the world a limited version of who you are.” – Kirk Byron Jones, Say Yes to Grace
    • 22. “When you rest : You maximize your energy; Handle the unexpected better; and Enhance your ability to make good decisions” - Kirk Byron Jones, Say Yes to Grace
    • 23. Embracing LimitationsCAN DoYou have the ability to do it, but it is not yours to doTO DoNeeds to get done by someone (not necessarily you)WILL DoTasks you are committed to doing & only you can do them
    • 24. Tools Matter Toodledo – Evernote – www.evernote.comSay Yes to Grace – Dr. Kirk Byron Jones
    • 25. Effective Leaders1 Listen in order to learn/grow2 Energize those they serve3 Assess their ministries often4 Develop other leaders
    • 26. D.Kelley attheintersexion@gmail.comiLEAD: Maximizing Abilities
    • 27. CreditsPhotos courtesy SophieG ~Brenda-Starr~ stephanie in love Woodleywonderworks ♥ Oliverkendal boboroshi